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									                           WHERE TO GET DANCE CALENDERS
Where can I get a paper copy of the Northeast Square Dancer Magazine?
Where can I get a paper copy of a Dance Calendar?

  If you want to know how to get your hands on a paper copy of the good old fashioned Northeast Square Dancer
Magazine, THIS is your answer. ON THE INTERNET
If you don’t have a computer or know how to use one, that’s not a problem. Every dancer has a child or grandchild
or friend or neighbor or librarian who has and knows how to use a computer. So what you need is instructions on
how to find the information on the internet. Bring these instructions to someone who can use them to get the
information you want.

WEBSITE for “Northeast Square Dancer Magazine”.
In the address box of internet explorer enter:
This will bring you directly to the Northeast Square Dancer Magazine where you can read the entire magazine for
the current month, back issues, or the upcoming month as it becomes available. You can read the magazine on the
computer monitor or you can ask to have any page or pages printed up for you, including the current dance
calendar. The magazine comes out once a month so at most you would have to have someone help you once a
month to print any of the pages that you would like to have a paper copy of. ANYONE can ask their child, friend,
librarian, etc. to do this for them once a month. The library may charge a small fee. There is no excuse for not
having access to the Northeast Square Dancer Magazine that we all know and love. All you have to do is give
someone you know these instructions and the magazine is yours for the asking.

Where can I get complete dance calendars by year for a club or by month for all clubs?
WEBSITE for Wayne Griffin’s “Square Dance New England”
In the address box for internet explorer enter: (or )
This will bring you directly to a website that contains information on all NSSARDA clubs as well as local
Click on the Calendar button on the top left side of the screen.
In the middle of the page, look for “Separate Monthly Dance Schedules for Associations/Federations/Others: ”
Click on word/link to NSSARDA (North Shore Square and Round Dance Association) as this is the association
for our area.
Now look in the middle of the page where it shows: “Monthly Dance Schedules” and click on “September to
January Dance Calendar” or the “January to August Dance Calendar”.
This will bring up a full calendar of all NSSARDA club dances for that time period. Your helper person can print
any page from this schedule that you would like to have printed (a paper copy).

The Calendar page also has a “Combined Monthly Dance Schedules” section where you can click on any
month (e.g. NOV 2008) to see a calendar of all dances hosted by New England Clubs and callers/cuers.

Please keep in mind that Wayne depends on clubs to send him their dance calendars and changes. Wayne updates
this information often and as information becomes available to him. Wayne can not post dances if clubs do not
provide him the information. The farther out the schedule is, the less information it contains. The most complete
and accurate information is contained in the most recent calendar month. Therefore, if you print out the Aug 2009
calendar in Nov of 2008, it is a good idea to check for updates to the Aug 2009 calendar in June or July 2009.
Wayne Griffin’s website on is free and therefore has a lot of annoying pop up ads so
he created a mirror/copy of the website at which has no banner ads nor
popup ads. There is a link on to

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