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University Of Manitoba Summer Session



           2012 SUMMER SESSION
       AUGUST /summer
from Summer SeSSion
You are invited to join the thousands of students
who take advantage of Flexible Degree Studies
in Summer Session – to ease course loads in fall
and winter, speed up completion of a degree,
catch up on missed courses or simply enjoy
summertime learning. Courses and programs
are available in a variety of formats:
Compressed on Campus - Summer Institutes -
Travel Study - Blended Learning -
Distance and Online
Summer Session is in full swing throughout
the spring and summer - starting April 30 you
can take a course in either the day or evening
on campus or begin a distance /online course,
and starting later in June even more courses
and programs are available. In total, there
are over 500 choices for a rewarding learning
experience at the U of M’s Summer Session –
Flexible Degree Studies.

Welcome to the
University of Manitoba’s
Summer Session 2012!
                     5 8                               19                                  20
Helpful Things to Know . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Need More Flexibility. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                       5   Need more flexibility
                                                           Flex your intellectual muscle in Summer Session

Registration Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Admission to
Summer Session . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
                                                       8   exPerieNCe, leArN, ANd trANSform
                                                           Transition to the U of M in Summer Session

Experience, Learn,
and Transform . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8   19   JAzz uP your Summer
                                                           Jazz Camp: A unique jazz experience

Teaching in Summer Session . . . . . . . . . 9
What's Offered
in Summer Session . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                      20   trAvel ANd Study
                                                           Not just a dream

Important Dates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14         CoNtACt
                                                           Summer SeSSioN
Fees, VW & Refunds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
                                                                                           Inquiries - (204) 474-6963/8008
Summer Institutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18           Bill Kops - 474-6198
                                                                                           Toll free in Manitoba
Jazz Up Your Summer . . . . . . . . . . . . 19             Administrative Coordinator
                                                                                           1-800-421-1960 ext. 6963/8008
                                                           Janine Lindsey - 474-8003
Travel and Study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20                                        National toll free
                                                           Program Assistant,
                                                                                           1-888-215-7011 ext. 6963/8008
                                                           Darlene Lecuyer – 474-6963
                                                                                           Fax: (204) 474-7660
                                                           Program Assistant
                                                           Cheryl Hadaller – 474-8008      Email:
                                                           Program Assistant
                                                           Kim Bourdeaud’hui – 474-8018

           ClaSS SCheDUle                                  For Faculty/School Office and     Photography:
                                                                                             Mike Latschislaw
                                                           U of M Administrative Office
           FOR MORE DETAILS                                phone numbers visit:    
                                                           àGeneral Information
                                                           àTelephone Directory
                                                                                           Summer SeSSion 2012 | 3
Can i search for courses online?                             Where do i get a student i.d. card?
Search for Summer Session 2012 courses at                    Picture identification (I.D.) cards are required to access à Class Schedule. Search by              a variety of services available to Summer Session
course, subject, instructor and more!                        students, including the library, athletic facilities, and
                                                             access to exams. Please go to umanitoba/summer à
do i need to apply for admission?                            General Information à exams, I.D. Cards & More.
If you are not already admitted to the University of
Manitoba, you are required to apply for admission.           Where can i park?
Please go to page 7 for more information.                    For student parking infomation and rates, please go
                                                             to umanitoba. ca/summer à General Information à
how & when do i register?                                    Services for Students.
Registration begins March 19, 2012, and continues until
the course start date. For your convenience, you may         Where can i buy books and supplies?
access the registration system at       The University Book Store is located in University Centre
Please refer to Registration Schedule on page 6 and          at the Fort Garry Campus, and the Brodie Centre at
Registration Procedures at à             Health Sciences Campus. Please go to umanitoba. ca/
Registration.                                                summer à General Information à Services for
do i have fair access to space in courses?
Yes, for the first 5 days of registration, an equal number   Where can i eat?
of spaces are released each day. So, whether you are         Dining rooms and canteen facilities provide a variety
assigned to register on Day 1 or on Day 5, gradual           of food services for Summer Session students.
release ensures you fair access to space in courses.         Please go to à General
Following the initial 5 days, registration is open to all    Information à Services for Students.
students in all courses. Please see the Registration
Schedule on page 6.                                          how do i obtain a tuition receipt for income
                                                             tax Purposes?
how do i pay my fees?
                                                             Tuition and Education Amounts Certificates, Form
Please go toà Fees/Refunds for           T2202A, for income tax purposes will be issued online
detailed information regarding fee payment.                  through Aurora Student at Go to
Are my fees refundable?                                      more information.
If you withdraw from a Summer Session course you may
be eligible for a fee refund. For Voluntary Withdrawal
and Refund information, go to page 17.

                                                                           CHECK OUT THE ONLINE
                                                                           ClaSS SCheDUle
                                                                           FOR MORE DETAILS

4 | Summer SeSSion 2012
MOre   flex your
       intellectual muscle

       in Summer Session

     Offering numerous courses and delivery options, Flexible Degree Studies
      at the U of M is meeting the evolving needs of today’s learners. Full-time
        on-campus students, students studying at a distance, or working adult
                part-time learners can take courses at a time, place and format
              suited to their needs. Summer Session expands the conventional
                      academic schedule beyond the fall and winter timeframe,
                          including compressed and selected blended learning
                        courses on weekdays, evenings and weekends. Courses
                                 in distance and online formats extend learning
                                           beyond the physical campus. You can
                                               choose from hundreds of flexible
                                              degree options offered in Summer
                                              Session from more than 50 U of M
                            departments, including a wide range of majors and
                                  minors needed to meet degree requirements.
                             Among the many advantages of Summer Session
                        is the opportunity to ease your course load during the
                       fall and winter or speed up completion of your degree.
                       Summer Session can provide access to courses that are
                              not available or are full during the fall and winter,
                                   and many students take this opportunity to
                                        pick up prerequisite or missed courses.
                                 So this year, flex your intellectual muscle, and
                                 explore the many benefits of Flexible Degree
                                     Studies in Summer Session at the U of M!

                                                   Summer SeSSion 2012 | 5
registration dates (apply to all students)                         registration – Aurora Student
For the first 5 days of registration (March 19, 20, 21, 22, 23),   You may access the registration system online through
spaces in most courses are released each day in equal              Aurora Student. Only students who have applied and
numbers to ensure fair access for all students. For example,       been officially admitted to the University may register.
if a course has 50 spaces available,10 spaces will be
                                                                   To register, go to Aurora Student at à
released each day. During these 5 days of registration, the
                                                                   enter Secure area and login using your Student Number as
only day you may register is determined by the last two
                                                                   your UserID and enter your PIN. Next, select Enrolment and
digits of your Student Number (see below). You may
                                                                   Academic Records, and then Registration. You will now be
register between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight on your
                                                                   able to perform a number of functions in Aurora Student,
day of registration.
                                                                   including view class schedule, change your PIN, add or
Starting Monday, March 26 registration will be open to all         drop classes, and view your academic records.
students and will continue until the final dates to register
                                                                   You may not register for courses where examinations
for Summer Session (go to pages 14-16 or
                                                                   conflict, or for courses which result in three examinations
summer à Important Dates).
                                                                   on one day.
                                                                   In Summer Session 2012, students may be limited to one
                                          lASt 2 digitS            repeat in a course in which a grade was received. Please
              regiStrAtioN dAte            of StudeNt              contact a student advisor in your faculty prior to registering
                                                                   to request permission to repeat a course.
 DAY 1        Monday, March 19                00-19
                                                                   For detailed registration information, including Steps to
 DAY 2        Tuesday, March 20               20-39                Registration, go to à
                                                                   how to Register à Steps to Registration.
 DAY 3        Wednesday, March 21             40-59
                                                                   Remember to check Aurora Student for a Fee Assessment.
 DAY 4        Thursday, March 22              60-79                See Fees on page 17.
 DAY 5        Friday, March 23                80-99

hours of operation – Aurora Student                                    Need regiStrAtioN
With the exception of the first week, registration                     ASSSiStANCe?
through Aurora Student is available 24 hours per day,
7 days per week, including many statutory holidays and                 Call Summer Session, (204) 474-6963/8008,
dates of university closure. Support and academic advising             or your faculty/school office.
provided by university staff are available during the normal
                                                                       For the faculty/school office directory,
office hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.              go to à General
                                                                       Information à Telephone Directory

6 | Summer SeSSion 2012
                                            aDMIssION TO sUMMer sessION
If you are not already admitted to the University of                                  degree programs. It provides the freedom to choose
Manitoba, you are required to apply for admission to take                             from a variety of academic disciplines, or the opportunity
courses in Summer Session 2012. The programs below                                    to satisfy entry requirements to a faculty or school.
accept applications for admission – for detailed information
                                                                                      Students who have completed 24 credit hours or more
please refer to à admission.
                                                                                      of coursework elsewhere can apply directly to a faculty
All students new to the University of Manitoba who                                    or school.
have completed less than 24 credit hours at another
                                                                                      For more information, go to à
post-secondary institution are required to apply to
                                                                                      admission, or contact Enrolment Services, (204)474-8808.
University 1. University 1 is the first year of most

                                                      mAy & JuNe dAy                                        July & AuguSt dAy
                                                      AdmiSSioN deAdliNe                                    AdmiSSioN deAdliNe
    Faculty of arts                                   March 1 (see note 1)                                  March 1 (see note 1)

    Faculty of education (Post-                       April 1                                               Online April 1; in-person or by mail
    Baccalaureate Diploma in                                                                                June 1

    Faculty of environment, earth,                    April 1                                               April 1
    and Resources

    General Studies (extended                         By mail or online April 2 (May Day),                  By mail or online May 28 (July Day),
    education)                                        April 30 (June Day); in-person                        June 25 (August Day); in-person
                                                      applications no later than 5 working                  applications no later than 5 working
                                                      days prior to the start of a course                   days prior to the start of a course

    Faculty of Science                                March 1 (see note 1)                                  March 1 (see note 1)

    University 1                                      By mail or online April 2 (May Day),                  By mail or online May 28 (July Day),
                                                      April 30 (June Day); in-person                        June 25 (August Day); in-person
                                                      applications no later than 5 working                  applications no later than 5 working
                                                      days prior to the start of a course                   days prior to the start of a course

1. Current University 1 students will remain in University 1 for the Summer Session, and if eligible, will be able to transit to the Faculty of Arts or
   Science for Fall/Winter using Aurora Student beginning June 6. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on appeal to the Dean’s Office.

            ClaSS SCheDUle
            FOR MORE DETAILS

                                                                                                                              Summer SeSSion 2012 | 7
LearN, aND
TraNsFOrMGet a head start on
         your academic career
         through Summer
         University Advantage!
         Are you a newly admitted University 1 Student?
         If so, Summer Session offers the opportunity to
         get a head start on your academic career!
         Through Summer University Advantage new
         students can begin their studies during Summer
         Session. In 2012, Summer University Advantage
         will again feature the very popular course
         Introduction to University. The course is a great
         introduction to culture and life at the University
         of Manitoba – and it counts for 3 credits towards    begins with an orientation session on July 3
         your degree while meeting the compulsory             and runs through to August 3 (Monday through
         Written English requirement. Also included are       Thursday, 10:00-noon).
         special activities to help you make a successful     Students who have been admitted to University 1
         and satisfying transition to the U of M.             by June 30th are eligible to participate in
         After all, university is a whole new world, and      Summer University Advantage. Apply early,
         the most successful students are those best          because enrolment is limited! Application forms
         prepared to adapt to their new environment and       for Summer University Advantage are available
         its new and exciting challenges. The experience      at

8 | Summer SeSSion 2012
A+ experience for instructors and Students
For students, the advantages of taking courses in Summer Session are
many. Ever wonder what instructors have to say about teaching in Summer
Session – what they consider the advantages? Here are excerpts from
interviews with U of M instructors about their experiences teaching in
Summer Session.

        I prefer teaching in Summer Session because the smaller
        classes provide a better opportunity to get to know students.
I can more easily measure student progress in the course, and generate
some interesting class discussion.

        I enjoy teaching in Summer Session – classes tend to be intense,
        but it’s possible to get a lot of work done. The advantage in
Summer Session is the continuity of class meetings, so you never need
to spend time catching up and students are fully engaged for the
entire course.

         Summer Session is the same positive experience that I have when
         teaching in the fall and winter terms, but it is more intense. It’s like
living, thinking, and breathing the course for 4 weeks. Students have a             Get the advantage -
positive experience because typically, taking one course at a time means            take a course in Summer Session!
they are able to study and focus without worrying about other courses.     à Class Schedule

        Even though the course is the same, it’s the difference in the feel
        that makes for a positive teaching (and learning) experience in
Summer Session. The difference is a combination of nice weather and
students being more relaxed and informal. The campus is a lot less busy
with fewer people, which adds to a generally different mood.                                     Summer SeSSion 2012 | 9
Unfold                        to check out the courses that attract
                              thousands of students to Summer
                              Session at the U of M!

These centerfold pages list the courses offered in May, June, July, and August 2012.

Courses are available in multiple       compressed on campus
sections at a variety of dates and      summer institutes
times – in a variety of formats:        travel study
                                        blended learning
                                        distance and online

Go to à Class Schedule and search for
course scheduling details by subject, term, time, day, or instructor.

10 | Summer SeSSion 2012
May, JUNe, JULy, & aUgUsT
faculty of Agricultural and food Sciences                                   LING 1200
                                                                            NATV 1000
                                                                                          Introduction to Linguistics
                                                                                          Orientation Course: The Colonizers and the Colonized
SOIL 3610      Field Methods in Land Resource Science                       NATV 1220W    The Native Peoples of Canada, Part 1
                                                                            NATV 1240W    The Native Peoples of Canada, Part 2
faculty of Arts                                                             NATV 2000     Super Savages and Sovereign Traces: Introduction to
ANTH 1210¬t    Human Origins and Antiquity (A)                                            Indigenous Graphic Novels
ANTH 1220¬t    Cultural Anthropology (A)                                    NATV 2020W    The Métis of Canada
ANTH 2100      Introduction to Archaeology (D)                              NATV 2100     Aboriginal Spirituality
ANTH 2430      Ecology, Technology and Society (B)                          NATV 3100     Aboriginal Healing Ways
ANTH 2560      Anthropology of Illness (B)                                  NATV 3130     International Indigenous Literatures
ANTH 2820      Human Osteology (C)                                          NATV 3240     Native Medicine and Health
ANTH 3910      Archaeological Field Training (D,E)                          NATV 3280     Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian
ARTS 1110W¬t   Introduction to University                                                 Criminal Justice System
ASIA 1420W     Asian Civilizations to 1500 (B)                              PHIL 1200     Introduction to Philosophy
ASIA 1430W     Asian Civilizations from 1500 (B)                            PHIL 1290¬t   Critical Thinking
ASIA 1750      Introduction to Korean                                       PHIL 2740     Ethics and Biomedicine
ASIA 1760      Introduction to Chinese (Mandarin)                           PHIL 2750     Ethics and the Environment
ASIA 1770      Introduction to Japanese                                     PHIL 2830     Business Ethics
ASIA 2760      Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin)                              PHIL 2840     The Ethics of War and Peace
ASIA 3480      Indigenous Peoples in Japan                                  POLS 1500W    Introduction to Politics
ASIA 3760      Advanced Chinese (Mandarin)                                  POLS 2040W    Introduction to International Relations
CATH 1190W     Introduction to Catholic Studies                             POLS 2070W    Introduction to Canadian Government
CLAS 1270      Ancient Greek Culture                                        POLS 3950     Research Methods in the Study of Politics
CLAS 1280      Introduction to Ancient Roman Culture                        POLS 7300     Public Finance
CLAS 2520      Greek and Roman Mythology                                    PSYC 1200¬    Introduction to Psychology
GRK 1010       Introduction to the Reading of Ancient Greek 1               PSYC 2250     Introduction to Psychological Research
GRK 1020       Introduction to the Reading of Ancient Greek 2               PSYC 2260M    Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
LATN 1080      Introduction to the Reading of Latin 1                       PSYC 2290     Child Development
LATN 1090      Introduction to the Reading of Latin 2                       PSYC 2310     Adolescent Development
ECON 1010¬     Introduction to Microeconomic Principles                     PSYC 2360     Brain and Behaviour
ECON 1020¬t    Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles                     PSYC 2390     Psychology of Women
ECON 2390      Introduction to Environmental Economics                      PSYC 2400t    Psychology of Sex Differences
ECON 2400      Introduction to Energy Economics                             PSYC 2410     Social Psychology 1
ECON 2450t     Microeconomic Theory and Its Applications 1                  PSYC 2420     Social Psychology 2
ECON 2460t     Microeconomic Theory and Its Applications 2                  PSYC 2440¬t   Behaviour Modification Principles
ECON 2470t     Macroeconomic Theory and Its Applications 1                  PSYC 2450¬t   Behaviour Modification Applications
ECON 2480t     Macroeconomic Theory and Its Applications 2                  PSYC 2470     Learning Foundations of Psychology
ECON 2520      Economics of Sports and Leisure                              PSYC 2520     Orientations to Psychological Systems
ECON 2530      Introduction to Mathematical Economics                       PSYC 3450†    Psychology of Personality
ECON 3170      Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Economics            PSYC 3460¬t   Abnormal Psychology
ECON 3640      Economics of the Financial System                            RLGN 1320W    Introduction to World Religions (B)
ECON 3670      International Trade                                          RLGN 1410     Death and Concepts of the Future (C)
ECON 3680      International Finance                                        RLGN 1420W    Ethics in World Religions (C)
ENGL 0930W¬    English Composition                                          RLGN 1440W    Evil in World Religions (C)
ENGL 1200W     Representative Literary Works                                RLGN 1450     Religion and the Media (C)
ENGL 1300W¬    Literature since 1900                                        RLGN 2030     Psychology and Religion (C)
ENGL 1310W¬    Literary Topics                                              RLGN 2060     Religion and Violence (C)
ENGL 2140W     Literature of the Victorian Period                           RLGN 2110     Religion and Healing (C)
ENGL 2760W     Introductory Creative Writing                                SOC 1200¬     Introduction to Sociology
ENGL 2940W     Short Fiction 1                                              SOC 2290      Introduction to Research Methods
ENGL 3800W¬    Special Studies 1                                            SOC 2510      Criminology
FILM 1290      The Art of the Film 1                                        SOC 3660      Sociology of Mental Disorder
FILM 1310      Film History                                                 SOC 3790      Women, Crime and Social Justice
FILM 3250      Redo, Reuse, Recycle: Remakes, Adaptations and Franchises    SOC 3830      Youth, Crime, and Society
FILM 3260      Documentary Filmmaking                                       WOMN 1500W    Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies in the
FREN 1150¬     Introductory French                                                        Humanities
FREN 1200      French 1                                                     WOMN 2530     Writing Women's Lives
SPAN 1180
SPAN 1190
               Introductory Spanish
               Introductory Spanish 2                                       i.h. Asper School of business
ITLN 1080      Introductory Italian                                         ACC 1100¬     Introductory Financial Accounting
GRMN 1120      Beginning German                                             ACC 1110¬     Introductory Managerial Accounting
HIST 1200W     An Introduction to the History of Western Civilization (G)   ACC 2010      Intermediate Accounting - Assets
HIST 1380W     An Introduction to Modern World History: 1800-Present (M)    ACC 2020¬     Intermediate Accounting - Equities
HIST 1420W     Asian Civilizations to 1500 (B)                              ACC 3040      Cost Accounting
HIST 1430W     Asian Civilizations from 1500 (B)                            ACC 3050      Taxation Accounting
HIST 1440W     History of Canada (C)                                        ACC 4010      Auditing
HIST 2080W     The Byzantine Empire and the Slavic World (D)                ACC 4030      Accounting Theory
HIST 2240W     History of Antisemitism and the Holocaust (E)                FIN 2200¬     Corporation Finance
HIST 2720W     The World Since 1945 (G,M)                                   FIN 3480      Corporate Finance Theory and Practice
HIST 3090      Film, History, Nation in China                               MIS 2000      Information Systems for Management
HIST 3110      Graphic Histories, Illustrated Histories and                 ACT 2020      Economic and Financial Applications
               Historical Comic Books                                       ACT 2120      Interest Theory
HIST 4580      The Great Historians (G)                                     ACT 3130      Actuarial Models 1
LABR 1290      Introduction to the Canadian Labour Movement                 ACT 3230      Actuarial Models 2
LABR 2300      Workers, Employers and the State                             ENTR 2010     Managing the Smaller Business
                                                                            ENTR 2020     Starting a New Business
                                                                            GMGT 1010W¬   Business and Society
                                                                            GMGT 2010W¬   Business Communications
                                                                            GMGT 2060¬    Management and Organization Theory
                                                                            GMGT 2070¬    Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
                                                                            GMGT 2120¬    Business/Government Relations
                                                                            GMGT 3300¬    Commercial Law

11 | Summer SeSSion 2012
May, JUNe, JULy, & aUgUsT
GMGT 4010¬
HRIR 2440
             Administrative Policy
             Human Resource Management                                    faculty of human ecology
HRIR 3450    Labour and Employment Relations                              FMLY 1010    Human Development in the Family
INTB 2200    International Management                                     FMLY 1012    Introduction to Social Development
MKT 2210¬    Fundamentals of Marketing                                    FMLY 1020    Family Issues Across the Lifespan
MKT 3220     Marketing Research                                           FMLY 2350    Multicultural Family Issues
MKT 3230¬    Consumer Behaviour                                           FMLY 3012    Theories of Social Development
MKT 3240¬    Selected Topics in Marketing                                 FMLY 3240    Families in Later Years
MKT 3300¬    International Marketing                                      FMLY 3330    Parenting and Developmental Health
MKT 3340     Services Marketing                                           FMLY 3400    Families as Consumers
MKT 4270     Sales Management                                             FMLY 4600    Risk and Resilence in Behavioural and Social Development
MSCI 2150¬   Introduction to Management Sciences                          FMLY 4800    Senior Seminar in Family Violence and Conflict Resolution
SCM 2160¬    Supply Chain and Operations Management                       HEAL 2600    Integration of Health Determinants of Individuals
                                                                          HMEC 2000    Research Methods and Presentation
faculty of education                                                      HMEC 3100
                                                                          HNSC 1200¬
                                                                                       Communication for Professional Practice
                                                                                       Food: Facts and Fallacies
EDUB 1602    Aboriginal Perspectives and the Curriculum
                                                                          HNSC 1210¬   Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles
EDUB 1620    Principles and Procedures of Second Language Teaching
                                                                          HNSC 2130    Nutrition Through the Life Cycle
EDUB 1640    Teaching ESL Vocabulary and Pronunciation
                                                                          HNSC 2140    Basic Principles of Human Nutrition
EDUB 1650    Teaching ESL Grammar
                                                                          HNSC 4364    Foods Industry Option Practicum
EDUB 1740    Drama Across the Curriculum
                                                                          TXSC 2420    History of Textiles
EDUB 1840    Adult ESL Curriculum and the Canadian Language Benchmarks
                                                                          TXSC 3470    Environmental Sustainability and Textiles
EDUB 1860    Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
EDUB 1940
EDUB 1950
             Integrated Programs School Experience 1
             Integrated Programs School Experience 2                      faculty of Kinesiology and recreation management
EDUB 5012    Video Art, Culture and Education                             KIN 2320     Human Anatomy
EDUB 5360    Children's Literature                                        KIN 2330     Biomechanics
EDUB 5370    Adolescent Literature                                        KIN 3470     Exercise Physiology
EDUB 5470¬   Recent Developments in Curriculum: Mathematics               KIN 3512     Principles of Fitness Training
             and Natural Sciences 1                                       KIN 3740     Resistance Training and Conditioning
EDUB 5510    Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)    KIN 3914     Athletic Therapy Clinical Block Placement
EDUB 7180    Research in Written Composition                              KIN 4560     Advanced Fitness Appraisal and Lifestyle Counselling
EDUB 7212    Critical Applied Linguistics in a Global Context             PERS 1300    Introduction to Leisure Travel
EDUB 7330    Inquiry in Curriculum and Instruction                        PERS 1500    Foundations of Physical Education and Kinesiology
EDUB 7416    Teaching and Learning In Post Secondary Education            PERS 4200¬   Special Topics
EDUA 1500    Aboriginal Education                                         PERS 4630    Supervised Fieldwork Experience
EDUA 1540t   Cross-Cultural Education                                     PHED 3102    Aboriginal Song and Dance
EDUA 1570    Foundations of Adult Education                               PHED 3770¬   Aboriginal Games and Activities
EDUA 1590    Facilitating Adult Learning                                  REC 4720     Wilderness Adventures
EDUA 5040    Personnel Administration in Education
EDUA 5080    Legal and Administrative Aspects of Schools for Clinicians   marcel A. desautels faculty of music
EDUA 5480    Counselling Skills                                           MUSC 3130    Music for Children 1:
EDUA 5500    Theories and Issues in School Counselling                                 Orff-Schulwerk Music Education Program
EDUA 5510    Elementary School Counselling                                MUSC 3140    Music for Children 2:
EDUA 5520    Ethics in Counselling                                                     Orff-Schulwerk Music Education Program
EDUA 5530    Secondary School Counselling                                 MUSC 4350    Music for Children 3:
EDUA 5540    Groups in Guidance                                                        Orff-Schulwerk Music Education Program
EDUA 5550    Psychology of Human Relationships
EDUA 5570
EDUA 5590
             Family Life Education
             Career Information
                                                                          faculty of Nursing
EDUA 5600    Introduction to Inclusive Special Education                  NURS 1260    Human Growth and Development
EDUA 5630    Assessment and Instruction in Inclusive Special Education    NURS 1280    Introduction to Nursing

                                                                          faculty of Pharmacy
EDUA 5670    Strategies for Organizing Inclusive Classrooms and Schools
EDUA 5680    Promoting Responsible Behaviour in Educational Settings
EDUA 5730    Bullying in Schools: Issues and Interventions                PHRM 1000    Introduction to Pharmacy
EDUA 5800    Introduction to Educational Research                         PHRM 2700    Structured Practical Experiential Program 2 (SPEP - 2)
EDUA 7050    Theoretical Perspectives in Educational Administration       PHRM 3700    Structured Practical Experiential Program 3 (SPEP - 3)
EDUA 7406    Blended and e-Learning
EDUA 7540    Programs in Career Development                               faculty of Science
faculty of engineering                                                    BIOL 1000¬
                                                                          BIOL 1010¬
                                                                                       Biology: Foundations of Life
                                                                                       Biology: Biological Diversity and Interaction
CIVL 4050    Engineering Economics                                        BIOL 1020    Biology 1: Principles and Themes
ECE 2160     Electronics 2E                                               BIOL 1030    Biology 2: Biological Diversity, Function and Interactions
ENG 1430     Design in Engineering                                        BIOL 1340    The State of the Earth's Environment: Contemporary Issues
ENG 1440     Introduction to Statics                                      BIOL 1410    Anatomy of the Human Body
ENG 1450     Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering          BIOL 1412    Physiology of the Human Body
ENG 1460     Introduction to Thermal Sciences                             BIOL 2242    The Flowering Plants
ENG 2010     Technical Communications                                     BIOL 2300    Principles of Ecology
                                                                          BIOL 2390    Introductory Ecology
Clayton h. riddell                                                        BIOL 2410    Human Physiology 1
faculty of environment, earth,and resources                               BIOL 2420
                                                                          BIOL 2500
                                                                                       Human Physiology 2
                                                                                       Genetics 1
ENVR 1000t   Environmental Science1 - Concepts
                                                                          BIOL 2520    Cell Biology
ENVR 2000    Environmental Science 2 - Issues
                                                                          BIOL 2540    Developmental Biology
ENVR 4000¬   Multidisciplinary Topics in Environmental Science 2
                                                                          BIOL 3372    Wetland Ecology
GEOG 1280t   Introduction to Human Geography
                                                                          CHEM 0900    Preparatory Chemistry
GEOG 1290t   Introduction to Physical Geography
                                                                          CHEM 1300    University 1 Chemistry: Structure and Modelling in Chemistry
GEOG 2570t   Geography of Canada (A)
                                                                          CHEM 1310    University 1 Chemistry: An Introduction to Physical Chemistry
GEOG 2580t   Geography of the United States (A)
                                                                          CHEM 2210    Introductory Organic Chemistry 1:Structure and Function
GEOL 1410W   Natural Disasters and Global Change
                                                                          CHEM 2220    Introductory Organic Chemistry 2: Reactivity and Synthesis
GEOL 1420W   Exploring the Planets
                                                                          CHEM 2360    Biochemistry 1: Biomolecules and an Introduction to
GEOL 3910    Introduction to Field Mapping
                                                                                       Metabolic Energy
GEOL 4910    Advanced Field Mapping
                                                                          CHEM 2370    Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis, and
                                                                                       Information Pathways
                                                                          CHEM 4802    Forensics Processing and Analysis
12 | Summer SeSSion 2012
                                                                              May, JUNe, JULy, & aUgUsT
COMP 1010t
COMP 1012
                     Introductory Computer Science 1
                     Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers          Summer institutes
COMP 1020            Introductory Computer Science 2                            Choose from the following Summer Institutes:
COMP 1260t           Introductory Computer Usage 1
COMP 2080            Analysis of Algorithms
                                                                                   •   Ojibway Language and Narrative
COMP 2130            Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science                     •   Creativity in Educational Practice
COMP 2140            Data Structures and Algorithms                                •   Storytelling for Peace Education and Human Rights
COMP 2150            Object Orientation
COMP 2280            Introduction to Computer Systems                              •   Education for Sustainability
COMP 3010            Distributed Computing                                         •   Language, Learning and Literacy
COMP 3170            Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures
                                                                                   •   Alternative Education in a Changing World: Human Rights and
COMP 3350            Software Engineering 1
                                                                                       Social Justice in Action
COMP 3430            Operating Systems
COMP 3620            Professional Practice in Computer Science                     • Creating Academic and Social Inclusion: Building Project-Based,
MATH 1010Mt          Applied Finite Mathematics                                        Place-Based and Land-Based Teaching
MATH 1020M¬          Mathematics in Art                                            • Inclusive Special Education - Universal Design for Learning:
MATH 1210M           Techniques of Classical and Linear Algebra                        Teaching Diverse Learners in the Inclusive Classroom
MATH 1300M¬t         Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra
MATH 1500M¬t         Introduction to Calculus                                      • Program Evaluation
MATH 1700M           Calculus 2                                                    • Music for Children 3
MATH 2130            Engineering Mathematical Analysis 1
MATH 2132            Engineering Mathematical Analysis 2                        For detailed information on Summer Institutes go to
MATH 2300            Linear Algebra 2
MATH 2500            Introduction to Number Theory                    à Summer Institutes
MATH 2720            Multivariable Calculus
MATH 3132
MBIO 1010
                     Engineering Mathematical Analysis 3
                     Microbiology I
                                                                                Additional courses available by distance/online
MBIO 1220            Essentials of Microbiology                                 COMP 1270           Introductory Computer Usage 2
MBIO 2020            Microbiology II                                            EDUA 1560           Adult Learning and Development
MBIO 2360            Biochemistry 1: Biomolecules and an Introduction to        EDUA 1580           Program Planning in Adult Education
                     Metabolic Energy                                           FMLY 1420           Family Management Principles
MBIO 2370            Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis, and Information     FMLY 2600           Foundations of Childhood Developmental Health
                     Pathways                                                   FAAH 1030           Introduction to Art 1A
PHYS 0900            Preparing for University Physics                           FAAH 1040           Introduction to Art 2A
PHYS 1020M           General Physics 1                                          FAAH 3590           Islamic Art and Architecture
PHYS 1030M           General Physics 2                                          GEOG 2630           Geography of Culture and Environment (HS)
PHYS 1050            Physics 1: Mechanics                                       GEOG 2640           Geography of Culture and Inequality (HS)
PHYS 1070            Physics 2: Waves and Modern Physics                        PERS 1200           Physical Activity, Health and Wellness
STAT 1000M¬          Basic Statistical Analysis 1                               PERS 1400           Concepts of Recreation and Leisure
STAT 2000M           Basic Statistical Analysis 2                               PSYC 2460           Dyadic Relations
STAT 2400M           Introduction to Probability 1                              PSYC 3530           Contemporary Issues 1: Obesity and Eating Disorders
                                                                                PSYC 3660           Sport Psychology
faculty of Social Work                                                          SWRK 2110
                                                                                SWRK 3100
                                                                                                    Emergence of the Canadian Social Welfare State
                                                                                                    Systematic Inquiry in Social Work
SWRK 1310t           Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis             SWRK 3130           Contemporary Canadian Social Welfare
SWRK 2080¬t          Interpersonal Communication Skills                         SWRK 3140           Introduction to Social Work Practice
SWRK 3150t           Field Instruction 1                                        SWRK 4200           Field Focus 1: Aging
SWRK 4050¬           Selected Topics in Social Work                             SWRK 4200           Field Focus 1: Mental Health
SWRK 4120t           Field Instruction 2                                        SWRK 4300           Field Focus 2: Aging
SWRK 4210¬t          Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice              SWRK 4300           Field Focus 2: Mental Health
                     and Social Welfare Policy                                  SOC 2330            Social Psychology in Sociological Perspective
SWRK 4220¬t          Aboriginal People and Social Work Practice                 SOC 2460            The Family
SWRK 4270            Crisis Intervention                                        SOC 3710            Sociology of Criminal Careers
SWRK 6050            Field Practice                                             WOMN 1600           Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
SWRK 6070            Qualitative Research in Social Work                                            in the Social Sciences
SWRK 7180            Advanced Field Practice
SWRK 7190            Integrating Theory and Research in
                     Advanced Field Practice                                    ¬	multiple sections and/or topics offered
SWRK 7220            Readings
SWRK 7230            Spirituality and Social Work                               t also available by distance/online
SWRK 7300            Clinical Evaluation of Social Work Interventions

School of Art
FA 1020M¬            Mathematics in Art
FAAH 3250¬           Topics in Art History
STDO 1210            Drawing: Studio 1
STDO 1230            Drawing: Figure Study 1
STDO 1250            Drawing: Studio 2                                                       CHECK OUT THE ONLINE
STDO 1410
STDO 1450
                     Visual Language
                     Open Studio 1
                                                                                            ClaSS SCheDUle
STDO 1470¬           Materials Studio                                                        FOR MORE DETAILS
STDO 2680¬           Special Topics

travel/Study Courses                                                              
Choose from the following Travel/Study destinations:
Baffin Island: Nunavut                Iceland
Banff, Alberta                        India
China                                 Israel
Churchill, Manitoba                   Poland
Clearwater, Manitoba                  Ukraine
Eastern Canada                        United Kingdom

For detailed information on Travel/Study courses go to àTravel/Summer Courses                                                                                  Summer SeSSion 2012 | 13
mAy ANd JuNe dAy April 30 – June 19
  Please go to page 7 orà Important Dates à May and June Day
  for information including deadline dates.

  ClASS dAteS
  april 30                  May Day classes begin; classes end May 23
                            May-June Day classes begin; classes end June 19
  May 28                    June Day classes begin; classes end June 19

  Go to à Class Schedule for exact class start and end dates

  May 25 & 26               May Day exams; no May-June Day classes
  June 21 & 22              June Day and May-June Day exams; no June Day or May-June Day classes

  Exam dates may vary – go to àClass Schedule

  fee PAymeNt
  May 1                     Last day to pay fees without late payment fee
  Go to page 17 for more information

  No ClASSeS
  May 21                    Victoria Day; no classes
  May 24                    Exam study day; no May-June Day classes
  May 25 & 26               Exam days; no May-June Day classes
  June 20                   Exam study day; no June Day and May-June Day classes
  Jun 21 & 22               Exam days; no June Day and May-June Day classes

  March 19                  Registration begins
  apr 30 - May 2            Period for late registration and revisions in May Day and May-June Day courses
  apr 30 - May 30           Period for late registration and revisions in June Day courses

  voluNtAry WithdrAWAl (vW)
  For VW dates, go to page 17

Complete a Major and/or Minor in Summer Session
You can complete a major or minor in Summer Session in many departments in the Faculty of Arts including Anthropology, Asian Studies,
Business, Canadian Studies, Economics, English, Film Studies, History, Psychology, Native Studies, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology.
Check with your student advisor for details or seach online atàClass Schedule.

14 | Summer SeSSion 2012
                                                                              IMPOrTaNT DaTes
mAy to AuguSt eveNiNg April 30 – AuguSt 8
 Please go to page 7 orà Important Dates à May to august evening
 for information including deadline dates.

 ClASS dAteS
 april 30 & May 1      May-June Evening classes begin; classes end June 13 & 14
                       May-August Evening classes begin; classes end Aug. 7 & 8
 June 20 & 21          June-August Evening classes begin; classes end Aug. 7 & 8

 Go to à Class Schedule for exact class start and end dates

 June 15 & 16          May-June Evening exams; no May-August Evening classes
 august 9 & 10         June-August Evening & May-August Evening exams;
                       no June-August Evening and May-August Evening classes

 Exam dates may vary – go to àClass Schedule

 fee PAymeNt
 May 1                 Last day to pay fees for courses without late payment fee
 Go to page 17 for more infomation

 May 21                Victoria Day
 May 25                Make-up class for Victoria Day
 June 15 & 16          Exam days; no May-August Evening classes
 June 18 & 19          Term break; no May-August Evening classes
 July 2                Canada Day Holiday
 July 6                Make-up class for Canada Day Holiday
 august 6              Civic Holiday
 august 9 & 10         Exam days; no June-August Evening and May-August Evening classes

 March 19              Registration begins
 april 30 - May 4      Period for late registration and revisions in May-June Evening and May-August Evening courses
 april 30 – June 26    Period for late registration and revisions in June-August Evening courses

 voluNtAry WithdrAWAl (vW)
 For VW dates, go to page 17

                                                                                            Summer SeSSion 2012 | 15
July ANd AuguSt dAy June 25 – AuguSt 15
  Please go to page 7 orà Important Dates à July and august Day
  for information including deadline dates.

  ClASS dAteS
  June 25               July Day classes begin; classes end July 18
                        July-August Day classes begin; classes end August 15
  July 23               August Day classes begin; classes end August 15
  Go to à Class Schedule

  July 20 & 21          July Day exams; no July-August classes
  august 17 & 18        August Day and July-August Day exams; no August Day and July-August Day classes
  Exam dates may vary - go to à Class Schedule

  fee PAymeNt
  June 25               Last day to pay fees for July Day, August Day, and July-August Day courses without late fee
  Go to page 17 for more infomation

  No ClASSeS
  July 2                Canada Day Holiday
  July 19               Exam Study Day; no July-August Day classes
  July 20 & 21          Exam days; no July-August Day classes
  august 6              Civic Holiday; no classes
  august 16             Exam Study Day; no July-August Day classes
  august 17 & 18        Exam days; no August Day and July-August Day classes

  March 19              Registration begins
  June 25-27            Period for late registration and revisions in July Day and July-August Day courses
  June 25 - July 25     Period for late registration and revisions in August Day courses

  voluNtAry WithdrAWAl (vW)
  For VW dates, go to page 17.

16 | Summer SeSSion 2012
                                                                             Fees, VW, & reFUNDs
fees                                                                 Class Schedule Listing includes the words ‘Irregular Dates’).
                                                                     Go to à Fees/Refunds à Irregular
General Information                                                  Refund Schedule. For all other courses, the following VW
Fee balances can be obtained using Aurora Student. Go to             deadlines apply: à enter Secure area and login à                     mAy ANd JuNe dAy
enrolment & academic Records àStudent Records à
                                                                        May Day Course
View account Summary by Term.
                                                                        Full refund to May 2, 2012
Fees must be paid by the specified dates. Outstanding                   VW deadline, May 16, 2012
balances after these dates will be subject to late fees and
                                                                        June Day Course
students may be placed on Hold. You will not be sent a fee
                                                                        Full refund to May 30, 2012
statement in the mail. See Fee Payment Deadline
                                                                        VW deadline, June 13, 2012
Dates below.
                                                                        May-June Day Course
For detailed information regarding fees, including fee
                                                                        Full refund to May 2, 2012
payment and the Summer Session 2012 Fee Schedule,
                                                                        VW deadline, June 7, 2012
please go toà Fees/Refunds.
                                                                        mAy to AuguSt eveNiNg
All inquiries or problems relating to the payment of fees
should be addressed to: Revenue, Capital & General                      May-June evening Course
accounting Office Phone (204)474-9433                                   Full refund to May 4, 2012
                                                                        VW deadline, June 5, 2012
Payment Deadline Dates
                                                                        June-august evening Course
Fee payments must be received by the University of
                                                                        Full refund to June 26, 2012
Manitoba no later than the following dates for all
                                                                        VW deadline, July 26, 2012
registered courses:
                                                                        May-august evening Course
Courses starting in May or June
                                                                        Full refund to May 4, 2012
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
                                                                        VW deadline, July 13, 2012
Courses starting in July or august
                                                                        July ANd AuguSt dAy
Monday, June 25, 2012
                                                                        July Day Course
voluntary Withdrawal(vW)                                                Full refund to June 27, 2012

& refunds                                                               VW deadline, July 12, 2012
                                                                        august Day Course
You must formally withdraw from a course or a grade
                                                                        Full refund to July 25, 2012
will be assigned and fees will remain outstanding.
                                                                        VW deadline, August 9, 2012
To withdraw from courses, go to,
login and select enrolment & academic Records à                         July-august Day Course
Registration à add or Drop Classes.                                     Full refund to June 27, 2012
                                                                        VW deadline, August 2, 2012
In order to determine the VW deadline date and/or
refund schedule for a course, you must first identify its
 ‘Part of Term’ (e.g., May Day), which will be listed in the Class      Remember to withdraw from courses you do not
Schedule Listing for the course section (prior to the start             plan to attend – failure to pay fees will not cancel
of registration) at à Class Schedule.               your registration.
VW deadlines for courses with irregular class dates are
different (i.e., Part of Term identified in the Aurora Student
                                                                                                     Summer SeSSion 2012 | 17
One-of-a-kind summer institutes           At the same time, the Department          in Kolkata, India, will participate as a
offer students the opportunity to         of Educational Administration,            visiting scholar in the Summer Institute
study topics in an intensive and often    Foundations & Psychology will stage       in Alternative Education in a Changing
interdisciplinary way. In 2012, the       a Summer Institute in Creativity in       World: Human Rights and Social Justice
Summer Institute in Ojibway Language      Educational Practice. Designed to         in Action.
and Narrative looks at Ojibway            explore educational practice for
                                                                                    Take the opportunity to participate
language and literature in an intensive   teaching creativity and innovation, the
                                                                                    in a one-of-a-kind summer institute!
four-week period. The departments         institute features scholar-in-residence
                                                                                    For more details on these and other
of Linguistics and Native Studies,        Robert Kelly from the University of
                                                                                    summer institutes offered in Summer
and the Centre for Creative Writing       Calgary. Also in Summer Session
                                                                                    Session 2012, check our website:
and Oral History are collaborating        2012, we are pleased to announce à
on this summer institute to offer an      that Sr. Cyril Mooney, Principal of the   Summer Institutes
interdisciplinary flavor to the topic.    world renowned Loreto Day School

18 | Summer SeSSion 2012
UP          The University of Manitoba offers a unique jazz experience
            for all ages at Jazz Camp, which runs from August 19-25.
            The Jazz Camp is designed to foster the growth and

            development of jazz skills and is open to anyone interested

A un
            in enhancing their jazz performances skills. Participants will
            be grouped by level of experience in improvisation classes,
            instrument master classes, and small ensembles.

jA e
            Concerts are another integral part of the Jazz Camp experience
            and include the Cool Wednesday Night Hang, Student Finale
            Concerts, and Jazz on the Rooftop at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
            featuring renowned Jazz Camp faculty, Steve Kirby, Jimmy
            Greene, Derrick Gardner, and Quincy Davis.
            For further information about Jazz Camp, including

exp All Ages
            registration, scholarships, and the brochure, go to
   à Jazz Camp

                                              Summer SeSSion 2012 | 19
aND living a dream
The dream can be a reality. Summer Session offers the
opportunity to explore the world and learn about cultures
and places in Canada and internationally, while earning
                                                                The program also includes visits to major museums and sites,
                                                                as well as special cultural presentations. The Department
                                                                of Icelandic Language and Literature has scholarships of up
credit from the University of Manitoba. Imagine overlooking     to $500 available for eligible students. For more information,
the fiords on Iceland’s west coast or in Cumberland Sound on    contact Dr. Birna Bjarnadottir at (204)-474-9551 or
Baffin Island, learning Ukrainian or Polish in eastern Europe
or exploring the wonders of India. You can focus in your area
                                                                Another option this summer is a visit to Churchill. Known as
of study or simply select a course you always wanted to take
                                                                the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill is the setting
– whatever your reason, travel/study provides the unique
                                                                for a travel/study course that offers an introduction to the
global experience that couples learning with travel.
                                                                ecology and cultures of the sub-arctic. You participate
While academics are the major part of each travel/study         as a member of an interdisciplinary research team with
course, the cultural experience of the region and country       direct access to the unique history, culture, and ecology of
is what enriches learning beyond the classroom. Each course,    coastal Manitoba. The Churchill Northern Studies Centre,
taught by University of Manitoba professors and visiting        near Wapusk National Park, provides the well-equipped
faculty from the region, features coursework along with         accommodation where you live and work, with logistical
field trips and excursions that immerse students in the local   support provided by Manitoba Conservation and Parks
environment. Courses range in length from 2 to 6 weeks, and     Canada. Representatives from the region’s indigenous
allow students to earn from 3 to 12 U of M credits.             cultures contribute to the course experience. Course credits
                                                                may be earned in Environment, Geography, and Biological
This summer, study the language, culture, and history
                                                                Sciences. For more information, contact Dr. Kristina Hunter
of Iceland, home of mythology and the Icelandic Saga.
The Icelandic Field School focuses on contemporary and
medieval culture and basic conversational Icelandic.            Check out details on these and other travel/study options at
You have the opportunity to travel throughout the countryàTravel/Study Courses.
exploring the capital city of Reykjavík, the magnificent
Westfjords region, Iceland’s forest in the east part of the
island, and the glacier lagoon on the south-east coast.

20 | Summer SeSSion 2012
With 13 travel/study
courses to choose
from in Summer
Session 2012 –
you can choose
to travel near
or far.

                       Summer SeSSion 2012 | 21
  University of Manitoba
  188 extended education Complex
  Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2

                              Should there be discrepancies between information in this publication and The U of M Undergraduate and
                              Graduate Calendars, the latter will govern. Changes may be made to information without notice, including
                              changes to the Class Schedule and cancellation of courses.

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