; Tips for Making the Orchard Garden tub Heaven
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Tips for Making the Orchard Garden tub Heaven


Tips for Making the Orchard Garden tub Heaven

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									Tips for Making the
Orchard Garden tub

If you have a home page
that is wide enough, why
not choose to make the
orchard? In fact our
experience, where the pages
can sempitpun, just so you
know its spatial, usually
dominated tabulampot

Many ways that people do to make the orchard, but the most severe and the more we use
for this is to plant the seeds of fruit in a way one by one (in installments), with a modest
layout. The result is really chaotic! We often forget that building an orchard similar to
building a house. A single unit. Need strategies and plans mature. So what the heck our
orchard later? Every time I offer manufacturing services to buyers orchard wholesales, many
times I got the answer: "Ah, that's easy! What is difficult to make an orchard? Stay planting
aja kok trouble."

A fruit plant hobbyists named Mr. Tantra, even made me realize that as long as we ignore
the many marketing management in making orchard, meaning if you've got acres of fruit
orchards but no income you can, just keep on spending cost you each month, meaning that
one of our planning from the beginning. It must be admitted that it is an important factor in
making the orchard, and many technical factors that will be discussed here is not less
important, because it will make your orchard garden tub in Heaven.

Well, as a quick guide, the following tips can be a quick guide for you in the orchard mebuat:

1. Planting distance. This is most often overlooked when planting seedlings of fruit. To no
knowledge of the nature of certain fruit crops, we plant based on feeling or how delicious
aja. What happens between the leaves of the plant canopy cover each other. In fact I've
seen myself, no one planted the seeds of the fruit in the shade of a large plant, certainly not
enough sunlight can go down, I do not know, what it means to utilize the vacant land at the
bottom, which is considered redundant? Spacing can be based on standard rules of the
respective plants or liking us how big the plant was later (this also depends on how big you
are diligent trim). Spacing make room for us to see clearly when the plants bear fruit,
beautiful, beautiful. And this is not never felt, if the spacing is violated then we only see the
view of a pile of plants that bear fruit, sorry, like garbage. So no wonder we too quickly
bored! Spacing makes us look tidy orchards lining, making it easier to harvest.

2. Layout. The layout requires us to grow in unison, that is not the only one. We know what
panyat fruit crops in front of the house and what is behind. Well then how the existing
plant, what should be cut? Oh, yes it does, just needs to be regulated and carried heavy
pruning. And we need to know that the fast-growing seedlings are planted beside the old
plants, such as fruit seeds Matoa. Once upon a time, a retired plantation insist orchard
made chocolate in front of his house, for the reminder of the memories of the work first. I
explained at length 'kepantesan' general policies on society. And he too surrendered, agreed
planted beside the house. And to watch, do not plant too close to home, in addition to the
danger caused by the collapse of the wind plant, plant roots can also damage the heavy

3. Land contours. When your page is flat, while the plants are still small seedlings may not
matter, you can still see all of the visible. However, when the plants grow bigger, which
looks only plants in the front rows only. It is not wonderful, solution by making / adding soil
so that it can be made bumps, ridges, the steps or terraces, garden pieces so you look like a
pyramid, beautiful and writhed. Wooow!!!

4. Irrigation Systems. Even Agro famous gardens overlook this one. Because it was in the
wet, it may be thought necessary only when dry only. But irrigation system functions not
only that: it could save water, remove excess water (the former rice fields), and routine
watering when the plants bear fruit. Today, many systems to choose from, drip system is
one of the best in the world. That could indicate continuity of water influx. My father who
was a genuine plantation (which is also my teacher), never showed me that it drains the
manufacture of up to 3 m more. Garden that had languished, fertile and productive change.
Actually there are many tips that need to be explained as the nature of the plant, public
confidence in the certain fruit crops, ongoing maintenance, and others. Maybe the pictures
below can represent:

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