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					The SkyRiver database represents over 28 million unique
titles and is constantly updated. The database includes the
full LC MARC files and CONSER files. That is supplemented
by public domain metadata from SkyRiver’s customer
libraries and hundreds of other contributing libraries.
• Starting December 1, 2010, Union Catalog
  will be obtaining bib records from Sky
  River, not OCLC.
• ILL is still handled by OCLC for out of
  system requests.
• ALA Publishing has allowed free access to RDA from its publication
  date through August 31, 2010. Timeline for testing:

• First 90-day period: testing participants will familiarize themselves
  with the content of RDA and the RDA Toolkit.

• Second 90-day period: testing participants will produce records

• Third 90-day period: Steering Committee for the testing will
  evaluate the results and produce its report, which will be shared
  with the broader library community (expected to be around April

• Widespread adoption of RDA within the U.S. is not expected until
  after this evaluation report is released.
     Provider-Neutral E-Monograph
          MARC Record Guide
     Includes revisions to September 2010

• To develop a provider-neutral cataloging
  model for a single bibliographic record that
  could be used for all the instances of an online
  monograph. This is to include records for
  resources, that, in the past, have been
  cataloged variously as reproductions or
  electronic editions.
Quick Edit for Bib (SCAN) Requests

• Allows staff to create a brief bib if the full one
  is not in the Union Catalog.
• Allows staff to attach an item so it can
  circulate immediately.
• Allows staff to attach an order so they can
  place holds immediately.
• Training to begin after the first of the year.

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