What People Undergoing Hepatitis C Treatment Should Be Wary About by karmenbrine


									           Precautions One Should Take While Under Hepatitis C Treatment

                                                  If you happen to be undergoing treatment for
                                                 hepatitis C, there are a number of things you should
                                                 be careful about. Basically, we are dealing here with
                                                 a condition that affects the liver. Perhaps you're
                                                 familiar only with Hepatitis A and B. Then came the
                                                 problem of identifying a certain type of hepatitis. It
                                                 does not fall in any of the A or B categories. This was
                                                 for some time known as non-A non-B hepatitis,
                                                 before the identification was made of hepatitis C as
                                                 an illness in its own right. Much as it is an illness of
the liver, its symptoms tend to be systemic (affecting the whole body) - which is understandable,
given the crucial role of the liver in the body. When we talk about Hepatitis C we are referring to
the HCV or the Hepatitis C virus affecting the liver. That means treating this condition would entail
the use of anti-viral means. Whatever treatment has been chosen, it is still important to observe a
few precautions.

Firstly, people undergoing hepatitis C treatment are advised to avoid alcohol completely. For the
people in question to have been put on treatment for hepatitis C, they must be folks who have
been properly diagnosed with the condition. Steering clear of alcohol is something that patients
who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C are advised about. Alcohol will be doing no favors for a
liver that is already faulty. Medication for hepatitis C also tends to be very potent that they would
also have some effect on the liver itself. Drinking alcohol will actually only make things worse
instead of cure you.

Secondly, people who are undergoing treatment for hepatitis C are advised to avoid other medical
drugs that are known to be (particularly) taxing on the liver. That is why, during your hepatitis C
treatment, you should mention this fact in relation to various prescriptions. The objective is to
avoid overtaxing an already burdened and ill liver.

The third precaution would require your cooperation with your physician. Drink your medication
according to the prescription. Viruses can be quite stubborn and persistent, and your goal is to
eliminate them.
Being prepared is a good thing, so it is best if the patient would expect to experience some
symptoms of the flu during their hepatitis C treatment. As far as side effects go, the medications
for hepatitis C often make the patients feel as though they are having the flu.

Emotional outbursts and difficulties are also commonplace among those who are being treated for
hepatitis C. It has been observed that as many as 30 percent of the people who take the strong
antiviral drugs prescribed for hepatitis C experience emotional problems. Now one is better
equipped to handle these emotional problems if he or she has fore-knowledge that they may
occur. Of course, not all emotional problems occurring during the period of time when a person
undergoes this treatment may be attributable to the medications being taken. If the condition
worsened after you started taking the new medicine, it would be safe to assume that the drugs
were the cause.

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