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20 web sites by P83R4KN


									5 Sites – That are utilities, things like puzzle makers, free virus software,
communication/networking sites, etc.

       Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker - - This Web
        site allows you to create all sorts of different puzzles for students to complete as assignments. It
        lets you create word searches, criss-cross puzzles, letter tiles, and many more.
       Spyware Doctor -
        antivirus/?ref=google&gclid=CPf2nYKopZQCFQmdnAodhUiYfw – This Web site allows you to
        download antivirus software for free. It removes the Trojan virus as well as others.
       TeachAde - - This is a neat Web site for teachers. It
        allows teachers to communicate back and forth by blogging about special interests or topics that
        may help one another both in and out of the classroom.
       Teachers.Net - - This is similar to the site mentioned above. It provides an
        interface for teachers to communicate with other teachers about tips and lesson plans. It has
        chat boards and other neat features that contain important information for teachers including
        salary info and lesson planning.
       4Teachers - - This Web site is great because it is all about integrating
        technology into the classroom. It has a list of links that lead you to things such as “think tanks”
        and the “Teacher Tacklebox.” It has ready-to-use quizzes, rubrics, and classroom calendars –
        very cool!

5 Sites – That target your content – Sites that do an excellent job of presenting information from your
future topic.

       EdHelper .com - - This Web site features links to things like
        vocabulary lists, spelling lessons, writing prompts, and writing lessons, with focus on persuasive
        writing, narrative essays, descriptive writing, and info on publishing work.
       A Guide for Writing Research Papers - - This site
        has tips on writing research papers, beginning with how to start the research and writing
        process, using proper citations in two different formats (APA and MLA), etc.
       English Help - - This is a very simple, yet helpful Web site.
        It has links that help students learn the different parts of speech, tips on how to dissect a novel,
        ways to sharpen their literary analysis skills, and other neat features like a “Dickens for
        Dummies” link.
       Guide to Grammar and Writing - - I love this site
        because it addresses a slew of issues that high school English students come across on a daily
        basis. It has informative PowerPoint presentations, drop-down help menus that vary according
        to level of complexity (i.e. word and sentence level, paragraph level, etc.), and interactive
        quizzes. I love it!
       High School Ace - - This site is dedicated solely to
        high school English. It is divided into subcategories with a variety of headings that help with
        things such as vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing research, and even a guide to free online

5 Sites – That are webquests which are tied to subjects you wish to teach in the future.

       High School Webquests - - This site features
        webquests for several different subjects, but there are quite a few that focus solely on high
        school English.
       Internet Expeditions - - I really like
        this site because it has webquests related to English/language arts that are more interesting
        than some of the others I found. For example, it features webquests on witchcraft and witch
        hunts, Shakespeare, and a category called “Mystery, Mayhem, and Mistletoe.”
       Tech Trekers - - This webquest site caters
        more to the English subject area. Some of the webquest topics are based upon famous authors
        and their works, such as Dickens, while others place the students in hypothetical situations that
        encourage them to use their problem-solving skills to complete the assignment. The topics are
        very extensive and it sounds like the students would genuinely enjoy partaking in these
        webquests, unlike “regular” schoolwork!
       Poetry Power Point - - This
        webquest asks students to create a PowerPoint of their interpretation of a particular poem. I
        think this one would be great because it encourages deep thought and critical analysis, and it
        hones their design skills as well.
     – This site offers many different webquest topics for high school English students.
        One of them requires that that students delve into the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and analyze
        different parts of the book while others focus more on test prep and general knowledge. I think
        this would be very helpful for high school students, especially those who struggle with
        standardized tests.

5 other sites of your choosing, that would be useful to you in the future.

       Top 10 Tips for Classroom Discipline and Management - - This site gives new high
        school teachers tips on establishing classroom rules and objectives so the classroom is a healthy
        learning environment devoid of distractions and chaos.
       Literature Lesson Plans - - Complete with an extensive list of classic novels,
        this site provides teachers with lesson plans for discussing some of the most popular high school
        pieces of literature.
       Internet4Classrooms - - I really love this
        Web site because it helps teachers who may not be so “tech saavy” use the Internet as a
    classroom resource. Much of the information found on this site is interesting, and I think it could
    help keep students attention while teaching the content.
   Project PARA - - I found this site to be of
    high importance because it provides suggestions for how to make use of classroom space and
    resources. I never put much thought into how to arrange my classroom, so this definitely
    provided a bit of insight for the future.
   NDT Resource Center - http://www.ndt- - This is one of my favorite sites by
    far! It features lots of helpful topics for new teachers on how to manage their classroom and
    encourage learning at the highest level. It has articles and tips on subjects such as “Motivating
    students,” “Teamwork in the classroom,” “Practicing Effective Questioning,” and “Appreciating
    and valuing diversity.”

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