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                                danny izzo, certified professional photographer

    P.O. Box 91186 ♦ Lafayette, LA 70509 ♦ 337-233-1094/800-801-0813
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Dear Directors,

We at Nouveau Photeau are honored to again be the photographer for the Louisiana
State Music Festivals. We’ve attached an order form for the pictures. It would be such a
great help if you would distribute these in advance. In fact it would help so much that
we are introducing an incentive:

                                FREE MONEY!!!
Here’s how it works. Every group with total orders of five or more pictures (any size) will
go into a drawing at the end of the festival. The drawing winner will get $100.00 CASH!!
This means if you have more than one group participating and each group has 5 or
more pictures ordered, you will go into the drawing once for each group, increasing
your chances at winning. We’ll make the winner’s name public on our website and on
the state website immediately after the festival.

                           NEW NEW NEW
This year we are adding something new to our offerings. We can now do the pictures in
the standard 8x10 style format or they can be printed in a panorama format. The
panorama format allows us to do away with the large amount of floor and backstage
wall that often appears in the regular format. We will have samples of both styles for
people to view at the festival. We introduced this at All-State and it was a HUGE hit, so
we have decided to offer it at the state level.

One more change: This year we will mail all orders directly to the parents. This should
solve the problems we’ve had in the past with some school getting out early In May. It
also means directors will no longer have to deal with the orders at the busy end of the
school year. We simply ask that our shipping and handling costs be covered and will
add $4.00 to each order. Any parents who have children in more than one group can
combine orders and pay shipping one time.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call or email me at the
above contact numbers.


                                      Photography is science & art . . .
                                           Mixed with a touch of magic*
Danny Izzo
certified professional photographer

                                      Photography is science & art . . .
                                           Mixed with a touch of magic*

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