Who Benefits from Crime Free Multi-Housing

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					                                              Spokane’s Approach to
                                             Crime Free Multi-Housing
                                               Submitted by Maurece Vulcano, Spokane C.O.P.S.

                       The purpose of our Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is to assist landlords
                          in developing effective partnerships in a neighborhood environment,
                               and fostering a safe, healthy, family-oriented place to live.

Our Crime Free Multi-Housing program           How the Program Works                      declines in property values, severe
(CFMH) is for anyone that owns or                                                         property damage, drug raids, toxic
manages multiple single-family homes           Originally developed for the City of       contamination from drug labs and loss of
or buildings with 2 or more units. The         Portland, Oregon in 1998, and later        rent during evictions and repairs and
program offers:                                adapted by the Mesa, Arizona Police        ultimately animosity between residents
                                               Department, this program has a proven      and owners/managers and the
   structured and common rules of             track record. Personnel from Spokane       community at large.
    compliance                                 C.O.P.S., Spokane Police Department,
   a communication network                    Spokane County Sheriff, Spokane Fire       In contrast, participating owners/
                                               Department, various city and public        managers reap numerous benefits
   a valuable marketing tool for              services, and active members of Crime      from this program. Benefits may
    property owners                            Free Multi-Housing have teamed up to       include:
                                               tailor this innovative program for the
We are encouraging all responsible             citizens of Spokane and to assist in            A stabilized, more satisfied tenant
landlords who desire a crime-free              training.                                        base, with increased demand for
environment to take part in this program.                                                       rentals.
In addition, the CFMH program is                                                               Improved property values, lower
designed to prevent tenants from abusing        This program calls on managers to               maintenance and repair costs.
rental housing and disrupting                  make creative steps toward providing
neighborhoods in Spokane.                                                                      Improved level of personal safety
                                                 a clean and safe environment for
                                                                                                for both tenants and neighbors.
                                                       citizens of Spokane.
Our purpose in training landlords and                                                          Peace of mind from spending less
tenants is to help you develop more                                                             time on crisis control.
effective partners in our effort to keep       The program uses a 4-level approach to
our neighborhoods safe – free from             eliminate crime in single and multi-       Landlords tell us the course provided
chronic drug dealing and illegal activity.     family communities, to reduce calls for    them with screening tips they hadn't
                                               police service and to foster a clean,      heard before, or helped them deal
                                               healthier, more stable living              successfully with tenants involved in
 Landlords want to provide a clean,            environment.                               illegal activity.
safe place to live. Most tenants want          1.   A comprehensive training program
 to be good neighbors and citizens.                 for property owners/managers
  The premise of this program can
                                               2.   CPTED (Crime Prevention Through
   bring about a better partnership
                                                    Environmental Design) security
   between local government and                     requirements for participating
 community, and ultimately produce                  properties
 safer, more stable neighborhoods.
                                               3.   Meetings with residents (minimum
                                                    of 2 meetings per year)
Drug abuse, antisocial behavior,
defacing and destruction of property,          4.   Designation of a manager/resident
theft and acts of violence are all                  liaison to the nearest C.O.P.S. or    Program evaluations indicate a high
symptoms of non-functional,                         S.C.O.P.E. Substation                 percentage of property managers who
deteriorating neighborhoods.                                                              attend the training program plan to make
                                               Who Benefits from Crime Free               changes in the way they manage their
The Spokane Crime Free Multi-Housing           Multi-Housing?                             property. To date, we have conducted
program can be the vehicle for citizens                                                   numerous voluntary property inspections
working toward an improved quality of          Most owners/managers want to rent to       and approved properties as “Crime Free
life.                                          non-disruptive tenants. Further, renting   Multi-Housing” locations.
                                               to criminals can lead to dramatic
Marketing Benefits                            This alerts potential applicants of      Bottom Line…Protect Yourself
                                               the partnership between the police       and Your Tenants
Participating owners/ managers also            department and the apartment
benefit from the favorable publicity           community.                               The Spokane program is one that has
generated by the program.                                                               been carefully developed and reviewed
                                              It attracts honest renters, who want     by police, human services, community
The Spokane County Chamber of                  to live in a “crime-free” area.          and legal advisors.
Commerce, City Hall, C.O.P.S.                 Owners/managers sign an agreement
Substations and the Spokane Police             not to advertise that the property is,   It is a program that will effectively deal
Department makes available a list of           in fact crime-free, only that they       with illegal activity on rental property,
participating members, which is                have joined Spokane’s Crime-Free         while providing the tenants with the best
available to prospective tenants upon          program.                                 protection against crime and violent
request.                                                                                criminals. It will require managers to
Here are some of our current members:         This removes the appearance of           spend time and money to benefit the
                                               false advertising should illegal         citizens and the City of Spokane.
     Armstrong Apartments                     activity occur on the premise.
     Applewood Apartments
     Balfourwood Apartments
     Beringer Place                          Call now to schedule for the next available training – 835-4572
     Catherine Johnson Apartments
     Cedar North
     Cedar West                                                        Landlords & Managers…
     Collins Apartments                                                 come one…come all!
     Country Heights Apartments
     Courtview Apartments                                     Spokane C.O.P.S.
     Delaney Apartments
     El Estero Apartments                             Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
     Heritage Heights                                 KEEPING ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OUT OF RENTAL PROPERTY!
     Manito Garden Apartments
     Mt. Vernon Terrace Apartments
     Northwood Terrace                                16-Hour Management Training Seminars:
     Opportunity Manor Apartments
     Parsons Hotel
                                                                              May 16-17
     Pine Villa Apartments                                                  August 15-16
     Rosewood Apartments                                                   November 3-4
     Salem Arms II                                                      8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
     Summit View Apartments
     Valley 206
     Westfall Village                                                      CLASSES INCLUDE:
     Winchester Court Apartments #1                 Applicant Screening                  Discovering Clandestine
     Winchester Court Apartments #2                 Rental Agreements                     Drug Lab
     Winchester Court Apartments #3                 RCW Landlord/Tenant Laws             Working with Police
     Woodhaven                                      Ongoing Management                   Domestic / Intimate Partner
                                                     Section 8 Program Youth               Violence
                                                      Opportunities                        Apartment Watch
      Fully approved properties are                  Crisis Resolution (Eviction)         Human / Social Service
     authorized to post “Crime Free”                 Preparing the Property                Resources
      signs and plaque, and use the                   (CPTED)                              Seniors / Disabled Victimization
       program logo in advertising.                  Warning Signs of                     Mental Health Decompensation
    This program is a proven, effective               Drugs/Gangs                          Developmental Disabilities
         Community Policing tool.
                                                An enrollment fee of $75.00 for the initial training session includes an
                                                extensive CFMH Training Resource Manual and related support materials.
Property owners/managers may use the
                                                Space is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. All training sessions
Spokane Crime Free Multi-Housing
                                                are held at Monroe Court, 901 North Monroe, Suite 300, Spokane, WA.
program logo in all of their
advertising, including the telephone
directory, apartment guides and
newspaper ads.
                                                     Call (509) 835-4572 to register.
                                                     Monroe Court, 901 North Monroe, Suite 320A, Spokane, WA 99201
                                                                   E-mail: mvulcano@spokanepolice.org

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