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									Digital Libraries -e553
                             EXERCISE FOR UNIT 07
Title         Digitization
Why?          Within the framework of unit Digitization, the aim is similar to
              the previous exercise, namely, to get some practical experiences
              in digitization and to get you advancing in creation of a Web
              site. Specifically, objectives of the exercise are:
                   to explore some of the digitizing standards and practices,
                     as an example what such standards contain and how they
                     are applied
                   in a broader framework, to explore constructing and
                     uploading your own Web site (which may be a beginning
                     for construction of your digital library)
              As the previous exercise, this exercise will get your “hands
              dirty” with digitization procedures and Web site creation – just
              a bit. As remarked previously, other courses at the School
              provide in depth treatment of these topic.
What?                    1. Get familiar with some of the digitization
                            standards. These are described in a number of
                            sources provided in the Digitization lecture, such
                             Oviatt Library Digital Collections. Digital Collections Scanning
                             Standards http://digital-library.csun.edu/scanning.html
                             or slide show on digital imaging best practices (while at it,
                             explore slideshare – tons of presentations for free):
                          2. If not yet proficient, get familiar with establishing
                             a Web site – uploading on a server - in order to
                             attempt to do your own Web site (if you have not
                             done that yet).
                                     Many of the same tutorials you used for HTML in the
                                     last exercise have also guides how to upload your Web
                                     Many tutorials can be found on the Web, here are
                                     some we already used (but look for publishing part)
                                     and some new ones:
                                     From RUASIST site go to Tech Help:
                                     Also: Rutgers intro on how to create and publish your
                                      Web site, with links to other tutorials:
                                      For more sources you can search the Web with Scirus
Questions? You will do two separate things.
              1. Assume that you want to digitize some primary documents
                 (letters, notes, mementoes, pictures, maps …), to be put in a
                 historical collection – it could be about your family, town,
                 social group (e.g. class…).
                   What digitization standards will you propose or use for a
                   given type of documents?
                   List the type of documents and associated standards for

                2. Take a document that you created in the previous
                   exercise and publish it on eden, or another site you may
                   have access to.
                             - as mentioned, the document is your choice
                             - if you already have a site elsewhere, you can add this
                            document to your site.
             For those of you who have experiences, this will be a total
             breeze, so you can fancy it up. But, if you have difficulties with
             this exercise (i.e. if you never published something on a site)
             give it a try to get some exposure, even if not successful this
                   BTW, you can host your site at your eden account at Rutgers – free.
                   Remember, at eden you will first have to create a directory called
                   public_html and put your HTML document(s) in that directory then
                   anyone who goes to your URL will see your website. Your URL is:
                   To transfer the file from your computer to eden computer you will
                   need secure file transfer software on your computer. Rutgers uses
                   SSH (Secure Shell) – it can be freely downloaded starting from
                   http://www.nbcs.rutgers.edu/ssh/index.php3 and going to
                   http://www.nbcs.rutgers.edu/ssh/ssh.php3 to download Secure Shell
                   and FTP Client 3.2.9 for Windows
                   (For Assistance With Using SSH On Eden Please Contact:   help@eden.rutgers.edu)

             Include Goldilocks evaluation:
                   __This exercise was too easy
                   __This exercise was too hard
__This exercise was just right

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