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									Bulgarian SOLVIT Centre

       European ePractice

                                          Borislav Dimitrov
            Directorate for Coordination on EU Affairs and
                         International Financial Institutions
           Administration of Bulgarian Council of Ministers
Main points

    • General information on SOLVIT:
          - what is SOLVIT;
          - where it can help:
          - how does it work;

    • The On-line complaint form and
      the Internal SOLVIT database

    • The Bulgarian SOLVIT centre


  •   SOLVIT is an on-line network, created by the
      European Commission and operated by the
      Member-states, with the aim to solve problems
      that arise for individual citizens and
      businesses from the misapplication of the
      Internal market law by public authorities.

  •   Every EU Member-state has one SOLVIT
      centre (called coordination centre) as well as
      Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

  •   The SOLVIT centres cooperate directly via an
      online database to solve the transborder
      problems rapidly and pragmatically .

           Where SOLVIT can help

SOLVIT can assist citizens and

to solve problem of a cross-border

when problem is caused by
incorrect application of Internal        SOLVIT cannot help in:
market rules;
                                       situations where judicial procedures
                                        are already underway;
when problem involves a public
authority (state administration) at    business-to-business or consumer-
                                        to-business problems;
national, regional or local level.
                                       situations where the transborder
                                        problems      are     between  the
                                        administration of one member-state
                                        and its own citizens/business.

                       How does SOLVIT work?
                             Work together to find

  Work together to
present the problem                                  Work together to
and discuss solution                                 negotiate solution


Online Submission of a Complaint
               •   The complaint form is one of the
                   options for submission an official
                   complaint to the SOLVIT network;
               •   It can be submitted by individual
                   citizen, business owner or intermediary
                   body for citizen/business;
               •   There is an obligatory privacy
                   statement that should be fulfilled in
                   order the client to submit the complaint;
               •   The information in the complaint form is
                   only accessible to the national SOLVIT
                   centres, public authority complained
                   about, technical support team at the
                   Commission (if technical difficulties
                   arise with the database).

The On-line database
       Main characteristics:

       •   It ensures the communication between
           the SOLVIT centres which have to
           cooperate to find a solution of the
           transborder problem;

       •   It contains information on all cases that a
           particular SOLVIT centre is working on;

       •   It is accessible only for the SOLVIT
           centres trough personalised username
           and password;

       •   Not open to the public domain;

         The Bulgarian SOLVIT centre

The Bulgarian SOLVIT centre is        •   Five part-time experts are engaged in
situated in the Directorate for            the work on SOLVIT who have
Coordination on EU Affairs and             undergone a thorough training in order
International Financial Institutions       to apply the SOLVIT quality standards
in the Administration of the Council       and to work with the database;
of Ministers.
                                       •   The centre has elaborated its own
                                           Internal database with a limited access
                                           where all received inquires are

                                       •   In 2007, 225 inquires have been
                                           registered in the Internal database,
                                           mostly in the area of free movement of

Contact information

Bulgarian SOLVIT team


                               Time for questions!

                       Thank you for the attention.

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