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Invest in global talent!
Lund University
– one of Europe’s foremost universities
Lund University is consistently ranked          Internationally renowned research       forefront of innovation with its mo-
among the top 10 in continental Europe      is carried out at Lund University in a      dern and dynamic approach. Innova-
and top 100 in the world. We combine        number of fields, for example nanosci-      tion and creativity remain the bedrock
tradition with dynamic development          ence, climate change and stem cell          of Lund University, where learning is
and cutting-edge qualifications. As a       biology, automatic control engineering,     about critical thinking and pushing
comprehensive university, our extensive     physics, chemistry and philosophy. In-      boundaries to reveal new thoughts
activities cover education, research and    dependent external evaluators conclude      and ideas. Ultrasound, dialysis and
innovation in the areas of engineering,     that around 30 of our research areas are    Bluetooth technology are all examp-
science, law, social sciences, economics,   world-class or world-leading!               les of revolutionary discoveries that
medicine, humanities, theology, art,            Steeped in centuries of tradition,      have their roots in research at Lund
music and theatre.                          Lund University has always been at the      University.

We educate the leaders of the future
Our students are the researchers, en-          We are now facing a new challenge
trepreneurs and leaders of the future.      with the introduction of tuition fees
Our almost 350-year history and our         for students from countries outside
reputation of excellence in education       the EU/EEA. Competition for these
and research rest on the fact that we       students is fierce, but we are well
are able to attract the most talented       equipped to compete for the best stu-
students, both nationally and interna-      dents. In order to enable talented and
tionally.                                   highly motivated students to study at
    Lund University was founded in          Lund University, regardless of financial
1666 and is both traditional and            circumstances, we are inviting you to
modern – it has developed into the          invest in talent through scholarships.
most international higher education            Get involved and contribute to
institution in Sweden and has coope-        scholarships at Lund University – it will
ration with partners around the world       give the best students the opportunity
and an international character to both      to flourish in a global and complex
education and research. Internationa-       society!
lisation is one of the key issues in Lund             Per eriksson, Vice-chancellor
University’s strategic plan.                    & eVa Åkesson, Pro Vice-chancellor
Global exchanges and collaboration
Lund University has collaborative agreements with over 600 uni-
versities in 50 countries and boasts the best exchange programme
in Sweden. Lund University is a member of a number of prestigious
worldwide networks such as the League of European Research
Universities (LERU) and Universitas 21. With a strong international
profile, Lund University offers a rich and diverse student and acade-
mic body where you can meet people from all over the world.

Master’s programmes at Lund University                                  Meet Xinyi Jiang
Lund University offers a wide selection of Master’s programmes,         from Shanghai
of which around 80 are given in English. The Master’s program-
mes at Lund University offer an interdisciplinary environment in        Xinyi comes from Shanghai and stu-
multicultural surroundings with exceptional academic expertise. All     died languages and literature at her
education has close links to current research and many courses are      home university. She grew up with
completely unique. International programmes give students good          a positive image of Scandinavia and
opportunities to build a global network of professional contacts        chose to come here for her Master’s
and establish local contacts in Sweden. The global classroom also       degree.
enriches the swedish students.                                              Within the framework of the
                                                                        Master of Applied Cultural Ana-
                                                                        lysis, Xinyi has undertaken a work
                                                                        placement and project at VA SYD,
                                                                        which is responsible for waste
                                                                        management in the Malmö area.
                                                                        Households were not recycling

Invest in talent!
                                                                        sufficiently, so Xinyi and a fellow
                                                                        student investigated household re-
                                                                        cycling and conducted observations
                                                                        and interviews. The result was a
                                                                        development programme for better
Support our Global Scholarship Fund                                     recycling, with proposals for how
                                                                        VA SYD could get householders to
By giving a gift to the Lund University Scholarship Fund you help       sort their waste correctly. The pro-
us to attract and foster talent. Above all, you make a life-chan-       ject has already led to changes.
ging contribution to an international student. The scholarship              Studies in Lund changed Xinyi’s
                                                                        life. She sees her time at Lund
fund will be used to pay the scholarship holders’ tuition fees,
                                                                        University as being of decisive
partly or wholly. The tuition fee for a Master’s student is on          importance to her. She has met fan-
average SEK 125 000. The Master’s programmes are two years              tastic students and lecturers, gained
long. There are many different ways you can contribute.                 new opportunities and greater self-
   All contributions, large or small, are welcome!                      confidence, and she now knows ex-
                                                                        actly what she wants to work with
   As a donor you can choose to have your scholarship named
                                                                        in her career. Soon Xinyi will be go-
after you, for example “the NN Global Scholarship at Lund               ing back home to Shanghai and she
University”. Your scholarship could also be combined with               already has a job in cultural analysis
mutual knowledge exchange in the form of a work placement               waiting for her. Cultural analysis is a
or mentorship. As a donor you also become a member of the               relatively new area of work and Xi-
                                                                        nyi wants to pass on her knowledge
exclusive Thanks For Giving network at Lund University. And of
                                                                        to others in China. Cultural analysis
course you get the gratitude of a talented student.                     can be applied to private finance,
                                                                        fast food, the exercise of authority
Contact Fundraising                                                     – anything, says Xinyi.

• Ulrika Nilsson
  +46 46 222 34 39,                         Create opportunities
• Helena Perhag                                                         and open the world to
  +46 46 222 30 68,                          more students like Xinyi!
• Lund University, Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden                                 Invest in talent!
                                              “i want to start my own
                                              biotech consulting firm in india”

                                              Venkatachalam nacayanan, india
                                              It was a former course-mate from
                                              Madras who inspired Venkatachalam to
                                              apply to Lund.
                                                  “I did some research and realised that   “i am very impressed
”everything works so well here”               Lund University, besides having a high       with the lecturers in lund”
                                              international ranking, was also at the
artur iskandaryan, armenia                    forefront in biotech research. This was      Marissa Frayer, Usa
Just over a year ago, Artur Iskandaryan       the crucial factor that made me apply.”      Marissa Frayer already had a degree in
had never left Armenia, except to go to           After a year on the Master’s pro-        Journalism behind her when she landed
Russia. Coming to Lund was a pleasant         gramme in Biotechnology, Venkatacha-         in Sweden to study Visual Culture.
surprise.                                     lam says that he has developed and               “I had worked as a journalist for a
   “Everything works so well here. You        learnt a tremendous amount. In his           few years and wanted to deepen my
can cycle everywhere and, if you want         view, one very positive aspect of the        knowledge of visual communication,
to travel a longer distance, public trans-    programme in Lund is the close coope-        with the aim of working with art and
port functions perfectly.                     ration with industry.                        design in some capacity in the future.
   Artur’s decision to study in Sweden            ”When we study a subject, our lectu-     The Visual Culture programme appealed
was entirely down to Lund University’s        rers always use examples from industry.      to me because it was so broad and inter-
high international ranking and the fact       This means that the students get a clear     disciplinary. I found a similar programme
that it is an old, traditional institution.   link between theory and practice.”           in New York but it just wasn’t as good.”
   “I had read about the University’s             Two modules were taught exclusively          Marissa is impressed by the
research in a number of international         by lecturers from industry.                  programme’s breadth and international
journals and was impressed by what                “In the future I want to start my own    perspectives. She thinks it is good that
was published”, he says.                      consulting firm, so these experiences        emphasis is placed on analysing, formu-
   His choice to study the Master of          mean a lot for me.”                          lating one’s own ideas in writing and
Science in Economic Growth, Innovation            When the time came for the summer        arguing one’s own position.
and Spatial Dynamics was clear.                                                                “You really learn to think critically

                                                                                                                                       Produktion: Fundraising, Lund University. Photography: Kennet Ruona, Charlotte Carlberg Bärg. Print: Holmbergs tryckeri, 500 copies.
                                              vacation Venkatachalam was recruited
   “There are not many universities of-       by a professor to a project that is deve-    and analytically. And I am very impres-
fering this type of programme that are        loping functional foods.                     sed by the lecturers. In the US I met
also on the cutting edge when it comes            “I work in the lab, developing cho-      lecturers who were not very keen on
to research. I want to improve my know-       lesterol reducing fibre from agricultural    teaching and would rather spend all
ledge so that in the long term I can          waste. The project is a collaboration        their time on their own research. Here
contribute to my country’s economic           between the University and industry and      the lecturers are so passionate about
development. My studies here prepare          has been a fantastic opportunity for me      their subjects and passing on their
me for this.”                                 to learn something new.”                     knowledge.”

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