Quick Math Quiz by OF6eor4


									Quick Math Quiz
The first number I want you to write down is $237.
That is how much it costs to buy a Body Shop consultant kit and that includes the
shipping and $400 worth of products.
Now, Subtract $28. This is the only hard one. (= $209)
I am giving everybody who signs up $28 off their kit.
Next, when you hold your first party the average is about $400 in sales and you get to
keep 25% so you’ll make $100. So subtract $100 from the number you have. (= $109)
Finally, the Body Shop is offering you $100 in FREE products after that first party. So
subtract another $100. ($9)
The number you have is the amount you will be investing in starting your own Body
Shop at home business.
Now, who wouldn’t want $400 in free products and a continual 25% discount for a
measly $9 bucks!
Take these two sheets out if you are interested or know someone who might be and pass
it on.

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