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Naturally Exotic Reptile Show and Sale

        Bonnyville Centennial Centre

               4313 50th Ave
               Bonnyville, AB

            August 11 – 12, 2012

 Vendor Handbook
Welcome Note

Welcome to the 2012 Naturally Exotic reptile show and sale!

Please take some time to review the following pages. With last year’s success I have decided to
put the show on again. 2011 saw 1463 tickets sold / given away on the radio stations (ages 5
and up, 4 and under had free admission). This year I will attempt to attract an additional 500
people. Last year we had a small problem with security. The building the show is held in is a
multi use facility that includes a gym, restaurant, college, hockey rinks, climbing wall etc. As
such the building is open beyond the hours of the show. To deal with this issue I will be hiring a
security guard to watch the venue during those hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The venue
is also equipped with a surveillance camera. On a side note I have been told by vendors that
the poutine at the concession is amazing.

Any questions may be directed to Joseph anytime; I can be reached on my cell phone at (780)
545-8390 or by email (joseph@naturallyexotic.ca).

I have organized a few special things for you, the vendors this year. I want you to know that I
appreciate the fact that without vendors and people with display tables, we would have no
show, and this is a small token of my thanks.

Offered this year –
    A draw for a 1 night stay at the Neighbourhood Inn and 2 free tables for the 2013 show
       for a vendor.
    2 Secondary prizes of 2 free tables at our 2013 show
    Coffee and water will be available all day behind the curtain; donuts will be available
       first thing Saturday and Sunday morning, please help yourself.
    Lodging special pricing. Neighbourhood Inn, $100/night includes great buffet breakfast
       in the hotel’s restaurant. *Note that this is the only local hotel that allows pets of any
    Catered dinner on Saturday night at the Neighbourhood Inn. Cocktails start at 6:30pm,
       dinner at 7:00pm.

If you have not yet paid for your table, please do so as soon as possible to ensure you get your

When you arrive, there will be a table labeled with your name. You will also receive a vendor
pass. Please keep the pass with you at all times. If you require access to the venue after the
doors have closed but before the facility closes you will need your pass to gain access, ie forgot
an animal or a piece of clothing.

The draw will take place Sunday at 3:45pm.
I hope that the weekend is a great one for you and look forward to seeing you there!

Google Map

Points of interest on the Map
       B: Bonnyville Centennial Center
       C: Best Western Hotel / Tim Horton’s
       D: Neighbourhood Inn / Sandpiper Restaurant
       E: Western Budget / The Broiler
       F: Days Inn
       G: Century Steakhouse and Grill
       H: Green Oasis Restaurant

      I am advertising across 5 radio stations, a 20x10 billboard, community calendars, and
anywhere I can place a poster. There will also be a 20’ banner spanning main street and
sandwich board signs placed strategically around town.

Bonnyville is located 3 hours north-east of the Edmonton international airport on hwy 28.

       Tables are 6 feet long and $20 each.

        Booking your tables can either be done in person, through email, or over the phone with
Joseph Elliott. Payments can be made by cash, money order, email money transfer, or cheque.
If paying by cheque, please write the cheque payable to Joseph Elliott.

         Also, please ensure that you are prepared to attend both days of the show. Missing one
day, breaks up the flow, and leaves gaps in the room that I want to avoid. If you can only make
it for one day please inform me when you book so that I can make the necessary arrangements.

       Please put the types of animals you will vend in the space provided in the Vendor
Application. A generalization only is needed. This is to allow me to spread the vendors out and
prevent a large massing of one type of animal in one area.

       Please send your payment, except cash, along with your application to:

               Joseph Elliott
               Box 658
               Glendon, Alberta
               T0A 1P0

If you prefer to email the application back, and for email money transfer please use:

For any other inquiries feel free to call me at 780-545-8390 (cell) or 780-635-2216 (home).
Weekend Overview
Friday, July 27
4:00pm          Table set-up
6:00pm          Vendor set-up
9:00pm          Doors close. No access

Saturday, July 28
8:00am          Vendor access / set-up
9:45am          Vendors must be set up. Health checks prepared.
10:00am         Doors open (Public Access)
5:00pm          Doors close (Vendor Access Only)
9:00pm          No access (Executive Access Only)

Sunday, July 29
9:30am            Vendor Access
10:00am           Vendors must be set up / Doors open (Public Access)
3:45pm            Door prizes etc Draw
4:00pm            Doors close Vendor Access Only
7:00pm            Venue closed

Friday's setup will provide vendors with 6’ x 24” tables, linens, and two chairs per station.
Vendors are required to ensure they have the assistance they need to load and unload all of
their wares. Carts are available to us to move wares. Please be sure your table is set up 15
minutes prior to the doors opening on Saturday morning.

Heath checks will be performed by appointed volunteers. If animals do not pass health checks,
you will be required to remove them from the venue immediately. If there are any
disagreements in regards to decisions made, Joseph Elliott will make a final decision. If you
bring animals in after the health checks have been performed, please inform one of the health
check volunteers so they may do the required check.

At 9:45am the back doors to the hall will be closed for security purposes. All vendors who
smoke are required to use the public entrance. Doors may be open during the event to help
with ventilation, but this does not mean it will be accessible. If you require use of the back
doors, please let me know. This show is yours, too, and we all want to ensure the safety and
security of all the product, animals and people in the hall.

Doors will be locked overnight with no access to the venue, but power will continue to be
provided. After the doors close at 4pm on Sunday you may begin packing up. The loading doors
will be opened at this time. Please do not start packing up before the official "end" to retain a
professional appearance and enjoy some last minute sales from last minute public (and other
Vendor Registration Form

Contact Information

Contact name(s)

Street Address

City, Prov., Postal Code

Home Phone

E-Mail Address


Show Information

Table costs are $20 each. All animals must be legally possessed and securely displayed and are
subject to approval by show promoters. There will be a health check of all animals and any sick
animals will be asked to be removed from the show. If you have any questions you can contact
Joseph Elliott at 780-545-8390.

Number of Tables
Types of Animals

Other comments or requests
(table location, etc).

Person to Notify in Case of Emergency
Phone Number

Thank you for completing this registration form and for your interest in vending at our show!

By signing below, it is confirmed that you have read and agree to follow the guidelines as set out by the
Rules of Etiquette provided, on this date, the _____ of ____________, 20____.
                                              (Day          (Month)        (Year)

_______________________________                           _______________________________
               (Print name)                                               (Signed)
Rules of Etiquette:

   1. In order to allow for greater variety at the show I have decided to allow wild caught
      animals as long as they are clearly marked and when sold the vendor must ensure that the
      buyer is aware of the possible risks associated with wild caught animals. There will still
      be an inspection of the animals and any that look sick will be removed from public site
      immediately. All animals must be labeled wild-caught (WC), captive-hatched (CH) or
      captive-bred (CB). NO EXCEPTIONS!

   2. Ensure that all animals that are displayed or sold are healthy and free from ticks, mites or
      any other parasites. These parasites can easily be transferred to other members' animals,
      especially when members of the public may be handling many different animals
      throughout the day. If an infected animal is found, for the safety of all the animals, the
      animals will be required to leave the show immediately. In this way, we are able to
      control any transfer of parasites or other infectious diseases. As an exhibitor, if you notice
      an infected animal, please let one of the executive members know.

   3. Under no circumstances will the sale of iguanas be permitted at the show.

   4. Fish and Wildlife Permits must accompany any display animals restricted within the
      province of Alberta. It is the responsibility of the vendor to familiarize themselves with
      the Alberta Fish and Wildlife restricted list. It can be found at the following location:

   5. Please make sure you bring an enclosure that is a suitable size for your animal to be on
      display. It does not have to be the regular enclosure the animal resides in, however does
      need to be comfortable enough for the animal to be viewed by the public and kept in for
      the duration of the show.

   6. No unregistered participants will be allowed to exhibit or sell animals at the show. Only
      exhibitors registered with the show are allowed to have reptiles in the venue. For the
      safety of our animals, the general public will not be allowed to bring outside animals in.
      If you notice that any outside animals have made it past the front door, please let one of
      the executive know immediately.

   7. If you are selling frozen feeder animals (mice, rats, rabbits, etc.) at the show, they are to
      be placed in non transparent bags (like grocery store bags) so as not to offend members of
      the public. Live feeder animals (e.g. crickets) must be pre-packaged prior to the show to
      prevent any escapees in the venue. Remember that there will be no live feeding of
      mammals (e.g. mice, hamsters) during the show. Ensure all animals are fed prior to the
      show, and given enough time to digest properly. If you need to provide food at some
      point then do so, but please watch closely for escapees.
   8. To help the show get off to a good start and run smoothly, we would ask exhibitors to
      have their display in place by 9:45 a.m. on the Saturday and Sunday.

   9. Please ensure that any animals sold are accompanied by your contact information in the
      case of health concerns or general questions after the show.

   10. Get along with your neighbours. Please attempt to settle disputes quietly and quickly
       between yourselves. Failing this, if moderation is needed, please find a member of the
       executive to help solve the dispute.

   11. Please do not begin to pack up until the show is over, which is Sunday at 4:00 pm.

   12. Please clean up after yourselves. The volunteers are there to help with table setup/take
       down, not garbage duty. Play your part and dispose of garbage, bottles and cans
       appropriately. Taking the extra step and folding your table to be put away will probably
       be well appreciated by the volunteers and executive, as well.

   13. Contain your animals well. Ensure all enclosures are secure to decrease the possibilities
       of animals escaping.

   14. Keep in mind that not all members of the public are aware of the behavioural patterns of
       the animals you are showing. If you have an animal with aggressive tendencies, try to
       keep the animal in its enclosure for public safety.

   15. Children are welcome at the show, but please keep them with you. Dogs are welcome at
       the show behind your table in a kennel.

If you have any questions before, during or after the show, please contact Joseph Elliott @

Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the show.
Exhibitor’s Display Checklist
When displaying, you should bring all that is needed to keep your pet happy and content for
the duration of the show. This may include basic items such as a cage, heat source, hide box,
and water. Most reptiles and some amphibians require an external heat source for their
enclosure. Typically, a light or under tank heating pad provides this heat. Since we have so
many people displaying, there is a large demand for electrical connections, be sure to bring
extension cords and a power bar.

Here is a list of what you should bring - feel free to add any items that are specific to your
display and your animal at the bottom of the list.

-Display cage
-Heat source
-Extension Cords and power bar
-de-chlorinated Water - water bowl or spray bottle
-Light source and extra bulb
-Paper towels (for quick clean ups)
-Hand Sanitizer
-Snake bags (if you are bringing snakes)
-Food for your animal (we would ask that no mammals be fed to your animals at the show so as
not to upset the public)

A note about transporting your animals
When transporting your reptiles/amphibians, you will want to ensure that they are not exposed
to extreme changes in temperature and that they are physically protected. Coolers and
Styrofoam boxes make excellent choices for transport containers. Glass aquariums are not a
good choice for a transport container; consider what would happen to your dearly loved pet if
the aquarium were dropped. If your animal is one that appreciates the warmth, you can place a
hot water bottle (or pop bottle filled with hot water) into your container. Just make sure that
this heat source cannot roll around and hurt your animal.

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