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									Video Transcript for Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Identifier 58685

TV Satellite File No. 090, 1985

General William Westmoreland: I consider that I’ve won.

Van Gordon Sauter: In our opinion, we stand by the broadcast and the content of that broadcast and
retract nothing from it.

Paul Anthony: Eighteen weeks after the libel suit began, the case against the CBS News documentary
The Uncounted Enemy, winds up with an uncounted jury. General Westmoreland drops his charges in
an out-of-court settlement.

Mary Westlake: I just love it. I could hardly sleep last night for thinking about today.

Paul Anthony: Engine 614 has made a comeback on a run through the mountains of West Virginia. It’s
part of an experiment to see whether the old iron horse, coupled to a new high-tech engine, can derail
the diesel and cut fuel costs at the same time.

And in its heyday this street in Memphis, Tennessee was a major thoroughfare of the segregated south:
a roistering, boisterous avenue of blues, bars, bordellos, and clubs. Later we’ll visit Beale Street and the
rebirth of the blues.

Paul Anthony: Hello, I’m Paul Anthony in Washington. We’ll have those stories and more today on
Satellite File: An American Looking Glass.

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Also ahead today, a report on a milestone in the U.S. Civil Rights […]

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