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									    Jennifer Barkley
    EDT 6005
    November 6, 2011
    For this assignment: Candidates will design a multimedia computer based instruction using
    Google Docs Presentation productivity tools, an instructional plan aligned with content/
    technology/ 21st Century Knowledge/Skills standards.

    Information about Assignment
            The candidate will design and develop a computer-based instruction within Google
    Presentations application. The project will include a lesson plan and assessment activity. The
    candidate will select one of the following types of instructional methods for the computer-
    based instruction: drill and practice, tutorial, game, stimulation, discovery, or problem solving.
    Components of the computer-based instruction will include the following media: hypertext and
    hyperlinks, and multimedia (images, video, audio/sound).

    Information: Designing the Instructional Activity
            The computer-base instruction should include approximately 15 slides (The number of
    slides will be determined by the topic, the number of choices you provide the students, and
    the length of the topic to be addressed in the instruction.) Include in the computer-based
    instruction, hypertext links that allow students to self-assess prior to choosing the topic they
    need to study and a formative assessment that shows evidence of what students have
    learned. Pages need to include hypertext, hypermedia, and links that allow students to obtain
    information in a non-linear way.

    Criteria for the Project

   Instruction in a presentation productivity tool: Google Presentations

   Approximately 15 slides that allows “ learner control”

   Hypertext links/ hypermedia links

   All types of media: Audio ( sound), visuals, pictures, graphics, video (Easy to insert YouTube

   Instructional Plan (See below)

Yo You will share your lesson plan and presentation with the instructor on Google Docs,

   Instruction must be published to the Wiki at the end of the Block (This will be part of the Wiki
Jennifer Barkley
EDT 6005
November 6, 2011
Instructional Template:

               The template will be used as a template for instructional plans.
Topic of Unit/Lesson: Math strategies: Fact Families and Number Lines

Student profile: 2 classes
   - 20 students, 1 504 plan (redirecting, extended time), 6 Tier 2/Tier 3 students (need
      problems read to them)
   - 20 students, 4 Tier 2 students (may need problems read to them)

Type of Computer-based instruction and Differentiated Strategies(for Multimedia instruction,
only) :
   - Do not have a smartboard or electronic presenter. Must adapt presentation to use on
        overhead and show some parts (videos) on team ipad.

State Standards (Learning goals and objectives)
   -   2.NBT.5. Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties
       of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.
   -   2.MD.6. Represent whole numbers as lengths from 0 on a number line diagram with equally
       spaced points corresponding to the numbers 0, 1, 2, ..., and represent whole-number sums and
       differences within 100 on a number line diagram.

Identify the Assessment Strategies:
     Self-Assessment for Students- Use whiteboards to check with partner at table as go
         throughout lesson.
     Pre-assessment (Diagnostic/Formative)- Paper and pencil worksheet on number lines
         and fact families.
     Post-Assessment (Formative/Summative)- Paper and pencil worksheet on number lines
         and fact families. More in depth.

Summary of the Topic/ Main Idea/ Essential Questions :
   1. How can you use a number line to solve addition and subtraction problems?
   2. How are addition and subtraction related?

Identify instructional strategies and methods that will encourage learner participation. (The
rubric required you to describe how the lesson will begins, the end of the lesson, and major
Jennifer Barkley
EDT 6005
November 6, 2011
Activating strategy- Put problem on board and ask students to use the number line (will pass
out to them) to solve with a partner. Then show work using a whiteboard. We will discuss
strategies they used.
Instruction- Day 1- Pre-Assessment. Present presentation, first on number lines and
demonstrate how use. Students use laminated number lines to practice. Then draw their
Day 2- Continue practice with number line.
Day 3- Present presentation on fact families. Work with a partner, given 3 numbers and write
the fact family. Show using a picture for each equation.
Day 4- Continue practice with fact families.
Day 5- Post Assessment.

Reflection: What did I learn?
Google Docs is a great way to make assignments and presentations. It’s especially helpful
because if you go between work and home, you can easily edit it wherever. I found that it
would sometimes be slow adding information while it saved changes, but it would shortly
resume. I would worry though that it would freeze or not save it correctly. I used several
multimedia sources in my presentation and found it very easy to add all of them. I used a tablet
to draw number lines on Paint, then add it into the presentation. Adding videos was especially
easy, as well, as you can just type in what you want and add it quickly. Hyperlinks were easy as
well, using the link to put the web address and text to be shown. I did wish there were more
option in terms of font, colors, etc. Being used to Power Point, I wanted to add clip art or
borders, etc. It was harder to make it “pretty” using just the basics. Overall, I thought it was a
really neat way to show a presentation and have students view it from home or wherever.


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Jennifer Barkley
EDT 6005
November 6, 2011
Jennifer Barkley
EDT 6005
November 6, 2011
Jennifer Barkley
EDT 6005
November 6, 2011

   SCORING         UNSATISFACTORY               EMERGING                  BASIC               PROFICIENT                DISTINGUISHED
                              1                         2                     3                        4                          5
Summary of         The lesson summary is      The lesson           The lesson summary       The lesson summary       The lesson summary is
Lesson             not explained              summary is poorly    is explained (basic      is explained. The        thoroughly explained. The
                   adequately. The            explained            information is           explanation includes     explanation includes a
                   explanation is not         (important           missing). The            an adequate              thorough description of
                   supported by the goals,    information is       explanation includes     description of how       how the goals, enduring
                   enduring                   missing). The        an adequate              the goals, enduring      understandings, and/or the
                   understandings, and/or     explanation is not   description of how       understandings,          essential questions are
                   the essential questions.   supported by the     the goals, enduring      and/or the essential     related.
                   There is no support for    goals, enduring      understandings,          questions are related.
                   how these items relate.    understandings,      and/or the essential     The reader needs
                                              and/or the           questions are related.   more information.
                                              questions. There
                                              is no support for
                                              how these items
Jennifer Barkley
EDT 6005
November 6, 2011
 Creativity      Project is incomplete        Project is           Product has basic        Project has new          Project has exciting
                 and poorly designed          completed but        ideas that show the      (original) and           (original) and imaginative
                 showing that the             poorly designed      candidate has the        feasible ideas that      ideas that demonstrate the
                 candidate lacks              showing that the     ability to finish the    demonstrate the          candidate has the ability to
                 inspiration and              candidate lacks      production of an idea.   candidate has the        implement envisioned
                 struggled with using         inspiration and      Candidate shows          ability to produce       ideas (innovation).
                 digital technologies to      struggled with       some hesitancy in        ideas. Candidate         Candidate demonstrates
                 communicate.                 using digital        using technologies to    shows fluency in         fluency in using
                 (Does not Include:           technologies to      communicate ideas.       using technologies to    technology to
                 action buttons,              communicate.         (Includes some:          communicate ideas        communicate ideas.
                 embedded YouTube             (Includes few:       action buttons,          (Includes some:          (Include: action buttons,
                 video, hyperlink,            action buttons,      embedded YouTube         action buttons,          embedded YouTube
                 graphics)                    embedded             video, hyperlink,        embedded                 video, hyperlink,
                                              YouTube video,       graphics)                YouTube video,           graphics)
                                              hyperlink,                                    hyperlink,
                                              graphics)                                     graphics)
Content            Content is minimal         The content is       The content is basic     The content is clear     The content is precise,
                   and there are several      basic knowledge.     knowledge. Video         concise knowledge.       concise, and essential
                   factual errors. The        There are some, 1-   supports/addresses       Video                    knowledge. The project
                   video does not             2, factual errors.   diverse learning         supports/addresses       supports/addresses diverse
                   support/address            Video                styles. Information is   diverse learning         learning styles.
                   diverse learning styles.   supports/addresses   not presented in a       styles. Information is   Information is presented in
                                              diverse learning     logical order.           presented in a           a logical order.
                                              styles.                                       logical order.
                                              Information lacks
                                              consistency for
                                              Content is not
                                              presented in a
                                              logical order.
Jennifer Barkley
EDT 6005
November 6, 2011
 Organization/   More that 75% of the   Less than 75% of     84-75% of the words      94-85% of the words     95-100% of words are
 Structure       words are misspelled   the words are        are spelled and          are spelled and         spelled and capitalized
                 The layout is          spelled and/or       capitalized correctly.   capitalized correctly   correctly
                 confusing.             capitalized          Layout of                Layout of               Layout of information
                 Inaappropriate         correctly            organization is          information blocks is   blocks is neat and
                 structure              There is no          evident but thought      neat and somewhat       organized. Thought
                                        organized layout     process is not clear.    organized. Thought      process is clear.
                                        to the information                            process is clear.
                                        and the thought
                                        process is not

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