Secure Connection to Your Windows XP Pro Computer Anytime, Anywhere

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					Secure Connection to Your Windows
XP Pro Computer Anytime, Anywhere
                     Present by
               Vuong Phung
              Operating Systems Administrator

     The CATS 2005 Conference

   Network & Computer Service Center (NCS)
  College of Science – San José State University
   Access to your computer anytime from
    anywhere (where Internet connection is available)
   Transfer files or copy and paste documents
    between two computers
   Print to a local printer
   Better than TightVNC/VNC
   Cost $0
   Secure
   Easy to implement
     One of the Working Scenario
                                         SSH Server

              1. SSH tunnel connection
              2. RD connection
                                              XP Pro SP2
                                         Campus Network
Windows/Mac OS X/*NIX
   One XP Pro SP 2             A Windows 95/98/Me/
    computer                     NT/2000/XP/Mac OS X/
                                 *NIX computer
   One static IP address
                                A free Remote Desktop
   One SSH account on           Connection software for
    the network where this       non-XP computer
    computer resides            A free Putty SSH client
   I will refer to this         software for Windows
    computer as the XP Pro      I will refer to this
    computer                     computer as the
                                 Remote computer
Action Overview
1.   Gather information and write it down
2.   Configure the XP Pro computer
3.   Configure the Remote computer
4.   Attempt to make the first remote
     desktop connection
5.   Make the connection even more
Gather Information
1.   The static IP address of the XP Pro
2.   The static IP address/DNS name of
     the SSH server that you will connect to
3.   The SSH account username and
Configure the XP Pro Computer

1.   Update and patch Windows
2.   Verify to make sure it has a static IP
3.   Turn on the Remote Desktop option
     and allow at least one remote user
4.   Turn off the XP firewall
5.   Verify that port 3389 is listening
Configure the Remote Computer
1.   Update and patch Windows
2.   Download and install Remote Desktop
     Connection for non-Windows XP computer
3.   Download and install DigestIT 2004
4.   Download and verify Putty software
5.   Configure Putty software (Mac OSX and
     *NIX uses built-in SSH command)
Attempt the First RD Connection
          On the Remote computer
1.   Use the Putty software to connect to the
     SSH server and logon with the provided
     username and password (Mac OSX and
     *NIX uses ssh –2 –L 3388:your-XP-Pro-IP:3389
2.   Use the Remote Desktop Connection
     software to connect to “localhost:3388”
3.   Logon to the XP Pro computer for the first
Secure the Connection Further
          On the XP Pro computer
1.   Change the default listening port 3389
     to another port
2.   Turn on the XP firewall
3.   Set the XP firewall to accept only the
     remote desktop connection traffic from
     the SSH server
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