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									The Financial Services Industry
What is the Financial Services Industry?
Serves  individual, business and institutional clients to
 address present and future financial needs.
Most important function is to provide clients with a means
 of saving for the future; facilitates investment and saving
 process throughout the US economy.
Financial Services institutions include: banks, brokerage
 houses, trust companies, and insurance companies.
Most common investment types include: stocks, bonds,
 mutual funds, unit trusts and insurance.
Focus: Serving The Individual Investor
   Personal service -
   Local, convenient, one
    IR offices
   Treating the customer
    the way you want to
    be treated
   Investments and
    services designed for
    long-term investors
Why are Financial Services important?
Largest  population segment of this country, “Baby
 Boomers”, are nearing retirement. Their retirement assets
 are approx. $4 Trillion.
We’re on the verge of seeing the largest transfer of wealth
 in our history about $7 Trillion.
Concerns regarding solvency of Government programs
 continually reaffirms importance of financial planning/self
Significant need to help individuals with their financial
What are the opportunities?
For  those interested in working with individuals, retail
 investment firms offer a venue to work one-on-one with
 clients to serve their financial needs. Helping clients focus
 on wealth accumulation, preservation, and transfer
 strategies are an important consideration for a large portion
 of the US population.
Industry, as a whole, continues to integrate more services
 in order to offer clients “one-stop” shopping. This integration
 of financial services fuels the need to continuously grow or
 be acquired by competitors.
Industry is expected to grow by 35% through 2012.
What positions are available?
We’re mostly looking to fill the Investment
Representative (IR) position, sometimes
referred to as a “broker”.
  – Interested in type of person, rather than a specific
  – Locations available throughout the United States
What kind of person typically applies?
Interested    in financial markets.
Enjoy working with individual clients to create and
 implement strategies to achieve their financial goals.
Self-starters looking for correlation between work effort and
People looking for ability to manage the balance between
 work and life.
Someone who enjoys a dynamic environment that allows
 for flexibility in portfolio management styles.
Individuals that have done well with time management.
Career   Tracks
   – Retail Brokerages: Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, etc
   – Institutional: Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, etc
Industry   Trends
   – Entering transitional phase for largest population segment of US
   – Convergence of services requires continued growth
   – 35% Growth in industry through 2012
Job   Functions
   – Work with individual clients to create and implement investment
   – Build and manage portfolios for client base
Financial Services represents a Great Opportunity

Please  contact your local
IR to complete your
application today.

     us online to
complete your application.

Call our IR Recruiting
Department at
1-800-999-5650 if you
need assistance
completing your

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