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					Sample Press Release #3 – Focus: Call for Award Nominations


Individuals to be honored during Volunteer Week, April XX-XX, 20XX

Do you know someone who gives selflessly of his other time, energy and ideas? It could be your
child’s baseball coach, the chair of your community hospital board, your next door neighbour
who delivers meals to shut-ins, a volunteer firefighter, a Big Brother. It might be a colleague at
work who collects the United Way donations, organizes the Cut for the Cure for Cancer event, or
runs in a fundraising marathon. Maybe it’s someone in your family – your mother, spouse or
child. Whoever it is, they deserve recognition.

(Organization) is calling for nominations of deserving volunteers to be honoured by the
community during National Volunteer Week, April XX-XX, 20XX. There are two main
categories of awards: Volunteer of the Year Awards (or alternate name, e.g. Barrhead uses
“Rising Stars”) and Leaders of Tomorrow Awards for children and youth. Under each main
category, there are sub-categories such as arts, sport, lifetime achievement, etc.

The winners will receive their awards at the Volunteer Appreciation Night to be held
(day/date/time) at (place). Admission to the event is free OR Tickets to the event may be
purchased by calling //// or at //////.

Volunteers can be nominated by individuals or organizations. Nomination forms can be obtained
by calling /////, at ///// or on the website at //////. Deadline for nominations is (date).

Other ways (community) plans to recognize its VIVs (Very Important Volunteers) are (specify
other activities – appreciation breakfast or tea, Captain Volunteer and candygrams, wall of fame,
names in newspaper or newsletter, etc.)

(Community’s) Volunteer Week initiative is being organized by (your organization) with support
from Volunteer Alberta and the Government of Alberta. There are 150 Alberta communities
participating in Volunteer Week 20XX, an event designed to recognize the many people who
donate their time and energy to the community. For further information, contact (name, position,
organization & telephone number).

Media Contact:
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Committee or organization
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