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Admission Requirements:
Completion of first-year requirements including either Anthropology 1020E, OR Anthropology 1025F/G and
one of Anthropology 1026F/G or 1027A/B, with a mark of at least 60% in each.

Module – 5.0 Courses:
          1.0 course in Anthropology at the 2000 - 2200 level.
          1.0 course in Anthropology at the 3000 level or above.
          3.0 courses in Anthropology at the 2100 level or above.

At least 1.0 course in two of the major subfields of Anthropology listed below is required:
                                                BIOARCHAEOLOGY COURSES:
2100       Archaeology and World Prehistory              3309F/G Hunting and Gathering Societies
2226A/B    Biological Anthropology                       3310A/B Zooarchaeology
2229F/G    Principles of Archaeology                     3311F/G Bioarchaeology: Practice & Theory
2230F/G    Arctic Archaeology                            3312F/G Historical Archaeology – Interpreting the Recent Past
2231F/G    Archaeology of North America                  3320    Archaeological Summer Field School
2233F/G    Archaeology of Ontario and the Great Lakes    3334F/G Primate and Human Paleontology
2234F/G    Andean Prehistory                             3336F/G Topics in Human Evolution
2235A/B    Individuation in Forensic Science             3338F/G Skeletal Biology
2236A/B    Human Aging: Bioanthropological Perspectives  3340F/G Biomedical Anthropology & Evolutionary Medicine
2264F/G    Issues in Primate Conservation                3341F/G Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
2265F/G    Primate Behavior                              3342A/B Bioarchaeological Genetics
3307A      Field Methods in Archaeology                  4420A/B Introduction to Paleoepidemiology
3308F/G    Debates in Archaeology

                                               LINGUISTIC COURSES:
2243F/G Applied Linguistics                               2250F/G Verbal Art, Performance and Speech Play
2245F/G Topics in Language and Culture                    3237A/B Field Techniques in Linguistics
2246F/G Anthropology of Reading and Writing               3335F/G Historical Linguistics
2247A/B Phonological Analysis                             3337F/G Topics in Language and Society
2248A/B Introduction to Syntax and Semantics              4412F/G Language and Power
2249F/G Discourse Analysis and Linguistic Pragmatics

                                                   SOCIOCULTURAL COURSES:
2112       Iroquoian Language and Culture                   2262F/G The Production & Consumption of Global Commodities
2201F/G    Urban Thinking: Explorations of Towns & Cities   2272 F/G Anthropology of Tourism
2202F/G    Queer Lives: Cultures of Sex, Sexuality & Desire 2280 F/G Economic Anthropology
2203F/G    Indigenous Peoples, Globalization, and           2281F/G Anthropology of Development
            the Environment                                 2282F/G The Anthropology of Migration
2211F/G    Cultures of the Caribbean                        2283F/G Refugees and the Displaced
2212F/G    Cultures of the Pacific                          2290F/G Plagues and Peoples
2214F/G    Cultures of Native North America                 3266F/G Anthropology of Space and Place
2216F/G    Cultures of Latin America                        3301E    Concepts of Society and Culture
2217F/G    First Nations Traditional Cultures of Canada     3302F/G Anthropology’s Intellectual & Institutional Histories
2218F/G    Contemporary First Nations Issues in Canada      3305F/G History, Territory & the Politics of Identity
2219F/G    Cultures of the Middle East                      3306F/G Ethnohistorical Research in Anthropology
2220E      Iroquoian Perspective and Tradition              3317F/G Cultural Structures of First Nations Imagination
2222F/G    The Foundations of Anthropology                  3322     Field Course in Environmental Anthropology
2224F/G    Anthropology of Religion                         3332F/G Sociocultural Perspectives on the Lifecourse
2255E      Feminist Perspectives in Anthropology            4400E    Anthropological Thought
2260F/G    “Nature” in the City                             4402F/G Indigenous Cultures and Globalization

                                        SPECIAL TOPICS & READING COURSES:
2227E    Special Topics in Anthropology               3326F/G Special Topics in Anthropology
2228F/G Special Topics in Anthropology                3327E    Special Topics in Anthropology
2240E-2242E Special Topics in Anthropology            3369F/G Advanced Special Topics in Environment and Culture
2269F/G Special Topics in Environment and Culture     3389F/G Advanced Special Topics in Refugee & Migrant Studies
2289F/G Special Topics in Refugee & Migrant Studies   4430F/G Supervised Readings/Research in Anthropology
3325F/G Readings in Anthropology                      4431F/G Advanced Special Topics in Anthropology

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