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									                                         Theresa Flynt Bio

Theresa Flynt may share the moniker that made her father infamous, but she’s created a name
for herself in her own right. Whip-smart and dedicated with a keen sense for where the adult
industry is going, Theresa has quickly risen to the top of the ranks of female executives in the
industry her father helped shape.

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Theresa didn’t make the pilgrimage west until age 13. It was a
move that proved to be a huge culture shock… until she saw a showing of The Rocky Horror
Picture Show at the Tiffany Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. The combination of the movie and
viewer theatrics showed Theresa a side of L.A. life she hadn’t previously seen, immersing her in
the coolness of the city and its entertainment offerings. She decided right then and there that she
wanted to be a part of it.

Theresa was the first of her family to graduate high school and move on to post-secondary
education, but before enrolling in Mount St. Mary’s College, she partook in some odd jobs
including working the drive-through at Burger King, being an office manager at a gift store and
temping for Ross Perot’s company, EDS. Having trouble finding a niche she was passionate
about, Theresa decided at age 26 to enroll in college to get a degree in business, theorizing that it
would allow her to apply it to whatever business she decided to explore after graduation.

An all-women’s college with a religious slant, Theresa – much to her bemusement – found herself
taking nine units of religion while working on her business degree. She eventually graduated with
a B.A. in business administration and marketing, both of which she was eager to put into practice.
Her first post-college gig? Working for Larry Flynt Publications as an editor for BBW, which she
was successful in repackaging and selling. During a break designed to help her decide which
direction to take her career in, Theresa’s father approached her with news that he planned to
diversify the Hustler brand and take it mainstream. It’s then that a light bulb went off in her head –
Theresa had finally found her niche.

Recognizing the dearth of friendly, open-concept sex stores that played less to the raincoaters
and more to the general population, Theresa set out to create a new concept in sex retail – a
store that not only sold toys, apparel and sexual accoutrements, but celebrated it. After her father
drove past a former Blockbuster Video location on Sunset and realized the space was for rent,
Theresa jumped into action and put her plan in motion.

The result was Hustler Hollywood, a sexuality boutique and café that embodied the Hustler
mantra of, “Relax… it’s just sex.” Bright, airy and comfortable, the store’s impact on the Los
Angeles landscape was groundbreaking, resulting in coverage in the pages of Los Angeles
Magazine, Detour, Cosmopolitan and many others, not to mention being featured on networks
like E!, and in shows such as Blind Date and Sex and the City. Due to the store’s incredible
impact and popularity, Theresa has graced the cover of AVN Online and been featured in O, The
Oprah Magazine, Playgirl, Los Angeles Magazine, Glamour UK and XBIZ World. Most recently
AVN Magazine named her one of its top 50 influential people under the age of 40.

Since then, the Hustler Hollywood chain has expanded to 10 stores nation-wide with Theresa
responsible for overseeing the design, building and day to day operations of the retail
powerhouse. Theresa then moved on to becoming Hustler’s Executive Vice President of
Licensing and Brand Development and headed up Hustler Video’s Marketing Division. Now, she’s
the VP of Operations, overseeing the work and accomplishments of many divisions. Acting as
somewhat of a troubleshooter, Theresa jumps in wherever she’s needed, continuing to help
develop the Hustler name as a global brand.

A dedicated animal lover, Theresa spends her rare moments of free time with her two beautiful
rescued dogs, traveling, and generally enjoying life in Los Angeles.

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