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           Many See

                                                               ~'t $l1bnt1! ~inll1-titmlb. \

                                                                                           TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1957

         Over Aust,
                                                                                        · ver ·City Tonight

                                                                                       Mr. Long said last night before it disappe ared near the
             Many thousands of people                                               the satellite \~ould p~ss over m~'~~e br ightness of the moon

                                                                                    Sydney a gain tonight at made it imp ossible to see past

        in many parts of Australia and                                              a bo u t 7.40,                        that poi nt. "

        New Zealand saw Russia's arti­                                                   He said engineers of the            T he Professor of Physics at

                                                                                    Over seas Telecommu nications Sydne y Uni versity, . Professor

        ficial satellite move slowly across                                          Commission had tracked the Harry Messel, said th at . If

                                                                                     satellite at their rad io rece iv- Russia pro vided no further .10,

        the sky early last night.                                                    ing sta tions at Bringelly, near formati on on the .sa tel lt t~.

                                                                                     Syd ney, and Rockbank, Vic- scientist s would SII ~ 1 gam

            The satellite, which the Russians                                        tori a,                               valu able experience 111 plot-

       have named "Sputnik," will pass over                                              F rom the se ob servations, ting its course.                      .
                                                                                     the y had computed its orb it "T he fact that the satell.ltc
       Sydney again tonight about 7.40, the chief                                    accura tely, he sa id.              ·Iea n ~e seen. W Jl~ ~h e n~ked
       engineer of the Overseas T elecommuni­                                             "T he path of the satellite eye IS arnazmg 111 Itsel f, he
                                                                                     can now be predi cted any- said.
       cations Commission, Mr. R. R. Long, said
       last night.                                                                    wher e," he sai d.                    Sci ence Given

                                                                                          " It will pass over Syd ney a t

                                                                                      7.40 again tomorrow night , Great Scope

        Scientists "Puzzled"
                                                      , a nd als o twice d uri ng the day ,
                                                                                      bu: will not be visible in day-
                                                                                      ligh t."
                                                                                                                                               .     , .
                                                                                                                              " It will me an tnat scient ists
                                                                                                                      . will be able to plot the course
        Hundreds      of p eople       in heavil y. clouded except for ,a n               Reports from Victor ia. Ta s- of the sa tellite a nd check
      Sydney reported seeina the a rea directl y above the city.                      mani a, South Au str alia, West- their ca lculations by ob serv­
               .                    '"         As the satel lite moved                e rn Austral ia and New Ze a- ing its flight.
       sa tellite m ove a cro ss a across this cloudless patch-
       c lo ud y sk y at 7.39 p.m.          a bo ut .a qu ~r~er the area of the       land last night sa id thousand s "This gives scien ce great
                                                                                      of people had see n the satel-                         .. , .
"".        But two groups of experts s~ y-:-~ ts brilliance appear ed to            : lite tr avelling in a south-to- scop e for ch.eckll1g predlctlO.ns
~{ were puzzled a nd disappointed. dlmBluntl sthhegsradteull~ltIeY.was cIea r Iy
';li~                                                      a    I
                                                                                       north direct ion.                    on the flight of satel lite
 .;~ Th ey wer e:                 .         visible un til it moved behi nd                                                 bodies.
    ,      • C.S .I.R .O. radio scic n- a da rk: ba nk of clou ds.                  ; Satellite Seen                           " It was believed earlier
 (: tists who re ported "s trange               Scientists in Syd ney wer e                                                 that one of the grea test diffi­
       interference" with th e sa tel- puzzled a nd disappointed when               . Interstate                            cultie s would be to find the
       lite' s radio signa l as it a p. /the rad io signa l from the                       But the sec reta ry 'of the satellite in the sky-even with
       pre ache d Sydn ey; a nd             Soviet sa tellit e was "inter­             Syd ney Ama te ur Astron omer.s· special telescopes."           .
           • Astronomers a t Belfield rupted" a bout 7.25 p.m.-14                      Group , Mr. G . Pastson , said          Professor Messel sa id he
       whose view of the sa tellite minutes be fore the sa tellite                     th at the group's 20 trained watched for the satellite but
       throu gh specia l tel escopes was was di rec tly over Sydney.
       bloc ked by cloud.                      Rad io listen er s-including            "s kywa tchers" had mi ssed the his view was obscured b yi              \
           Newspaper offices and radio do zens          of     radio "hams"            sa te llite because of cloud.        cloud .
       sta tions throughout N .S.W. throughout N ew South Wales                            But the y would tr y again . , - . - - - - - - - - - ­
       rece ived telephone ca lls from ~h ea r d the. sa tellite's usual               ton ight, he sa id.
       hundreds of excit ed callers interrupted signal ch ange to a                        The satellite was identified
       reporting the sa tellite.           co ntinuo us buzz.        ,                  over Canberra a t 7.40 last
          The "Herald" sw itchbo ard           An expert at the C .S.I.R .O.            night, the research engineer
       rece ived mo re than 150 ca lls rad io research ce ntre at Syd­                  a t th e Comm onw ealth Ober­

       bef ore 9 p.rn, from widel y ney              Un iversity sa id th is            vato ry, Mr . K . G ottlieb, said.

      sca ttered subu rbs a nd coun try cha nge in the signa l co uld                       Mr. Got tlieb sa id: "I saw

      tow ns.                              have been inten tiona l.                     it rising in the forec ast posi­

          A " Herald" repor ter a nd           He said it cou ld be due to              tion eas t of the Sou the rn \

      phot ographer wa tched           the one of th ree possible ca uses:              C ross. r foll owed it for 20

      sa telli te pass over the city           • Th e signal cou ld ha w                to 30 seconds.
      from the roo f of the 14-storey been cha nged by a n a uto­                           " It began 10 degr ees a bove

      " Herald" bu ilding .                marie time switch in th e                    the hor izon and moved across

          The sa te llite a ppear ed un- sa tellite.                                    a n a rc of 110 to 120 degree s

      mistakabl .y a t 7 · 3 ~-thc timc        • A coded rad io impulse
      th at RUSSIan SC Ie ntists for ecast from Ru ssia could have affec­
      it' would pas s over Sydney.         ted tra nsmission f rom the
          It resembled a sta r of a ver- satellite.
      age brill iance a nd mo ved at           . ' A faul t could ha ve de.
      the sa m. apparen,t speed as a vclo ped in the transmitter.
      h igh-flying Jet a irc raft.        . Rad io listener'; reported
          The sa tellite a pproached th at the signa l beca me un­
      from the south-so uth-cas t and sta ble ab out 7.2 5, rig hted it­
      mo ved to wards the nort h- self a few minutes later, th en
      north- west.                         fade d ou t-a ppar ent ly be-
          T he sky o ver Sydney was ca use of distan ce.
           oe Of Soviet Satellite


            es 's Scientists
      NEW YORK Oct. 7 (A.A.P.-Reuter).-In the
  fourth day of its life, the world's first artificial
  satellite-which the Russians have named Sputnik
  is creating confusion over the questions:
• Is Sputnik making space           batteries for tr acking purposes         Professor Fesenkov is head-
   studies,	 such as tempera-       a nd wa s not studying tempera-      ing a team of Soviet scientists
                                                                         h ) .         .h IG Y        di
                    .      .
   tures or space's s h ooung       . B t ' other events In space .
                                    lures or
                                                 ~1                   .    e ping wit       . . .• stu ies at
                                     . u In " oscow a pr ornm-           A .              h Nil
   sta rs ?	                        cnt scientist was reported as           swan, on . t e l e.           .
• Is it tell ing about them in      sa ying that the satell ite was       . Meanwhile, .Western scien­          DR. J. P. HAGEN
   a radio code?                    co unting hit s by met eorites       lists have c0!1tlnucd to try ,to
      ·           '..               out in space, a nd would have        plot t~e orbit of the satellite
G	 Will the Soviet Inform           to report this by some code.         and pinpoint the launching
  other nat ions of what               However, bec au se of trans-      site .
   Sputnik learns in this           lati on difficnltics, it is po ssible  . Dr. J : o All en Hynek, a ~so-
  m aiden       yoy gc    i to      that the Moscow scientist wa s       c la t~ dire ctor of. the Smith­
  s a c e?	        a       n        referring to future satellites,      soruan Astrophysical Labora-
     P .	                           and not to Spu tnik.                 tory, . said .last. night that
   Professor A. Blagonravov,                                             American screntrsts would be
ol~e of the le~ding Soviet Sounded Like                                  a ble to extract more. pr ecise
SCientists re sponsible for Sput-                                        data about the satellite th an
nik, said in New York yestcr- Code                                       Russian experts when the
day that the satellite was not - - -                                     sate ll ite's radio batteries were

the one the Soviet said it              Some U.S. scientists listen- exhausted.

would send up in connection ing to Sputnik's beeping sig-                    The Ru ssians h ad 75 moon­

with . the International Geo- nals d~tccted chan¥es which, watching sta tions. The Un ited
ph ysical Y ea r.                   the y sa id, so und ed like a code. Sta tes       had     150    stations
"T        h'                            They added , howe ver, t~at throughout the world. 99 in
   Not ln~ To                       this could well be a pr actice th e United States alo ne .
    'ear   "                        test of a pre sently me aningless
                                                                             In Temple Cit y California
                                    co e.                          .
                                                                         Dr. W. B. Pickering, chairman,
   Speaking      through    inter- ] Dr. John P' . Hagen , dircc- ~f the American I.G.!. work­
preters on a telev ision pr o· lt.or of ,! h/~. Amcr l c~n _m oo ~ pro- IDg group , on tr acking. sai d
~ram, he al so sa id the sa tcl-Il cct, \ a ngua rd , sa id In a n the satellite was .p roba ~ l y
lite was not transrruttmg cOded
                                    ·      .      I · ' I· . th is t launched from a point nOIth
                                    mtervlew . ast rug It a pu - of the Black Sea.
messages.                          l
                                . ik' -;;C' IO siuna l "appear s to
   Pr ofessor Blagonravov sa id III S .1 . . f .',                           He said the probable point
Sputnik was purel y experi - conta in .. c~t e.                         jof launching was determined
mental.      T he next Soviel           " It . co uld well have no after ' a detailed study of data
satellite would be launched meanmg other tha~ !O ~.rac- assembled by scientists at a
for the I.G.Y.                      tic.e a code transmission , be tracking sta tio n in C al ifo r nia
   Nobody sho uld h ave any' said.                                       and by I.G.Y. officia ls in the
thing to fear from the Soviet           "This would be expected. United St ates.
satellite program. which was It's hard to tell if it represents
ai med at e ventuall y carryin g real information."
hum an beings into spa ce, HC .                  I E I
said .                              Clrclc( . . . arl 1
   Professor Blagonravov, who 30 T'
ha s been attending a n I.G .Y.                 uues
co,nference, in , W as,hington ,        By 4 a.m. G.1\'I.T . today- that ~putnlk ca~'f1~d only 2 p.rn ., Monday. Sydney time
I ad io equipm ent, CIICUltS and -the satellite had made 32
                                 , co mplete rev olutions round
                                    the earth, according to Mos­
                                    cow R adio.
                                        The radio ad ded : "Accord­
                                    inn to measurements so far
                                     ll1~de. the satellite's period of
                                     revolutio n is	 virtuall y un­
                                    ch anged.                        .     An A mer ica n Associated
                                       "The apparatus of the arb­ Press report from C airo
                                    licial earth satellite is Iunc­ q uo tes Professor Fesenkov,
                                    tioning normally."                 o ne of the team which built
                                       Soviet scient ists, over jo yed ~; p u t l1 ik , as sa ying that aru­
                                    a t their success in laun ching mals would be se nt up in the
                                    Sputnik, yesterda y annollncetI , econ d Soviet satellite.
                                    th at very soon they wonld                                    s
                                                                            Instruments to te. t thei .r re­
                                    launch heavi er and larger I ac tio n to space . flight would

                                    "moons" equ ipped with a l a.lso be packed into the satel­ 

                                    ~10r~ varied range of recor d- I lite, he sai d.

                                    II1g mstruments.

   atellite                              I              at
   o The                           .F Men
     NEW yoRK, October 7 (~ .A.P.).­
The Ru sian space satellite is as outmoded as
the T _model Ford as far 'as science-fiction'                   NEW YORK,U nited
writers are concerned.

    They put satellites on the fiction, Mr . '!old aid. ~~ng

                                                                Sta tes expects to put
                                                                before th e U .N . G en­
                                 ~henll c a l th~rapy
!-heH, along with atomic ,t bem. he hstld antlblOUCS.           eral Assembly next
 energy and rockets, 10 or                         for mental
                                                                we k a suggestion for
 15 years ago ' and turned to Illness•.and Jet planes. men-
         .        fi Id            "Writers hardl y ever        th e control of outer
 fantastic new e s to con- tion three-dimensional video­        space missiles, says the
 quer. .              '          phones any more" he said.      ". ew ork Tlm ."
    "The space satellite is not These gad e~ . he ex­             Tb    proposal may
  science fiction any more be- plained, were television tele­   cover such a satellit e as
  cause it's now science." ,said phones in three-dimension.     the ovlet launched last
  Joh n Campbell. editor of
  " Astounding" magazine.     yes-\-----------~                 Friday.
                                                                  The newspaper Sll)'S
 terday.                                                        however that the move 1  5
     "Some years back. atomic
                                  not a result       f the
 energy used to be science fic­
                                Soviet's laun hing of the
  tion. Rocket engines' used to
                                earth satellite, but h
  be science fiction. NoW they
                                 been part of the Western
  all are just plain science: '
                                program for dlsarma­
      H orace L . Gold. editor of
                              ment since last summer's
   "G ala.W." another science­

          '                                                     disarmament bulls In
   fiction mag zine, agreed tb at                               London.
   the satellite was "old hat" to
    his writers.
                                                                 Could Be
       "We knoW too much about
    it." he said.
                                                                  A n earth sa telllte In
   Time Travel                                                  Ihe opinlo of the          U.s
                                                                dele atlon, could be con:
    till To' C; ue"                                             verted Into a weapon·
       " Other things are very far                              carrylnll missile.
    from being immediate reali­                                   The      ''New     York
    ties. such as time travel. tra vel                          Times" quotes diplomatic
    to very distant stars and                                   sources as saying that the
     travel faster than the speed of                            U.s. resolution already
                                                                has the support of 20
     light: '                                                   nations.
        Other sub jects also had
      been outmoded for science                                   It is belleved to urge
                                   =                            that     all          outer
                                                                                 fut ure
                                                                splice   If        should ·
                                                                              rese arch
                                                                se:v e only peac ful and
                                                                SCientific purposes,"

     ALARMl T"


       The Commonwealth Astron omer, Professor Bart J. ok,
 said in Canb erra last night that it wa far-fetched to be r.mi.§
 about the Soviet's earth satellite.

U.K. Govt. To
 Study Claim
 On Leakage
  LO DO ,        Oct.

Fourth Quin Dies
  T OULON,         Oct.    7
(A.A.P .-Reuter). - Roland,
one of     thetwo surviving
Christol1e quintuplets, died
at 3 a.m, today .
  This morning, docto rs said
that the condition of the only
survivor. Michele, was sta­
  Mi hele, the first of the
quintu plets born last Wednes ­
day. weighed 21b loz at birth .

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