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									                  PBS Video Series Evolution
                     Writing Assignment
      I pledge to do my own work and not copy anyone. (Sign below)

      Goal: For this activity, you will view 7 video clips about evolution at
      the PBS site, after each clip write a short essay (2-3 paragraphs)
      that answers the questions about each topic covered in the clip. The
      paper should have 7 sect ions with headings. Grading is based on
      demonstrated understanding, thoughtfulness, and clarity of essays.
                Your final paper will need to be typed and turned
                       in on or before Wednesday, May 19th.

Go to:

    There are 7 short videos to watch on this page, open the videos using
either the QUICKTIME or REAL PLAYER links and watch each video segment
with the questions in mind. Write a concise 2 to 3 paragraph essay addressing
each topic. For each video segment, you will have one essay question to answer.
Pay attention to grammar and punctuation, thoroughly express and support your
ideas, maintain focus and clearly defend your position. See the sample rubric
that will be used to grade your writings and feel free to view the video clips
more than one time.

   Video 1 - Isn't Evolution Just a Theory? What do scientists mean by the term
             theory? Is it correct to say that evolution is JUST a theory? Defend
             your answer.

   Video 2 - Who was Charles Darwin? Why was Darwin considered to be a

   Video 3 - How Do We Know Evolution Happens? Describe the transitional
             fossils associated with whale evolution. Include specific examples
             of these fossils and explain why they are considered to be whale
             ancestors? Finally, summarize other evidences of evolution (both
             presented by Darwin and provided since Darwin).
     Video 4 - How Does Evolution Really Work? Describe the four essential
               ingredients in natural selection in terms of hummingbirds:
                     o Genetic variation
                     o Overproduction of offspring
                     o Struggle for existence
                     o Differential survival and reproduction

     Video 5 - Did Humans Evolve? Explain how DNA sequences are used
               to provide evidence of common ancestry.

     Video 6 - Why Does Evolution Matter Now? How does the Theory of
               Evolution relate to the development of antibiotic resistance in
               bacteria? How does this theory affect the way illnesses and
               treatments are approached?
     Video 7 - Why Is Evolution Controversial Anyway? Many mainstream
               Religions (including Catholicism) do not find a conflict
               between faith and evolution. Describe how a person can
               reconcile what the Bible says with what science says including
               your own views about whether you think a person can believe
               in God (and the Bible) and also understand the Theory of
               Evolution. (optional – will not be graded)

Rubric “Grading of Essays”

            Beginning             Knowledgeable            Exemplary

                                  Ideas expressed are
                                                           Ideas expressed are
           Ideas are vague and    concrete and
                                                           concrete, show depth
Expression not well supported     supported by
                                                           of though, and are well
           (2 pts)                thoughts and
                                                           supported (5 pts)
                                  evidence (4 pts)

                                                           The question is
            The question of the   The question is
                                                           answered clearly and
            essay is not          answered clearly and
                                                           thoughtfully, writer
Clarity     answered, opinions    thoughtfully; focus is
                                                           maintains focus and
            are meandering and    somewhat lacking.
                                                           clearly defends
            unfocused (1 pt)      (2 pts)
                                                           position. (3 pts)

                                  Some minor grammar No grammar or spelling
            Major grammatical
Grammar                           or spelling errors (1 errors, paragraphs flow
            errors (0 pts)
                                  pt)                   (2 pts)

                                                           Total Possible: 10 pts
                                                           per essay

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