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					August 2011

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Jenks East Kindergarten! My name is Patti Southard and I will be your
child’s teacher. I am looking forward to an exciting and rewarding year with your
kindergartener. The kindergarten year is an exciting one for all of us. You will see
your child grow and learn at an amazing rate. Kindergarten can be a wonderful
learning and growing experience for your child. While in kindergarten, kids learn to
function outside the sphere of home and family in an atmosphere with a different set of
rules than at home. This new atmosphere, filled with play and instruction, blends new
levels of independence as well as interdependence in your child. Working with others
is another valuable lesson learned in kindergarten as kids learn to share space,
equipment and ideas with their kindergarten classmates. I hope we can be partners in
sharing the pleasure this year has to offer. You can compliment your child’s year by
staying abreast of what is going on in the classroom. The first year of school is always
an exciting adventure for the entire family. I encourage you to become involved in
whatever way is possible for your family. Maybe you can come in and help with
classroom projects, or perhaps you could help by making materials at home ready for
classroom use. Each family has special talents and exciting interests to share which
helps to make the class more varied and exciting than any teacher can do alone.

Kindergarten is from 8:50-3:30. Children riding the bus to school will be escorted to
Building A by school personnel the first week of school. Afternoon dismissal will
begin at 3:20 for the first couple of weeks of school. This early dismissal is necessary
in order to help all children find their bus number in the bus oval. If you pick up your
child by car, please wait in your car by the front entrance by 3:20 so we can get all
children to their ride safely. Please have your child wear his/her nametag the first 7
days of school. If there is any change in where your child is to go after school, you
must send a note to school or call the school secretary early in the day. We must be
notified by an adult of any change in plans.
Heat Alert- Your child will be permitted to bring a water bottle to school during the
extreme heat. Please make sure the bottle can be opened easily and does not leak.

School supplies may be sent to school anytime this week or next. Your child needs to
bring a regular sized backpack to school each day to bring home papers, art projects,
etc. I will be sending home a monthly newsletter to keep you informed as to our units
of study. The class newsletter and homework folder, along with announcements and
fliers from the school office, will be sent home on Thursdays in an envelope. Please
be sure to take out all the notes and have your child return it to school empty the next
day, whereby he/she will be rewarded.

A snack calendar will also be sent home prior to the start of the next month. Snacks
should be individually wrapped for 20+ children. I’ll put the exact class size on the
first few calendars. Please, nothing with peanuts, due to allergies. We are a peanut-
free school. Drinks are sent only for special occasions. Items must be purchased, not
homemade. Mini-cupcakes, muffins, doughnuts (instead of cakes which have to be
cut), along with a juice box, work well for special birthday treats. The day before your
child is snack helper he/she will bring home our “snack bag”. Please return it the next
day with the snacks for each child.

This year the children will make related discoveries and experience enriching activities
to make kindergarten the exciting, rewarding start to education that it should be.
August 18th will be our first day of school. It does take a little longer at first for some
children to adjust to school. This day will be exciting but a little scary. There may be
some tears, but please do not linger. I have planned some extra special activities. We
will be very busy making new friends and learning names. This week we will be
getting acquainted and using self-help skills. Our August theme will be “All About
Me”. This week and next week we will review our colors, shapes, identifying letters
in first and last name, identifying the alphabet by naming both upper and lower case
and recognizing and reproducing simple rhyming pairs. “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”
by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault will be the unit’s driving force.

Back-to-School Night is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30th, 6:00-7:00 p.m. This is a
night for parents only. I will be discussing schedules, curriculum, goals, and
expectations for the school year. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you. I am ready
for a fun-filled active school year! Remember, every day your child will bring
something home, either in head, hand, or heart. If you have any questions or
suggestions regarding your child’s activities and progress during the year, please
contact me at 299-4415, ext.5512 (office) ext.5113 (voicemail). E-mail . After your child completes kindergarten, don’t be
surprised if he or she has changed a bit. You may find your child less dependent, better
able to communicate ideas and more fascinated with his/her expanding world. Most
importantly, kindergarten can create the love for learning in your child that will benefit
him/her throughout his/her life. Together we can make this a wonderful year for your

Patti Southard

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