Agenda Parents Meeting 2007/2008 Basketball season by OF6eor4


									           Parent Meeting Agenda – 2011/12 Wildcats Basketball Season

   Overall Approach to the season:
           A) Coaches introduction
           B) What to expect this year
           C) Tournament dates/locations
                  1) Average cost per player is $15-20 per tourney. Cost per team is $105 - $250.
                      Free Throw-a-thon often covers all most of the tourney fees.
                  2) Two tourneys a month
                  3) Local Davis tournaments/scrimmages

   Forms, Fees and Uniforms:
           A) To turn in tonight:
                   Medical Release form (online under “Forms”)
           B) To do/turn in by next practice:
                   Register online -- to receive coaches emails and have access to your teams
                     webpage (“Register online” tab on website)
                   AAU Card (“Get your AAU Card” tab on website ) Davis Hoops AAU #XTBCXY
                   copy of birth certificate
                   Parent/Player Code of Conduct (online under “Forms”)

           C) We will let you know your team’s Uniform sizing date and time
                  Payment for Uniform ($125 for uniform, work out shirt and sack pack) , checks
                     payable to “DAVIS HOOPS”)
           D) Registration Fee of $400 will be due by third practice, either paid online or by
              check/money order (payable to “DAVIS HOOPS”).

   Fund Raising:
          A) Free Throw-a-Thon – each player is required to raise at least $100, or the parent will
               need to make up the difference to reach $100.
          B) Sponsorships (form is online)
          C) Any other ideas?

   Volunteers: (see sign-up sheet)

   Practices:
           A) Check the web calendar often! Once you register online, any changes to the calendar
               will be emailed to you.
           B) Call or email coach if unable to attend.
           C) Likely once a week in Davis, once a week in Dixon DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD IN THE
               TIME! If the school has equipment left out, please do not allow your child to play with
               it (gym mats, ropes, etc).
           D) Bleachers may NOT be pulled out. One year a parent caused $500 in damage by
               pulling out bleachers without the tool needed, so only custodians may move the
           E) Water only in gyms (at Holmes, leave water bottles in the lobby)
           F) When practicing at Emerson, either park on Humboldt or park in the school parking
              lot and walk around the outside of the buildings to the gym. The school does not
              want us walking through the commons area (indoors) after hours.

   Expectations for Parents/Players
           A) This is a competitive basketball team
           B) Practices will be 2 times per week
           C) Season length
           D) Playing time is not guaranteed; the goal is to have each player play 2 quarters each
              game. If they do not attend practices, they will not get the same playing time as those
              who do attend.
           E) Parents -- please do not coach from the sidelines! Only positive cheering allowed!
              Any concerns, see the coach.
           F) Review Parent/Player Code of Conduct

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