tvl recording letter by OF6eor4


									Dear TVL,

Thank you for your recent letter in which you informed me of your intent to visit
my home with the intention of verifying that any AV equipment within it is legally
compliant with my unlicensed status.

I am writing to inform you that any attendance at my premises by your
organisation will be subject to video recording, from the outset, via CCTV and
other recording methods. Such recordings may be published at my discretion,
though I undertake not to use them to misrepresent TV Licensing.

I understand that your Policies for visiting staff require them to leave the
premises immediately, should they become aware that they are being
video-recorded. Please can you confirm that any staff that you may send to my
home have been instructed to do this, and that you warrant their compliance.

Please also note the following:-

   - If you cannot warrant their compliance with your Policies, your/their right
     to visit is revoked, until such time as you can warrant compliance.

   - If you do warrant their compliance with your Policies and your staff do not
     observe them in practice, they will be asked to leave immediately, and the
     Police will be called if they fail to do so.

   - As a consequence of your Policy and my right to video-record your staff on
     my premises, it is futile to send staff to my premises.

   - Given the futility of this Policy, you will also Cease and Desist from sending
     me your mass mailings - I consider them offensive and misleading.

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