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Calendar of School Nutrition Program Requirements for RCCIs At A by P83R4KN


									                        Calendar of School Nutrition Program Requirements for RCCI’s
To insure program compliance please distribute a copy of this calendar to each of the staff responsible for
completing the following tasks related to the NSLP/SBP operations. All required records must be retained at the
School Food Authority (SFA) for 3 prior school years plus the current year of operation for audit compliance.
             Information                                     DUE DATE                           Send/File
Annual School Nutrition Contract            June 1 of each year (Actual contract approval       Submit to DPI annually and
Renewal                                     will begin after DPI system roll-over early in      update during the year via on-
(Must be updated each “school year”)        July.)                                              line services; Refer to on-line
                                                                                                instruction manual;
Food Service Management                     June 30 of each year; must be approved              Mail or fax to DPI completed &
Company Contract – New and/or               before school nutrition contract can be             signed document for review and
Renewal                                     approved                                            approval
Annual Financial Report                     August 31 (For prior school year) The October       Submit to DPI via on-line
Side 2 of PI-1409 – Section 5               lunch claim may not be entered on-line until        services
                                            Annual Financial Report data is submitted
Federal October Data (FNS 10)               November 1 – The October lunch claim may            Submit to DPI via on-line
Enrollment and approved free and            not be accepted until the FNS-10 data is            services
reduced students as of the last             submitted on-line
operating day in October
Civil Rights Compliance Self                Complete October 31 (Download from DPI              File form at SFA
Evaluation Form (PI-1441)                   website at:
On-Site Monitoring Documentation            Complete monitoring visit and document results      File completed forms at SFA
(Required only if there is more than        including any follow-up for all sites annually by   (if required); download prototype
one school or meal service site within      February 1                                          on-site monitoring
the SFA as designated on DPI                                                                    documentation form at
Daily Participation Record/Edit             Obtain daily counts and consolidate prior to        File at SFA with monthly claim
Check                                       submitting monthly claim                            materials
Daily Menu Production Records               Record Daily; Documentation required to show        File at SFA.
Records are required by USDA, but no        what is prepared and served for each meal           Required to keep for 3 prior
required standardized format. Prototype     program (daily production plans, standardized       school years plus the current
forms and supporting materials from DPI     recipes, Child Nutrition Labels or Product          school year.
School Nutrition Team available at:         Specifications for food-based menu systems)
Meal Reimbursement Claims                   By 15 of following month                            Submit to DPI via internet
(Claim Form PI – 1409)                      Claim cannot be paid if submitted more than         NOTE: June claim only can be
                                            60 days following the end of claim month. (One      submitted during the same claim
                                            exception may be allowed per program every          month after last meal serving
                                            three years.) See next page for deadlines.          day.
Annual Commodity Order Survey               Enter annually between January 15 and               Submit to DPI annually via on-
(order commodities for the entire           February 15                                         line services
upcoming school year)
Commodity Fair Share/Bonus                  Offered monthly pending availability                Submit to DPI monthly via on-
Surplus Order                                                                                   line services
Commodity Invoice for Total Fees            Available monthly on-line                           File at SFA
Due Fees are deducted from monthly
reimbursement claims
Eligibility Verification Summary            November 15 - November lunch claim may not          Submit to DPI annually
Report for RCCI’s Without Day               be entered on-line until the report is submitted;   between November 1 and
Students (completed via on-line             Verification Summary Report must be                 November 15 via on-line
services to show residents free             completed and submitted on-line                     services;
eligible but no applications; Select                                                            File printed copy at SFA;
“No Verification Performed” for the
Verification Results page.)

Most submission processes are now accepted only through the DPI internet site on-line services. Program materials,
forms, and internet submission are available on the DPI internet site at:

       See the following page for additional requirements for RCCI’s with Day Students collecting applications for
                                                free/reduced price meals.

July 2008
                                         RCCI Programs with Day Students
Applications for Free and Reduced Price            Distribute to all families of day        File at SFA
Meals/Free Milk/Direct Certification               students at beginning of each school
(Updated version posted each year at               year not before July 1(but within 4 )               weeks of start of school) and
                                                   process completed applications within
                                                   10 school days after received.
Eligibility Verification Summary Report            November 15 – The November lunch         Submit to DPI annually via on-
(Verification of a sample number of applications   claim may not be entered on-line until   line services; File printed
must be done annually based on applications        this report is submitted.                copy at SFA
approved on October 1. Results are reported to     Contact DPI in writing if extension of
DPI on/by the Verification Summary Report.)        submission date is needed.

                   60 Calendar Day Cut-off Deadlines for Submitting Claims for Reimbursement
Claims for reimbursement for meals/milk served under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program
(SBP), After School Care Snacks, and Special Milk Program (SMP) must be submitted on-line for payment within
60 calendar days after the end of the claiming period. The following chart gives that deadline date for each monthly claim
                   Claiming Month                       Last Day for Receipt/Postmark of Claim
                        January                                April 1 (March 31 on leap years)
                        February                                            April 29
                         March                                              May 30
                          April                                            June 29
                          May                                               July 30
                          June                                            August 29
                          July                                           September 29
                         August                                           October 30
                       September                                         November 29
                        October                                          December 30
                       November                                           January 29
                       December                               March 1(February 29 on leap years)
Claims for Reimbursement cannot be submitted during the claim month of operation. The only exception is the June claim
that can be submitted in June after the end of meal service.

Claims for two months cannot be submitted at the same time. One claim must be approved for payment before a second claim
can be submitted (usually about one week).

July 2008

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