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									CHEF of Lafayette is considering enrolling as a participant in order to conduct a Spelling Bee in
conjunction with the National Spelling Bee. The winner in each category would advance to the local
spelling bee in Lafayette on Saturday, March 17, 2012. Then, the winner of the Lafayette Spelling Bee
would advance to the National Spelling Bee to be held near Washington, DC the week of May 27.

There are three age divisions: Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6 and Grades 7-8. Only the winner of the Grades 7-8
competition will advance to the National Spelling Bee.

Here are a few of the key eligibility requirements (there are several more):

The speller must not have passed beyond the eighth grade on or before February 1, 2012.

The speller must attend a school or be a member of a homeschool group that enrolls with the Scripts
National Spelling Bee before the deadline. (This is what we are hoping to do)

The speller must not have reached his/her 15th birthday on or before August 31, 2011.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in the Spelling Bee.


Upon CHEFs enrollment, here is what CHEF will receive. CHEF families will have access to some or all of
these items:

         user name and password for a teachers-only area of spellingbee.com (preview),
         study materials for students (sample),
         study materials for your school spelling champion (sample),
         the Classroom Pronouncer Guide (sample),
         the School Pronouncer Guide (sample),
         Great American SpellCheck grade-specific word list and study sheets for grades 1–8
         Great American SpellCheck pledge sheets (sample),
         Great American SpellCheck test forms (sample),
         Great American SpellCheck instructions (sample),
         Great American SpellCheck communication templates (sample),
         award certificates (sample), and
         key information about your local spelling bee program.


         From Encyclopædia Britannica, a free one-year subscription to Britannica Online for Kids
          (a $69.95 value) for use as a prize in your spelling bee program.
         From K12, a free PowerspeaK12 foreign language course (a $100-$165 value) for use as a
          prize in your spelling bee program.

Here is a link to the National Spelling Bee website:

Here is a link to the Lafayette Spelling Bee website:


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