Martin ELA3 Parent Letter 2012 by OF6eor4


									                                                                                                                  English 3

August 28, 2012

Dear Parents:

Congratulations are extended to you, as well as your child, that he or she has achieved the academic status
associated with becoming a junior! It will be my pleasure and challenge to teach students as they continue
the journey towards graduation – just one more year!

The purpose of the 11th grade course in English is to prepare students for reading, writing, analyzing, and
discussing more complex concepts associated with grade eleven. This includes study and preparation for
SAT/ACT and EXIT Level TAKS testing as well as business and professional writing.
This particular class will also become familiar with EOC (end of course) assessments as part of the Texas
Education Agency’s rollout of the new state assessment called STAAR.

A writer’s/reader’s workshop model will be used this year to facilitate the craft of reading and writing, with
a focus on Literature of the Americas.

Coursework will focus on developing the skills, habits of mind, and concepts they need to succeed in
college and in the twenty-first century workplace. As such, students will be asked to do the following
things more effectively than students in an English II class:

         To read more challenging books – texts and supplementary reading

         To apply higher level thinking skills to reading and writing assignments

         To juggle the demands of academics and block schedule with extra-curricular activities

My goals are those of the Hendrickson Learning Community – to build a culture of success through
collaboration. As such, I am committed to the task of helping EACH student make a measurable
improvement during the year by using writing and reading assessments to measure learning and increase
instructional rigor. I love teaching (this is my 24 th consecutive year) and working with the wonderful
students at Hendrickson (year #9).

If the class of 2014 is successful, it will be through the joint efforts of students, teacher, and parents. The
use of a class Wikispaces account and a Microsoft account will assist in providing online resources as well
as assignment submission for English III. More details about both will come to you in a separate
communication. If you would like to become a member of the wiki, please send me an email.
**Please note the change in email to for all PISD faculty and staff.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.


Connie Martin, M. Ed. (This is my preference; you will get a faster response.)
Conferences: Block 1 and 6 (1st is teacher planning, 6th is English Dept. planning)
Classroom E204: Voice mail number: 594-1306

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