AGENDA Board Meeting Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools by OF6eor4


                                                  Board Meeting
                                       Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools
                                            Monday, December 8, 2008

                                        Board Meeting
                             Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools
                                  Monday, December 8, 2008

                   Time and Place
                      6:30 p.m. – Auditing Committee
                      7:00 p.m. – Regular Meeting Begins
                                  Irving West School
                                  195 20th Street NW

Opening the Meeting
    A. Call to order
         1. Welcome visitors
    B. Amendments to agenda
The board self-evaluation was moved to January and the legislative representatives were unable
to attend due to weather conditions.
    C. Public Forum: Visitor comments
No visitors were present to speak before the board.

    Washington Irving
After the board meeting, Principal Roger Wilcox gave the board a brief tour of the facility and the
needed improvements recently made to address sound issues.

Old Business
    A. Approve Minutes
The board approved the minutes from the November 3rd meeting.
    B. Southeast Easement
The board approved the easement request from the City of Waverly for the bike trail extension
around Southeast School.
    C. Final Reading: Board Policy 905.2 – Tobacco-Free Environment
The board approved Policy 905.2- Tobacco-Free Environment.
    E. Board Self-Evaluation amended to January
New Business
    A. Senator Bill Heckroth and Representative Pat Grassley
    B. Architect Selection Process
All proposals have been reviewed by board members and they selected four firms to bring in for
a formal interview. The four chosen were Frevert, Ramsey, & Kobes of Des Moines, Durrant of
Dubuque, BCDM/Benjamin Design/Modern Design of Omaha, and Struxture of Waterloo.
     C. Approve Iowa Drug and Alcohol Testing Program for 2009
 The board approved the Iowa Drug and Alcohol Testing Program for bus drivers for 2009.
     D. Approve Iowa Health Physicans Rohlf Clinic Service of $75 for Bus Driver
 The board approved Rohlf Clinic for the providing of services for bus driver physicals.
     E. Approve Mid Year Graduates for High School and Greenview
 The board approved the eligible mid-year graduates from the high school and Greenview
 Alternative School contingent on “all district requirements being met”.
     F. Committing to Success for All Students DVD
 This video will be shown in January.
     G. Did You Know Video
 Superintendent Vyverberg played a video demonstrating the need for increased 21st century skills
 for all students.
     H. First Reading: Board Policies 200.1-206.2 – New Election Law and Change in
           of Board Members
     I. First Reading: Board Policy Series 700 – Non-instructional Operations and
 The board held their first reading for the above board policies.
     J. Open Enrollment
           1. Justine Breitbach, IN from Janesville
The board approved the above open enrollment IN for 2009-2010.
     A. Resignation
           1. Jeremiah Johnson, 7th boys’ assistant basketball
           2. Noel Nass, study hall/bus loading supervisor
 The board approved the above resignations.
     B. Approve Contract
           1. Thomas Fields, 7th assistant boys basketball
     C. Letters of Assignment
           1. Barb Nolte, study hall/bus loading supervisor
           2. Debra Thompson, salad bar preparation
     D. Volunteer Coach
           1. Keith Halverson, girls track
 The board approved the above contract, letters of assignment, and volunteer coach. Mr.
 Halverson currently teaches and coaches for WSR.

   A. Claims and Accounts
The board approved the presented claims and accounts for the current month.

Board, Staff, and Administrative Reports
    A. Legislation
    B. IASB State Conference/Delegate Assembly
Directors discussed their experiences at the IASB State Conference in November.

Set Next Meeting Date and Location
    Set date and time for the January Board Meeting
The next monthly board meeting will be January 5th. In addition, the board will hold a meeting
on December 18th to interview the four final architects.

The meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.

December                                           January
 1 - Doug Nichols                                   4 - Sandra Dietz
     June Zmolek                                        Linda Hildreth
 2 - Nancy Conklin                                  7 - Elaine Hill
     Linda Pencil                                   9 - Sarah McGregor
 7 - Liesa Bailey                                  10 - Lori Block
     Karen Erhardt                                 11 - Danielee Velky
 8 - Christine Troyer                                   Teresa Hatch
 9 - Ron Bigger                                    13 - Joanna Heidemann
     Sandra Fonkert                                     Marty Wurth
     Karen Olmstead                                14 - Casey Chaplin
     Diane Steege                                       Patty Harrell
15 - Jill Boerigter                                15 - Bonnie Anderson
16 - Brian Gabe                                    16 - Kathryn Duffy
19 - Darren Uhlenhopp                              17 - Denise Brase
20 - Amy Grawe                                     19 - Christi Lines
     Peggy Kaleas                                       Jerrod Staack
     Trish Ribich                                       Penny Toay
21 - Ruth Hall                                     20 - Linda Fabbro
22 - Jo Knapp                                      21 - John Souhrada
25 - Denise Graettinger                                 Denny Stufflebeam
     Glenda Huberg                                 23 - David Fox
27 - Julie Holiday                                 25 - Ellen Crayne
30 - Diane Goodrich                                     Darlene Shipp
     Jaime Robbins                                 27 - Djuana Stover
31 - Rick Caldwell                                      Pat Fox
                                                        Donna Taylor
                                                   28 - Noel McMillin
                                                   29 - Matt Nelson
                                                   31 - Linda Podhajsky

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