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					Free knowledge Monday thru Friday--Bring your own container!
—Primary Program Class Slogan 2010.

January 2010

Dear Primary Program Parents:

Happy 2010! Classes are back to work and continuing our studies on memory in
our unit titled The Memory Connection. Students were recently introduced to the
Green Noggin character in the story Green Noggin Learns to Remember. This month
they will learn the acronym below and begin talking about ways to keep the brain
safe and healthy. Shortly students will be designing helmets for a helmet safety
experiment involving boiled eggs and bicycles. Coming soon, kids will be comparing
their own sleep data with recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation
following a lesson on the importance of sleep in building long term memories. A web
site you may enjoy visiting with your child is We will
continue our studies in the weeks to come as we learn more about how to promote
brain health and will practice the various memory strategies. Please continue to ask
your child for details about each class and what they are learning about their brain
and memory.

E= Exercise              Brain Health

G=Gather                The Strategies
I=Ideas with

Please recall that the Primary Program Progress Report will be mailed home
January 20, 2010. The writing of these reports is a long, laborious process, but
much more informative I hope than a checklist. Please feel free to email me your
feedback or questions or leave a message for me at the gifted center at 214-3750 and
I will return your call. Thanks. New Students will be joining many of our classes at
the end of January and early February. This will be a good time to review and
practice our Star Learner Behavior expectations. I will be viewing this as an
opportunity to see your child model leadership behaviors and set a positive example
for the younger students joining the class. I appreciate and value your support in
setting an expectation for high standards for positive behavior and use of learning
time in our class. Thank you. I have given the January calendar to students along
with the Memorable Moments game we played in class. I am including an article for
interested parents addressing the emotional intensities experienced by some gifted


Jill Rockett
Primary Program Teacher

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