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                    Application Packet
  Please print the application, fill it out and drop it off to Lisa Robison at the Activities

Office in M.C. 201, by Jan. 7th, 2011. If you cannot get your Dr. Approval by then you can

still drop off your application and take the page for the doctor with you and drop it off

                                      after it is signed.
                          Biggest Winner
                                           Participant Criteria

1. Go to the Wellness Center, Hart 152 to get a full assessment and blood draw.
         You will receive information on your triglycerides, cholesterol, LDL, HDL,
         glucose, VLDL’s, blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index, waist hip ratio,
         muscular strength and endurance, cardio vascular test, flexibility and % Body
         Fat. To qualify Women 30% or above and Men 25% body fat or above. (This is
         a $20.00 fee)

2.   Complete the application.

3.   Affiliated with BYU-Idaho with a valid I #

4.   Willing to work with other people

5.   Take this document to your physician. He/she must give you permission
     and sign the waiver for you to participate in the Biggest Winner Program.
     You must tell your physician the details of the program before signing the
     release form and giving you permission to participate.

6.   Accepted offer into the Biggest Winner Program

7.   Time commitment to the Biggest Winner: 5-7 hours per week and every other
     Saturday for a team challenge. M-W-F will be cardio days; T-Th will be
     strength training days. (You will have a student fitness consultant to help you. You
         will weigh in and meet to evaluate your nutrition 1x per week. (Wellness Center)

8. There is a 35.00 fee to participate (charged to your I Card)

          Application is due by Friday January 7, 2011. Drop off application, to M.C.
           101, between 8 am and 5 pm to Lisa Robison
          Interviews for participants will be held January 10-13. (if necessary)
          Opening Ceremony will be Friday Jan 21st from 6-8 pm Location TBA
          Program dates: January 17 – April 1, 2011.
          Closing Ceremonies & Awards April 1, at 6 pm
                      Participant Application
                   “Biggest Winner Winter 2010”
Please fill out the application with as much detail as possible. Answer all questions
honestly and to the best of your ability. All of the following information will be kept
confidential throughout the entire event and will be returned to you at the end of the

Part l: Personal Information

Name: ________________________ Name you go by: ___________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________             I#________________________________

E-mail Address: _________________________________

Gender: M F Height ________ Weight _______ % Body Fat______
Triglycerides________ Cholesterol_______ LDL ______HDL _______
Glucose_______ Waist Hip Ratio ________ VLDL’s ______ Blood Pressure _________
Heart Rate_______ (please do this in the Wellness Center, Hart 152, the full assessment
is free and blood draw is $20.00). If the Wellness Center is closed you can get your body
fat and waist hip circumference done by to see if you qualify, and then do your
assessment either with your personal Doctor, or at the Wellness Center, when it opens on
Jan 10th, 2011. Please call for an appointment 208-496-7491.
All medical information will be given to you at the end of the program.

Birth Date: __________ Age: _________ Marital Status: Single           Married

Year in School: Freshman      Sophomore      Junior    Senior

T-Shirt Size: ____________

Part ll: Lifestyle

If employed would you have the evenings somewhere between 7-10 pm available for
your team workouts M-F and every other Saturday morning? Yes ___No___
How many hours of sleep do you get every night? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
What is your stress level? High Med    Low

I know and recognize that participation in the wellness program conducted by BYU-
Idaho is done on a voluntary basis without compulsion or coercion. I know that
there may be dangers and hazards associated with participation and assume the
associated risks, including but not limited to: heart problems, injury to vital organs,
broken bones, head injuries, joint injuries, strains, sprains, bruises and other trauma
which may be caused by physical exertion, falls, collisions with other
athletes/objects or other accidents or incidents associated with wellness activities. I
acknowledge that these hazards could cause physical or emotional harm or even
I further acknowledge that the decision of whether or not to participate in any given
activity or event is my own personal decision based upon my own assessment of my
physical and mental ability to participate and is not the decision of anyone else. I
understand that the consultants are for encouragement and motivational purposes only.
I am ultimately responsible for my own activity level. I also understand that it is my
personal responsibility to report any significant injury resulting to me from my
participation to the certified BYUI Athletic Trainer.
Knowing the risks , understanding my responsibility and in consideration for being
permitted to participate, and as an inducement to BYU-Idaho to permit me to
participate, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, or anyone else
who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue and waive, release and discharge
BYU-Idaho, its agents, officers, volunteers, and employees from any and all claims or
liability for death, personal injury or property damage of any kind or nature, and
any other claims whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with, my
participation in this activity, even though liability may arise out of carelessness on
the part of BYU-Idaho, including its officers, employees, and volunteers
This release extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or
unforeseen, known or unknown.

Date: ___________________             Activity: _______________________________________
Participant’s Printed Name: ____________________________       Date of Birth________________
Participant’s signature:                                      ______
Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________(Required if participant is a
minor under the age of 18)

Full Time Student_________ Spouse of Student ________ Employee_____________
              Insurance Carrier: _________________________
                                      (For student spouses)
I am willing to release results for publicity purposes [   ]

Have you been cleared by a doctor to participate in the biggest Winner Program?

Yes____    No ____

Doctor: ________________________________

Doctors Signature __________________________________________


Date: ____________________

                     Biggest Winner Exercise Recommendations
NOTE: Recommendations are based on research cited in American College of Sports
Medicine (ACSM) Position Stands.
        Individuals with large body masses and high percentages of body fat will
likely need a great deal more volume of training than a person training to maintain
optimal cardiovascular health. Furthermore, once a formerly overweight person
achieves the weight loss, maintenance of the new weight appears to be enhanced
with greater volume than what it typically recommended for general cardiovascular
Medical Evaluation
    1. Participants should provide a documented medical clearance from a licensed
        physician prior to participation that includes an evaluation of
        cardiopulmonary risk factors and musculoskeletal health.
    2. Medical professional should be aware of the scope of the biggest winner
        program during the evaluation.
    3. Participants should be informed of the risks of participation in this program.
   1. Participants have the option of having a trainer/coach to assist with their
      workout planning and during training sessions
   2. Trainers/coaches may be in attendance at exercise sessions, but participants
      may also perform any portion of the program prescribed or implied without
      direct supervision
   3. It is understood that trainers/coaches are students not professionals.
   4. Trainers/coaches will have been documented to have demonstrated an
      understanding of ACSM guidelines associated with this program and a
      commitment to adhere to those guidelines.

Cardiovascular Exercise
   1. Participants should train at moderate intensity
          a. Level 6 on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the hardest)
          b. Level 6 is a level that will allow participants to carry on a speaking
   2. Training duration in the first weeks can be as few as 10 minutes per session
      and may be longer depending on the individual’s response.
   3. Training frequency should progress to 5 to 7 days per week, although in the
      first week some individuals may need to train every other day.
   4. Mode of exercise can be anything tolerable to the participant. Common
      recommendations for beginners include walking. Cycling and swimming are
      common modes as well.
   5. As fitness improves participants may also benefit from more intense physical
      activity—i.e. overweight/obese individuals have performed cardiovascular
      exercise at intensities that were higher than allowed them to carry on a
      speaking conversation.

Cardiovascular Goals
   1. Progress to a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity
   2. Greater weight loss (and prevention of weight regain) will be more likely at
      250-300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity.

Resistance Exercise
   1. Participants should perform eight to 10 strength-training exercises and 8-12
       repetitions for two sets. Participants may elect to perform more sets and/or
       reps as individual needs dictate.
   2. Intensity and volume should be systematically altered to improve fitness.
   3. Initial training frequency should be two times per week with a minimum of
       48 hours between training sessions.
   4. The mode of training can be anything tolerable to participant.
   5. Initially inexperienced weight trainers may benefit from performing
      machine-based exercises that isolate a muscle group and reduce the balance
   6. Progress to free weight exercise and skill and fitness improves.

Resistance Goals
   1. Participants will perform resistance exercise 2 times per week and may
       progress to three or more times per week by the end of the program.
   2. Loads will progress to the point where the participant uses loads that fully
       challenge him or her for 8-12 repetitions (e.g. participant chooses a weight
       he or she can only lift 10 times for a 10- repetition set, not a weight that
       would allow 15-20 reps)

Schedule below is subject to change
       January 2011
     Sunday           Monday               Tuesday            Wednesday Thursday                            Friday             Saturday

2                 3                       4                   5                       6                7Contestant 8
                                                              Semester                                 Applications
                                                              Begins                                   due. Drop at
                                                                                                       M.C. 101 to
9                 10                      11                  12                      13               14           15
                  Interviews 3-           Interviews          Each contestant will    Contestants Contestants
                                                              have a folder in the
                  6 pm for                3-6 pm for                                  make             Meet with
                                                              wellness center for
                                                                                      appointments Jan
                  contestants             contestants         weigh in and                             trainers
                                                                                      19-21. 496-7491.
                  (If needed)             (If needed)                                 Beginning:       5:30 in Hart
                                                                                      Weigh- in & body
                  Email 2 day food                            recording                                170
                  recording chart
                                                                                      Bring 2 day food   Trainers: Go over
                                                                                      record for         what their
                                                                                      evaluations. You   workouts will be
                                                                                      will get your      and distribute a
                                                                                      calorie packet     monthly calendar
                                                                                      today              of events Q &A
16                17                      18                  19                      20                 21             22
Contestants       Wellness                Contestants                                                    Opening
begin the 2 day   Center closed           appointments        Cardio 10-30            Strength           Ceremonies Exercise on
food recording    Workouts                19-21, 496-7491.    min. (personal          Training           6:00 pm MC your own
                                          Weigh- ins. Bring   Discretion) Cycling
chart 2 days      start today             2 day food record   elliptical treadmill,                      little theater
prior to your     Cardio10-30 min.        for evaluations.    classes                                    Cardio10-30
                  (personal Discretion)   Jan 19-21                                                      min. (personal
appt. to the WC   Cycling elliptical      Strength                                                       Discretion)
                  treadmill, classes                                                                     Cycling elliptical
                                                                                                         treadmill, classes
23                24               25                         26                      27                 28                   29
                  Cardio10-30 min. Contestants                Cardio10-30             Strength           Cardio10-30          CHALLENGE
                  (personal Discretion)   make                min. (personal                             min. (personal
                  Cycling elliptical      appointments        Discretion) Cycling
                                                                                      Training           Discretion)
                  treadmill, classes      496-7491.           elliptical treadmill,                      Cycling elliptical   Bowling
                                          Weigh- ins &        classes                                    treadmill, classes   Highest team
                                          bring nutrition                                                                     score wins the
30                31                      card. Jan 26-28                                                                     challenge
                  Cardio20-40 min. Strength
                                   Training                                                                                   Cardio on
                  (personal Discretion)
                  Cycling elliptical                                                                                          your own
                  treadmill, classes
     FEBRUARY 2011

Sunday       Monday               Tuesday            Wednesday Thursday                    Friday               Saturday
                                 1           2                               3          4                    5
                                 Contestants Cardio20-40                     Strength   Cardio20-40          Cardio on your
                                 make                min. (personal          Training   min. (personal       own
                                 appointments        Discretion) Cycling                Discretion)
                                 496-7491.           elliptical treadmill,              Cycling elliptical
                                 Weigh- ins &        classes, circuit,                  treadmill,
                                 bring nutrition     walking main gym                   classes,
                                 card. Feb. 1-4      bleachers                          circuit, walking
                                 Strength training                                      main gym
6        7                       8            9                              10         11                   12
         Cardio 25-45            Contestants                                                                 Challenge #2
         min. (personal          make         Cardio25-45                    Strength   Cardio25-45          Snow Tubing
         Discretion) Cycling     appointments
                                                     min. (personal          Training   min. (personal       each team
         elliptical treadmill,   496-7491.
                                                     Discretion) Cycling                Discretion)
         classes, circuit,       Weigh- ins &                                                                member will go
                                                     elliptical treadmill,              Cycling elliptical
         walking main gym        bring nutrition                                                             up & down the hill
                                                     classes, circuit,                  treadmill,
         bleachers               card. Feb. 8-11
                                                     walking main gym                   classes, circuit,    carrying their tub
                                 Strength training
                                                     bleachers                          walking main         5 times fastest
                                                                                        gym bleachers
                                                                                                             team wins

13       14 Cardio30-50          15           16                             17         18                   19
         min. (personal          Contestants
         Discretion) Cycling
                                 make         Cardio                         Strength   Cardio30-50          Strength
         elliptical treadmill,
         classes, circuit,                    Cardio30-50                    Training   min. (personal       Training
         walking main gym                                                               Discretion)
                                 Weigh- ins &        min. (personal
         bleachers                                                                      Cycling elliptical
                                 bring nutrition     Discretion) Cycling
                                 card. Feb. 15-18    elliptical treadmill,
                                                                                        classes, circuit,
                                 Strength            classes, circuit,
                                                                                        walking main
                                                     walking main gym
                                 Training                                               gym bleachers
20       21 Cardio30-50          22          23                              24         25                   26
         min. (personal          Contestants Cardio30-50                     Strength   Cardio30-50          Challenge #3
         Discretion) Cycling
                                 make                min. (personal          Training   min. (personal       Indoor Cycling
         elliptical treadmill,
                                 appointments        Discretion) Cycling                Discretion)
         classes, circuit,
                                 496-7491.           elliptical treadmill,              Cycling elliptical   each team
         walking main gym                                                                                    member will ride
                                 Weigh- ins &        classes, circuit,                  treadmill,
                                 bring nutrition     walking main gym                   classes, circuit,    10 miles winning
                                 card. Feb. 22-25    bleachers                          walking main         team will do it in
                                 Strength                                               gym bleachers
                                                                                                             the fastest time

27       28 Cardio35-55
         min. (personal
         Discretion) Cycling
         elliptical treadmill,
         classes, circuit,
         walking main gym
     MARCH 2011

Sunday      Monday                Tuesday            Wednesday Thursday                   Friday              Saturday
                                 1                   2                       3          4                    5
                                 Contestants         Cardio                  Strength   Cardio35-55          Strength
                                 make                Cardio35-55             Training   min. (personal       Training
                                 appointments 496-                                      Discretion)
                                                     min. (personal
                                 7491. Weigh- ins                                       Cycling elliptical
                                                     Discretion) Cycling
                                 & bring nutrition                                      treadmill,
                                                     elliptical treadmill,
                                 card. Feb. 1-4                                         classes, circuit,
                                                     classes, circuit,
                                                                                        walking main
                                                     walking main gym
                                 Strength                                               gym bleachers
6        7                       8                   9                       10         11                        12
         Cardio40-60 min.        Contestants         Cardio40-60             Strength   Cardio40-60          Challenge#4
         (personal Discretion)   make                min. (personal          Training   min. (personal         Put the
         Cycling elliptical      appointments 496-   Discretion) Cycling                Discretion)
         treadmill, classes,     7491. Weigh- ins    elliptical treadmill,              Cycling elliptical     weight
         circuit, walking main   & bring nutrition   classes, circuit,                  treadmill,             back on
         gym bleachers           card. Feb. 8-11     walking main gym                   classes, circuit,
                                                     bleachers                          walking main
                                 Strength                                               gym bleachers
13       14                      15                  16                      17         18                   19
         Cardio45-60 min.        Contestants         Cardio45-60             Strength   Cardio45-60          Strength
         (personal Discretion)   make                min. (personal          Training   min. (personal       Training
         Cycling elliptical      appointments 496-   Discretion) Cycling                Discretion)
         treadmill, classes,     7491. Weigh- ins    elliptical treadmill,              Cycling elliptical
         circuit, walking main   & bring nutrition   classes, circuit,                  treadmill,
         gym bleachers           card. Feb. 15-18    walking main gym                   classes, circuit,
                                                     bleachers                          walking main
                                 Strength                                               gym bleachers

20       21                      22                  23                      24         25                   26
         Cardio50-60 min.        Contestants         Cardio50-60             Strength   Cardio 50-           Challenge # 5
         (personal Discretion)   make                min. (personal          Training   60 min.               Amazing
         Cycling elliptical      appointments 496-   Discretion) Cycling                (personal
         treadmill, classes,     7491. Weigh- ins    elliptical treadmill,              Discretion)
         circuit, walking main   & bring nutrition   classes, circuit,                  Cycling elliptical     Stations
         gym bleachers           card. Feb. 22-25    walking main gym                   treadmill,
                                                     bleachers                          classes, circuit,
                                 Strength                                               walking main
                                 Training                                               gym bleachers
        APRIL 2011
 Sunday              Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday        Friday       Saturday
                                                      1             2
                                                      CLOSING       Conference
                                                      6:00 pm

3            4       5         6           7          8             9

10           11      12        13          14         15            16

17           18      19        20          21         22            23

24           25      26        27          28         29            30

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