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					                                           The Satoo Star
                Edmonton Public                                                                  Issue #1
                   Schools                                                                  September 1, 2011

Principal’s Message               by Mrs. Marilyn Schmitke

 On behalf of the staff at Satoo, I would like to welcome all of our students and        Inside this issue:
 families to the 2011-2012 school year. I hope that you had an enjoyable summer
 break filled with treasured moments with family and friends.                            School Safety         2
                                                                                         Office Phone          2
 I would also like to welcome Mrs. Duguid and Ms. Gooding who are new to the             Lunchroom Supervisors 2
 staff at Satoo this year. Mrs. Duguid is teaching grade 3 with Mrs. George and          Vehicles/Traffic      2
                                                                                         Attendance            2
 grade 4/5 with Ms. Molstad. Ms Gooding is an intern teacher from the University
                                                                                         Parent Council (SPIG) 2
 of Lethbridge who will be working with Mrs. Orsini and her grade 2 class until          Calendar of Events    3
 Christmas break. And, returning to our teaching staff is Mr. Chow who will              Nut Free School!      3
 continue to teach Mrs. Johns-Bell’s grade 6 class until her return from maternity       Handbook for Parents 3
 leave in the spring. Whether new or returning staff, we are all committed to            Knottwood Playschool 3
 providing your child with the very best education possible and will endeavor to         Single Parent Night   3
 make sure that all students feel that they are valued members of our Satoo              You’re Invited        3
                                                                                         Knottwood Harvest     3
                                                                                         School Information    3
 Likely, by this time you have received our school handbook. Please take time to
 review it with your child, as it includes important information about Satoo
 including expectations that the school has for students and for you as parents. It is
 most helpful for students and parents to review this information together. There
 are also several forms that your child will be bringing home that need to be signed     Principal
 and returned.                                                                           Mrs. Marilyn Schmitke

 I believe that successful schools place priority on the relationships among parents,    Assistant Principal
 staff and students. Many of you have already taken the opportunity to introduce         Mrs. Dianne Hinteregger
 yourselves to your child’s teacher. Our Meet the Teacher evening is September 8th       Administrative Assistant
 6–7 pm. This is another opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and to        Mrs. Judy Levang
 take a tour of our school. I hope to see you then. We look forward to supporting
 your child and to meeting with you throughout the year.
                                                                                         Ms. Tammy Jensen
 If you have any questions or concerns please contact me or your child’s teacher
 without hesitation.                                                                     Ms. Leslie Cleary

                                                                                         Mr. Edgar Schmidt
                                                                      SCHOOL ATTENDANCE IS EVERYONE’S CONCERN

School Safety
                                                                                     PARENTS. . . . .WAYS YOU CAN BE PART OF IT
For the safety of our students, all outside doors will remain
locked throughout the day. Teachers on supervision will have a        *Notify the school when your child is absent.
key to let students in prior to school starting in the morning, at
the end of recess and at lunch breaks.                                *Show an active interest in your child’s activities, both in and out
                                                                      of school. Share your pride in their school.
In keeping with our “Student Safety”, once again, we are asking
all parents, visitors & volunteers to report to the office, sign in   *Encourage your children to maintain their good personal habits
and obtain a name tag. When a student sees an adult in the            that deal with time schedules for getting for bed, getting up,
hallway with a name tag on they will recognize them as a friend       leaving for school and completing their homework.
of the school and not a stranger. This also helps us keep track of
                                                                      *Be aware of the school’s attendance policy and the
our volunteers for our volunteer appreciation breakfast.              consequences of non-attendance.
Thank you for your cooperation!                                       *Compliment your children on their accomplishments. If they
                                                                      feel they’re succeeding, they’ll want to attend.

                                                                      *Encourage your child to get involved in school and community
                                                                      clubs and activities.
Office Phone
                                                                      *Discuss your children’s school day with them. Keep the lines of
Just a reminder to all students and parents – the office phone is     communication open.
to be used for emergency purposes only. Making last minute
                                                                      *Participate in and attend school activities, such as parent
social arrangements is not considered an emergency and should
                                                                      committees, parent-teacher conferences, open houses and
be dealt with outside of school hours. Thank You!
                                                                      school programs.

                                                                      Parent Council (SPIG)

                                                                      Satoo is very fortunate to have SPIG (Satoo Parent Involvement
Lunchroom Supervisors                                                 Group), which is made up of parents and individuals in our
We are in need of a Lunchroom Supervisor to work on Tuesdays
& Thursdays from 11:30am to 12:30pm. We also require spare            They are very generous and supply much to help meet the needs
supervisors who can fill in if someone is away. If you are            of our students. Examples include funds for our wireless
interested please pick up an application in the school office.        computer lab, purchase of books for the library, smart boards for
                                                                      all the classrooms and many other items that assist students in
                                                                      learning.     Each classroom teacher also requires a SPIG
                                                                      representative to assist them throughout the course of the
                                                                      school year. Responsibilities of a SPIG Rep include: organizing
                                                                      class parties, meeting once a month for SPIG Meetings (first
Vehicles In Front Of The School                                       Tuesday of every month from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.)

Reminder that there is a No Parking Zone in the front of the          SPIG also puts on several family events throughout the year.
school – this zone is reserved for school buses only. To keep         Watch the October Newsletter for the upcoming Halloween
everyone safe, please do not make U-turns around the school           Family Dance!
and please use the designated crosswalks. Not following these
traffic laws is a very unsafe practice and sends out the wrong                                                          th
                                                                      The first meeting will be Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00pm. All
message to students.                                                  parents or guardians are welcome to attend, there are several
                  SAFETY BEFORE CONVENIENCE                           positions to be filled & volunteers are always needed.
September/October Calendar                                            Single Parent’s Night
September 5           Labour Day                                      A “no strings attached” gift to you from Mill Woods Assembly,
                      NO SCHOOL                                       enjoy a cup of coffee in the café while we take care of you!
September 8           Meet The Teacher                                Monday, September 12, 2011 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at Mill
                      6:00 – 7:00pm                                   Woods Assembly (2225 66 Street)
September 9           Assembly
                      2:15pm                                                 Free Oil Change & Car Wash
September 13          Parent Council Meeting (SPIG)                          Free Haircuts for kids
                      7:00 – 8:00pm                                          Free School Supplies
September 30          Terry Fox Run                                          Free Clothes
October 3             Assembly                                        Deadline for registration is Tuesday, September 6, 2011 please
                      9:30am                                          call 780-462-1515.
October 4             Parent Council Meeting (SPIG)
                      7:00 – 8:00pm                                   You’re Invited!
October 10            Thanksgiving
                      NO SCHOOL
                                                                      Edmonton Public Schools’ Board of Trustees invite you to
October 28th               SPIG Halloween Dance
                                                                      participate in the board policy review process and attend board
                           6:30pm – 9:00pm                            meetings to stay aware of matters affecting the school district.
  **************************************************                  As parents and community members, you play an important role
Nut Free!                                                             in supporting public education. Visit us online: Board meeting
                                                                      agendas/copies of reports are posted the Wednesday prior to
When sending recess snacks & lunch for your child, please             each meeting at If you can’t
remember that Satoo is a “NUT FREE” school.                           join us in person, you can watch the webcasts of the board
                                                                      meeting at
We also ask you to please remind your child that due to different     September meetings: Sept. 13 & 27
types of allergies with several students, it is very important that   October meetings: October 11 & 25
they are not sharing their snacks or their lunches.
                                                                      Knottood Harvest Celebration & Fun Day!
                                                                      September 17 – 12 noon to 4pm at Satoo Park
                                                                      Come and enjoy an afternoon of FREE FOOD AND FUN with your
                                                                      neighbors! Enjoy good food, music, horse drawn wagon rides, a
Curriculum Handbooks for Parents                                      jumpy tent and planned activities for the kids led by City of
                                                                      Edmonton recreation staff. A pick up soccer game will be
The 2011/2012 Curriculum Handbooks for Parents, Curriculum            organized if we have enough players 13 years and up. Local
Summaries for Kindergarten to Grade 9 and senior high school,         artists and crafters are welcome to display and demonstrate
                                                                      their crafts! For more information call Deborah at 780-490-6645.
and the Curriculum Express for Parents, Kindergarten to Grade 3
are now available on the Alberta Education website at

A few places are still available for September enrolment for the
2011-12 school year. A wonderful “Learn through Play” program                 School Information
for 3 and 4 year olds with experienced and qualified teacher with
B.Ed, ECC. Delight in your child’s excitement and development         Satoo Elementary School           We are on the WEB!
with us! Knottwood Co-operative (not-for-profit) Playschool is        8515 17 Avenue          
located at 445 Knottwood Rd W next to Satoo School.                   Edmonton, AB
                                                                      T6K 2C7
For more information please call Tracy at (780) 428-4612.
                                                                      Phone: 780-462-5125               E-mail:
                                                                      Fax:   780-462-2274

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