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									                       CHW 3M Roman Empire Power Point Assignment

In a group of 5, you will research one time period during the Roman Empire. Your group will
provide a PERSIAT-style overview of the time period, using the headings below. Your goal is to
answer the question, “what happened in the Roman Empire during the reign of…?”.


1. Claudius                        4. Hadrian                         7. Constantine
2. Nero                            5. Marcus Aurelius
3. Trajan                          6. Diocletian


1. Historical developments
           Including context (major events, including before, during and after), political
           system and government, such as the emperor’s relations with the Senate, legal

2. Romanization / Pax Romana
          Including foreign relations, conquests, expansion, spread of Roman values to
          conquered territories, army equipment and tactics, citizenship, revolts

3. Infrastructure
            Including development of public works such as roads, bridges, buildings, aqueducts,

4. Hierarchy / Social Relations
           Including religion, relations between classes, gender, free-slave issues,
           developments in daily life, citizenship, education

5. Economics
         Including basis of the economy, coinage, trade, use of slave labour, taxes,
         government economic policies


The group will give a 12 minute power-point presentation. The only things you are allowed to
have on your slides are pictures, descriptive captions, quotations from PSDs and citations. The
slides are to be a visual supports to what is being said orally. The group should start with a
catchy introduction (or hook), and finish with a proper conclusion that draws out the overall
importance or major themes of the time period. Never end with “that’s it.”


Each group will prepare a one-page (one side only) handout in fill-in-the-blanks style.
Audience members will fill it in during your presentation. Each person in the group will write
his or her own section, using the same headings as indicated at the top of this page. Please
supply the teacher with a version of the sheet that has answers on it.

Individual Notes

If you wish to hand in more information on your heading than you were able to provide in the
fill-in-the-blanks sheet, you may have your notes count, provided they are neat and organized.
       Name: ____________________                                  (each student must bring his/her own rubric)

            Rubric for Roman Empire Power Point and Oral Presentation
                             Levels of Achievement
Criteria                     Level 4                  Level 3                     Level 2                      Level 1                 SCORE
Thinking:                    3 detailed, precise      3 specific examples on      Some specific                Points lack specific
                             examples on what         what happened in this       information on what          detail on what
                             happened in this         period of the Roman         happened in this period      happened in this
                             period of the Roman      Empire.                     of the Roman Empire          period of the Roman
                             Empire.                                              (may be more general         Empire.
Directly answers                                                                  than specific).
“what happened to                                     On topic.
the Roman Empire             Sharp, accurate                                                                   Rambling, vague,
during the reign             answer to the                                        Mostly on topic.             broad: doesn’t really
                             question.                                                                         answer the question
of…?”                                                                                                          directly.
                             Relevant to your
                             heading.                                                                          May be off topic (not
Individual                                                                                                     clearly related to
(presentation and                                                                                              your heading).

Communication:               Citations are in         Citations are mostly in     Citations have errors in     Many or major errors
                             correct footnote         proper footnote format.     footnote format and          in footnote format
Citations and
                             format for images and                                usage.                       of citations.
Captions                     information in
                             captions.                Minor format errors
Individual                                            only.                       May be missing a few         No citations = zero.
                             No format or usage                                   citations.                   The assignment will
                             errors.                                                                           NOT be accepted
                                                                                                               without footnotes.

Communication:               Visuals consistently,    Visuals mostly relate to    Visuals have a tenuous       Visuals seem to have
                             effectively and          the content being           relationship to the          no relationship to
                             clearly relate to the    discussed.                  content being discussed.     the content being
                             content being                                        May be repetitive,           discussed.
                             discussed.               Visuals are appropriate.    decorative, off topic.
Individual                                                                                                     Or, there are few
(providing you made          Visuals enhance the                                                               visuals. Or, they are
your own slides)             presentation.                                                                     purely for
                             Slides are organized
                             in a pleasing, easy to                                                            Slides are cluttered,
                             follow manner.                                                                    difficult to follow.

Communication:               Consistently             Generally maintains eye     Inconsistent use of eye      Occasional but
                             maintains eye contact    contact with audience.      contact with audience.       unsustained eye
Eye Contact /
                             with audience.                                                                    contact with
Reliance on Notes                                     Refers to, but does not     Often refers to notes,       audience.
                             Barely (or seamlessly)   rely on, notes, monitor     monitor or screen in
                             refers to notes,         or screen in delivery.      delivery.                    Heavy reliance on
                             monitor or screen in                                                              notes, monitor or
                             delivery.                                                                         screen or reads
Individual                                                                                                     verbatim.

SCORES 4++=100, 4+=94, 4=88, 4-=82, 3+=78, 3=75, 3-=72, 6+=68, 6=65, 6-=62, 5+=58, 5=55, 5-=52, Below 1 = 49-0
Note: Below level 1 does not meet the expectations of this assignment. If a student does not bring this rubric, the teacher will not give a
mark for the oral presentation.
             CHW 3M Hints for Roman Empire Power Point Assignment

Dates in library:
Thurs. Oct. 30, Fri. Oct. 31, Mon. Nov. 3, Tues. Nov. 4

Presentation dates:
Nov. 6, 7, 10.

*Order of presentations is chronological.

*All Power Point discs/CDs/memory sticks and fill-in-the-blanks handouts are due on
the first day of presentations.

Your group must stick to your timeline of max. 12 minutes per group – cut off at 15.

At the bottom of your slides, please include citations in footnote format (without or
without the numbers at the beginning). Footnotes should refer to images and
information. Failure to cite will result in a zero for plagiarism.

Each group will be given some starter materials from A History of the Roman People
and As the Romans Did. These sources DO need to be cited.

Name on slides:
Please put the name of the person who made each slide on the top right.

Take notes in proper format on the Roman Empire PPT Note-Taking Sheet. Keep them
neat and organized if you wish to get credit for them as part of your thinking mark.

Each individual member of the group needs a rubric. If you don’t bring your rubric you
won’t get a mark.

Rome Open Notebook Test
Tues. Nov. 11
      Multiple choice
      What happened in Rome during the
       reign of…
      Was Julius Caesar’s assassination
      Augustus’ ability to balance interests
                  CHW 3M Roman Empire PPT Note-taking Sheet

Name: _______________________ Emperor: ________________ Heading: ________________



Page #    General       Detail, real-life examples                         Idea for
          point (sub-                                                      visual

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