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					1. Check the manufacturers literature that accompanies hormonal types of contraceptive (examples: birth
control pill, combination pill, skin patch, vaginal ring, progestin-only pill, injection such as Depo-Provera,
implant, etc). You may refer to your own, a friend, a pharmacist, or you might have found better reference sites

2. For this assignment choose 2 different types of contraceptive to compare and contrast.

3. Be sure to include the following in your discussion:

   a. Manufacturer's Name, Generic Name, and chemical components of the birth control pill (BCP)

     b.    Drug dosage and frequency of administration

     c.   ALL ADRs

   d.   Special directions

4. (fill-in-the-blank). To explain how important an ADR is I would like to share a personal experience. In 1995,
the Code Blue Team at the hospital where I worked, responded to my Intensive Care call to help me
resuscitate the 25 year-old mother of a precious four-month old baby girl. The mother's history reported that
two months after delivery she resumed her birth control pills. On Mother's day she experienced shortness of
breath and the husband rushed his wife to the hospital with the baby in tow. Within four hours the mother was
dead from an ADR of birth control pills. The primary complication was what?: ________________. To this day I
wonder what happened to that precious little girl who grew up without her mother.

Grading Rubric:
Worth 40 Total Points Possible if Submitted by Sunday at 2400 Hours.

5 points for using APA template and following APA guidelines (including cover page and final references

5 points each for your introduction AND conclusion (total 10 points).

10 points each for completing number 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d for each type of contraceptive (total 20 points).

5 points for completing number 4.

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