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					  Welcome to the Cystic Fibrosis
Patient Assistance Resource Library

      The PARL is a full access online
    resource to providers, patients, care
    givers and other health care entities.
  The Library’s Purpose

The library is an online resource for the
 CF community for letters of medical
 necessity, journal documents, white
    papers and links to other online
  resources needed to ensure the best
              possible care.
             Library’s Function.
• Post current third-party prior authorization and appeal forms,
medical necessity criteria, and medical policy/local coverage
determinations pertaining to key CF specialty drugs

• Contact care centers to review library, determine needs for
additional resources, and obtain resources for the PARL that may
be useful to other centers and CF community.

• Obtain legislative updates from CFF Advocacy and Public Affairs
Department and post on the Library to keep patients and care givers
updated on changes that could impact their care.
    This will take you to the list of the access programs
               offered by the CF Foundation.
On this page we have listed all of the   As you can see The CF Foundation offers
available programs                       many programs to assist the CF
CF Patient Assistance Foundation
As a non-profit subsidiary of the CF Foundation, the CFPAF helps people with CF afford
the medications and devices they need to manage their disease. The CFPAF offers the only
national patient-assistance program designed specifically for the CF community.

CF Services Pharmacy
The only full-service pharmacy that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CF Foundation
and specializes in CF medications, patient advocacy and reimbursement support.

CF Legal Information Hotline
Sponsored by the CF Foundation, the CF Legal Information Hotline provides free
information about the laws that protect the rights of individuals with CF.

Patient Assistance Resource Library
An online database that provides documents, template letters and other tools for people
with CF, caregivers and insurers.
The Mutation Analysis Program (MAP)
To help people with CF and families make informed decisions about treatment options,
MAP provides free and confidential genetic testing to patients with a confirmed
diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. The program is available to people who have not yet had
genetic testing to determine their CF mutations or who have been tested previously but
still have one or more unknown mutations. To learn more about MAP, talk with your
CF doctor or care center. Providers or care centers may contact MAP directly at 1-888-
315-4154, option 2,

Advocacy and Public Policy
The CF Foundation represents the CF community at all levels of government to ensure
that people with the disease have access to the care and treatment they need to help
them live longer and healthier lives.
  After clicking on the Patient Assistance Resource
Library link, you will be redirected to this page. Click
      on the “Search Library” to enter the site.
From the Home page of the Library you will be able to
           search key words or phrases.
You can also refine your search by selecting the Refine
                    Search button.
  Utilizing a general search for Cayston, you will be
shown every item in the PARL that references Cayston.
In this search for ‘Letters’ you will be shown every
available letter in addition to insurance check lists.
Since this site is available to the general public, we have
 provided an extensive glossary of terms related to CF.
Do you have questions or suggestions? We will respond
      to all inquiries within two business days.
The ‘Online Resources’ allows you to link directly into
          other commonly used web sites.
The ‘How To’ tab generated the most searched and
           downloaded documents.

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