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					Cross-curricular work in STEM
    – is it rocket science?

                 Alison Tiltman
        Portchester Community School

               Adrian Oldknow
         The University of Chichester
Alison & Adrian:
The cunning plan

 Background to the Hampshire cross-
  curricular project: Adrian
 Case studies from a science perspective –
  bath bombs & rockets: Alison
 Case studies from a maths perspective –
  balls, swings, springs & rockets: Adrian
 Current & planned developments: Alison
 Current & planned developments: Adrian
The Hampshire collaborative
cross-curricular & ICT project
   5 schools in Fareham/Gosport: 2006-8
   Teachers of maths, science, DT, ICT, PE …
   M&C(2), Science, Sports, Perf. Arts
   Hampshire LA support (maths, science, DT)
   Microsoft/TDA: “Partners in Learning”
   Microsoft “Innovative Teachers”
   Others (UoC, TI, SSAT, YST, MMU)
   Teachers TV
Enrichment activities – STEM
Crofton: 2nd in UK rocket competition 2007/8

featured in CBBC News 13th April 2007

850 feet, 45 secs, 1 unbroken egg
   Enrichment activities – STEM
   Crofton: 2nd in UK rocket competition 2007/8

  School’s video won 2nd in cross-STEM category in SSAT, FFL, MS
  “Capture it!” competition:

  750 feet, 45 seconds, 2 eggs, featured in Blue Peter, 13 June 2008
Curriculum enhancement:
science, maths, D&T, ICT, Art
Crofton Bath Bombs!

Enrichment activities - STEM
Bay House: aeronautics
Curriculum enhancement
Henry Cort – video analysis from Sport
Curriculum enhancement
data-logging: CBR and
distance-time graphs
Curriculum enhancement
Video analysis with Tracker

Tracker 2 free software:
  Data capture from sensors &
  video: Vernier Logger Pro 3

Logger Pro 3 & WDSS:

  Tracker 2 free software:
open the file
                             Is mathematics
                             rocket science?
Mathematics is
rocket science!
Google earth
      Rocket science is childs’ play

Al Fresco: Accessible, Lifelike, Fun, Reliable, Easy
           to set up, Safe, Cheap, Open-ended
Going off with a bang – or putting
you money where your mouth is.
 Henry Cort KS3 cross-curricular week
  Wednesday: Y9 rockets and maths
 Estimating and measuring
 Transforming formulae
 Modelling with functions and graphs
 Testing against real data
 Graphical calculators , dynamic
  geometry (GSP), Excel & TI Nspire
 `Sciencescope’ & Google Earth
Making STEM come to life –
and life come to STEM!
 The STEM agenda
 Joining up the curriculum: QCA
 Relating it to pupils’ experience
 And to their world to come
 Involving pupils e.g. filmsforlearning
 Invigorating teachers
 Using readily available tools and
 Will it be a priority??
Adrian: Nuffield KS3 STEM project

 S-T-E-M & the apartheid approach
 Nuffield Foundation STEM project
 5 pilot schools: DT, maths and
  science teachers
 In-house team for DT, science
 External support for maths: PH & AO
 50 hour modules
 Y7 Olympic pods
SE Region CPD: NCETM, SLC, Intech
 NCETM: “M in STEM”: Chichester Uni

 Go4set Hampshire: SLC SE

 Intech: Rocketing STEM into Space

 NCETM 2-day events: Shoreham &
  Rutherford/Appleton, Dec & Feb

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