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									The MV Award: An introduction for
volunteer involving organisations
What is MV?
MV is a national award that recognises the volunteering activities of young
people aged 16 to 25. Certificates are issued on completion of 50, 100 and
200 hours of volunteering. The hours are recorded by the volunteers and
verified by the organisation(s) they volunteer with. By signing up to be an MV
organisation you will be offering something extra to encourage young people
to start volunteering with you, and to keep them with you!

How to get started
The first choice to make is between the paper-based and online methods of
administration. The “MV Volunteering Passport” allows you to administer MV
using an online system, which your young volunteers also use to log their
MV Passport Requirements:
 Your young volunteers must have access to their own email account and
  have internet access (this may be available free at local libraries etc.)
 All your volunteer opportunities that are likely to be done by young people
  must be registered with your local volunteer centre.
 Your organisation must have a named contact and email address for each
  of your volunteer opportunities.

   If you think it will be difficult to meet these requirements - then the paper
  based system will probably be better for your organisation and volunteers.

Whichever administration method you choose, for your volunteers to record
their hours for MV, your organisation must be registered with your local
volunteer centre.
 If your organisation is part of a national charity etc. please check with your
   head office about any national agreements for MV registration.
 If your organisation is not registered with the VC - registration is free and
   just involves completing a form. If already registered with the VC (e.g. to
   advertise your volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Scotland website):
   simply contact the centre to register for MV.
 If your organisation involves volunteers under 18 years old or works with
   clients under 18 then you must have or be prepared to implement a child
   protection policy to register for MV. Contact us for further advice.

Next steps
Contact the local Volunteer Centre:
Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire (Central)
15a High Street
AB51 3QA
Tel: 01467 626060

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