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					                                        Science Week
                                        We held a very successful science week which saw the children involved
                                        with a number of activities which they enjoyed. It culminated in the
                                        children shooting off rockets in the field – it was amazing how high some
                                        of them went!
    July 2010

                                        Sports Day
                                        Thank you to Ms Lashmar for organising a very successful Sports Day. The
                                        children had an enjoyable time competing in a number of events such as egg
                                        and spoon race, three legged race and obstacle. Well done to Oak house
                                        who won the event overall. Thank you also to the parents and carers who
                                        turned up to support their children.

                                        Warm weather
                                        Please can I remind parents that with the increasing warm weather it is
Calverton School Newsletter

                                        very important that children wear appropriate clothing and footwear when
                                        they come to school. We encourage children to wear caps, use sun cream
                                        and drink plenty of fluid throughout the day.

                                        Bikes in Playground
                                        Could we please ask children and adults to refrain from riding bikes in the
                                        playground before and after school as there are a number of small children

                                        Carnival-Friday 9th July

                                        This year our carnival theme is ‘World Cup Countries’. It will take place on
                                        Friday 9th July 2010 from 9.30am. The children will take part in a parade
                                        wearing costumes which they are currently making at school. After the
                                        parade all children will congregate in the junior playground to perform a
                                        song, dance or both which they have learnt as a class. Parents and Carers
                                        are welcome to parade with their child or watch the singing and dancing
                                        event happening from around 10.15am. We look forward to seeing you on
                                        the day. For this day only the temporary gate from Jade Close will be open
                                        to allow entrance to parents/carers.

                                        Summer Fete
                                        We will be holding our Summer Fete on Friday 9th July between 2.30pm
                                        and 4.30pm. Children can be collected from 2.30pm on that day. The
                                        entrance fee will be 50p for adults and children are free. There will be
                                        lots of stalls, a bouncy castle and refreshments for what promises to be a
                                        fun filled afternoon. Congratulations to Nicola and Petra in 3G for
                                        designing the winning entrance programme.
                                        Year 6 Production

    July 2010

                                        Our Year 6 production this year will be Grease. Auditions were
                                        held for all the parts and the children have started rehearsals
                                        for what should be a wonderful event. The performances will be
                                        at Royal Docks Community School on the evenings of 12th and 14th
                                        July at 7.00pm.
Calverton School Newsletter

                                        Achievement Evening

                                        Our achievement evening for Nursery to Year 5 was held on
                                        Thursday 1st July. There was an excellent turn out of parents and
                                        carers many of whom met their children’s new teachers as well as
                                        saying ‘goodbye’ to their old class teachers.
                                        The Year 6 achievement evening and B.B.Q will be held on Friday

                                        16th July from 4.00pm- 6.00pm. Parents of Year 6 pupils are
                                        welcome to join us from 5.30pm.

                                        Staffing News
                                        We will be saying goodbye to Mrs James, Mr Rogers, Ms Gibbs
                                        and Mrs Shawcroft who will be leaving us at the end of this term.
                                        On behalf of everyone at the school I would like to thank all four
                                        teachers for their tremendous hard work and dedication and wish
                                        them every success for their future. Mrs Khan (nee Hamid) will
                                        be returning from maternity leave on Monday 12th July, we all
                                        welcome her back. Ms Tahir and Ms Greenwell will be joining us in
                                        September and will be taking Year 5 and Reception respectively.
                                        Calverton and Hallsville Primary School have received funding for
                                        one year to employ a maths teacher to carry out the ‘Every Child
                                        a Reader’ initiative. We have appointed Ms Musrat Ashraf who
                                        will work in both schools to support children in Years 1 and 2.
                                                    House of the Year

                                                    The House of the term this term is Oak so well done Oak- you will have
                                                    your afternoon of activities on Wednesday 14th July.
                                                    The House that won the overall House of the year was Beech so
                                                    congratulations to everyone in Beech. On Monday the winners will have a
    July 2010

                                                    trip to Stratford Picture House to watch a film followed by a picnic in the
                                                    nearby park. A letter will be coming out on Thursday for all those children
                                                    in Beech House.

                                                    Refugee Day/World Cup Day

                                                    We had a very successful refugee day with the children carrying out a
                                                    variety of activities. We entered a borough wide competition to design a
                                                    hat and slogan so it was great pleasure to hear that Sephora, Mannon and
Calverton School Newsletter

                                                    Shani from 6B won the first prize.

                                                    Breakfast Club

                                                    Breakfast club will be available for all pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 from
                                                    September 6th. If you are interested in your child coming along please see
                                                    Mrs Maguire in the office.


                                                    All holidays taken in school time will not be authorised.

                                                    100% Attenders

                                                    Congratulations to all the following children who have attended every single
                                                    school day this year up to Friday 2nd July.

                                                    Toluwani Nursery, Rory Nursery, Debbie 4BM, Lakisha 5R, Jay 6B,
                                                    Anderson 5R, Ogechi 1W, Janice 2L, Nana 2L, Lidia 4BM, Madison 2P, David
                                                    RR, Yetunde 4J, Jayden 2L, Rahul 3M
                                            Building Work

    July 2010

                                            There is building work, due to start in the summer holiday, which
                                            will see both the Foundation stage and K.S1 classrooms enlarged
                                            and to be of a more appropriate size for the number of children.
                                            The work is expected to take about 1 year to complete but I am
                                            sure that you agree with me that it is essential that the children
                                            get the classrooms they deserve. When we know more details of
                                            the building schedule we will let you have them.
Calverton School Newsletter

                                            And finally
                                            We have had a very busy year at Calverton which has seen the
                                            school make good progress. Standards have continued to rise and
                                            we have had successes in sporting and singing events as well as
                                            taking part in activities organised by the borough. I would like to
                                            say a big thank-you to all the staff and parents for their
                                            continued hard work and support this year, as without them or
                                            you Calverton would not achieve as much as they have. Thank you.

                                            Key Dates:

                                            Carnival and School Fete    - Friday 9th July
                                            Year 6 production           - 12th and 14th July
                                            End of Year parties         - Friday 16th July (p.m)
                                            Last day of academic year for pupils
                                                                        - Monday 19th July

                                            Staff Training Days                 - 1st/ 2nd /3rd Sept
                                            Children return to school           - Monday 6th Sept
                                            School closed for Eid               - Friday 10th Sept

                                            Ms S Fowle
                                            Acting Head Teacher

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