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Savary Island Committee Meeting


Savary Island Fire hall

In attendance : Janine Reimer, Bud Graham, Carolyn Jackson, Phil Zweep, Jack Arnet, Susan Poulos,
Sharon Feduniak, Rick Thaddeus

Absent Mary Ellen Dewsnap

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am with the conference line open.

Moved by Phil and seconded by Sharon that the minutes of the last meeting be passed as circulated.
Carried unanimously.

Moved by Bud and seconded by Carolyn that the minutes of the Open House meeting be passed as
circulated. Carried unanimously.

Rick offered to take minutes at the next meeting.

Bud presented a report on the meeting held between Frances Ladret and Patrick Brabazon of PRRD and
Bud, Jack and Phil of SIC to discuss PRRD concerns about negative comments reported to have been
made about PRRD at the SIC Open House.

The meeting focussed on communications between our organizations as well as misplaced public
perceptions and resulting frustrations with the PRRD role in providing services on Savary Island. It was
generally accepted that the relationship between our organizations needs work and that we will
endeavour to do our part to work towards improvement.

Relative to matters that PRRD does have some jurisdiction over and responsibility for it was agreed that
PRRD would look into concerns about water on the Island particularly in the area of Indian Point and
would also look into options for provision of waste management services. In this latter regard the issue
of relocation of the ``Bottle Depot`` was discussed and the prospect of acquiring crown land for a new
site was something PRRD would also look into.

Carolyn presented the Treasurers Report and Financial Projections. Copy attached. The current
projections see us ending 2009 with a Bank balance of $ 5081 and 2010 a balance of $ 5099.

Relative to Waste Management initiatives funds are still available. Discussion ensued regarding use of
such funds, the results of our efforts to date, and alternatives to current efforts. Printing new and more
durable posters, fridge magnets, bumper stickers, T-shirts, education programs were all discussed.

It was agreed that some actions would be taken now to prepare for next year and that more info would
be distributed on this topic via e-mail.
Sharon reported on the Governance process dealing in particular with the Society name, purposes and
bylaws. The name has been reserved for a further period. Sharon’s efforts relative to the purposes,
having them reviewed by 10 lawyers, has resulted in minor changes essentially cleaning up the language
and making more provision for the society to ``Act``. Changes to the bylaws have been made reflecting
the input of everyone on the committee. Sharon proposed that the revised package be put on the
website asking for input before the end of the calendar year.

A spirited discussion then ensued regarding a Vision Statement for the Society being included in what is
put on the website. Ideas presented ranged from holding off on posting the draft bylaws on our website
until a Vision Statement could be developed to having no Vision Statement at all.

It was then moved by Sharon and seconded by Janine that the Bylaws and Purposes be posted on the
website until the end of 2009. The motion carried with Phil abstaining.

Although it had been discussed under the previous item a Vision Statement for the Society was on the
agenda so was discussed further. Janine provided an example of a similar organization’s Vision
statements. The discussion again reflected widely divergent views ranging from the need for elected
officials to not be bound by such things, through the constant change that might be brought about by
elections to the OCP which essentially outlines a Vision Statement. Other views questioned the need
and utility but acknowledged the desirability of a shared vision for the island.

 Recognizing that there would have to be considerably more discussion about the Vision Statement issue
it was decided to table the matter and perhaps do more research and e-mail discussion on the question

Janine reported that there had been no response to a request for website poll questions. She also
reported that the committee had discussed via email Rick Schwartz’s suggestion that we look into a
Local Community Commission, and had decided against that governance option.

The Draft letter to the RCMP regarding the August long weekend and the inadequacy of police coverage
was then discussed. It was agreed that a strongly worded letter as proposed was in order but that a final
draft would be circulated before being sent. It was also agreed that the letter should come from the
chair as well as Rick Thaddeus as the RCMP liaison.

It was also agreed that it should be the responsibility of the RCMP to arrange their own accommodation
when coming to the island and that we should not be involved.

As Mary-Ellen was absent a report on removal of the derelict barge was unavailable, however Janine
indicated that a letter from DFO had been received to indicate that they would not be involved. There
was then some discussion of alternative approaches including cutting the barge up and then removing it.
Janine indicated that Mary-Ellen had been working on an ad for SIN regarding scrap metal removal that
might be coordinated with the barge removal. It was decided that we should await estimates and verify
prospects of action before proceeding further with this item.

Janine provided an update regarding crown tenure for a park on south beach and indicated that liability
insurance would be needed but that as in the cases of Bowen and Hornby Island this could be provided
by the Regional District. It was also reported that MoT has indicated that they own the land above South
Beach as a road right of way and would have to be approached for approval as the up-land owners but
would not indicate whether or not their approval would be forthcoming.

Bud and Barbara Graham provided an outline of election procedures and the challenges we will have to
overcome in this regard. Barbara described the process and steps followed in past elections including
nominations, bios, campaigns, resumes, and the difficulties with establishing voter’s lists and
establishing eligibility. This latter item led to further discussion and it was decided to table the matter
for the next meeting.

Janine decided to defer the debriefing on the Open House and instead asked Phil to report on his
meeting with Lenore Rowntree of SILT. The meeting came as a result of a suggestion from Jennifer
Greenwood, secretary of SILT and focussed on communication between our organizations. Phil
expressed the view that there has been considerable misunderstanding and conflicting views about the
aims of our organizations and that our constituents probably share a great deal in their approach to
island issues. It was agreed that Phil should continue to liaise with Lenore in an attempt to work
together on shared issues.

Janine asked Phil to ask SILT if they would be contacting Robbin Thomson regarding her suggestion that
Savary become a pesticide-free zone, as a follow up to Rick’s discussion with Thea Cacchione of SILT.

As Glenn Waring could not attend the meeting to discuss fund raising the chair indicated that she would
circulate the letter he had submitted in this regard for consideration at a future meeting.

Susan reported that she expected to have the other bulletin boards built this month and would address
the issue of rain infiltration around the upper edge of the door. She also indicated that she would place
more materials on the board and install the lock. Relative to parking Susan reported that her
subcommittee was still working on the draft report but that there had been no response from Mary
Ellen to this point.

Janine raised the issue of next year’s open house/AGM relative to suggestions for improvement.
Although most feedback has been positive, suggestions included holding it earlier in the summer before
other meetings, transportation to the meeting, making it less formal as well as combining it with a

The final topic of discussion was the question of dredging and while Rick indicated that his absence
travelling to England prevented him from providing any further information Bud Graham was able to say
that a request from PRRD to the appropriate authority should result in approval. Rick Thaddeus was to
follow up to see if the request was being made.

Next meeting to be held at the Fire hall at 10:00 am, 10 October 09

Meeting adjourned at 12:20

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