LAKESIDE HIGH SCHOOL
                             5909 Highway 291
                         Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026
                               (509) 340-4200

                2011-2012 STUDENT HANDBOOK
      Lakeside High School students and staff have built a tradition of
excellence in academics, activities, arts, and athletics. Students and staff are
committed to helping each other become productive, contributing members of
society. Our culture is one of mutual support. By using our POWER
Principles, we can make Lakeside a center for achievement. What are YOU
going to do to make this a better place?
      This handbook has been prepared in order to help you become better
acquainted with the customs, traditions, and regulations at Lakeside High
School. Students are encouraged to use the handbook and know it well.
      We wish you the best for this new school year!

This Student Handbook Belongs to:

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                        MISSION STATEMENT
Lakeside High School educates students to become responsible, contributing
                          members of society.
                                POWER Principles

Lakeside High School administration, teachers, counseling center, parents, and
students helped create a program to help all of us build a positive learning
community in our school. Our POWER program will promote and reward
students and staff that make positive contributions to our students using the five
POWER Principles:


As a reminder and positive way to show support for the POWER Principles,
students and staff are invited to sign the POWER Pledge:

I promise to apply the POWER Principles at Lakeside High School, while
participating in any school activity, or while attending any school-sponsored

Pride: I will take pride in myself, others, and my school.

Ownership: I will take responsibility for my actions and attitude. I will care for
others and my school. I will hold others accountable to the POWER Principles,
seeking adult help if needed.

Warmth: I will create a warm school community where all students, staff, and
parents are welcome. I will help care for others.

Encouragement: I will set and seek personal, academic, and professional goals. I
will motivate and encourage others to improve themselves and meet their goals.

Respect: I will respect myself, others, and the learning environment of my school. I
will treat others with dignity and carefully confront behavior that degrades others.

Table of Contents
STUDENT OFFICERS................................................5
BELL SCHEDULE...................................................6
LAKESIDE HIGH SCHOOL CERTIFIED STAFF............................8
CLASSIFIED STAFF................................................9
VISION STATEMENT...............................................10
CONCERNS & COMPLAINTS..........................................11
CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER..............................11
STUDENT CONDUCT................................................13
EMERGENCY PROCEDURES...........................................14
PERMANENT RECORDS..............................................14
DIRECTORY INFORMATION..........................................15
     STUDENT RECORDS...........................................15
     PROGRESS REPORTS..........................................16
     GRADING PROCEDURES........................................16
     HONOR ROLL................................................17
     VALEDICTORIAN/SALUTATORIAN POLICY.........................17
     END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR SENIOR ACTIVITY:...................19
     SCHOOL DANCES.............................................19
     PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES...............................20
     BREATH ALCOHOL TESTERS....................................21
     CELL PHONES...............................................23
LOST AND FOUND.................................................25
STUDENT VALUABLES/THEFT REPORTS................................25

SCHOOL FIELD TRIPS.............................................25
HALL PASS......................................................26
STUDENT DRIVERS................................................26
    Absences (Maximum absences allowed per credit)............27
    Appeal Process............................................28
    EXCUSED ABSENCES..........................................29
    (Board Policy #3122) can be verified for the following
    ATTENDANCE PROCEDURE:.....................................30
    MAKE-UP WORK..............................................31
    FIELD TRIPS - SCHOOL RELATED ABSENCES.....................32
    ABSENCES - PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS.............................32
    WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASS.....................................33
DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES..........................................34
    DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR.......................................34
    EXTREME MISBEHAVIOR.......................................35
    NINE MILE FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT HAS.......................36
         OF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL.................................36
    APPEAL PROCEDURES.........................................37
    HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS......................................38
HEALTH ROOM....................................................39
CLOSED CAMPUS..................................................40
FINE AND FEE POLICY............................................40
BICYCLES/ROLLER SPORTS.........................................40
FEE SCHEDULE FOR 2011-2012.....................................41
SIX TRAITS OF QUALITY WRITING..................................43

                          STUDENT OFFICERS
ASB Officers, 2011-2012      Advisor: Jeff Pietz
President              Vanessa Ahrendt
Vice President         Kinner Blum
Secretary              Lauren Gerty
Treasurer              Nick Broderius
Executive Justice      Demetrius Watson
Public Relations       Matthew Vanderlip

Class Officers, 2011-2012
Seniors/Class of 2012         Advisor: Donn Nelson
President               Andrew Scott
Vice President          Kim Lawrence
Secretary               Jimmy Spencer
Treasurer               Caty Herzer
Executive Justice
Class Representative

Juniors/Class of 2013          Advisor: Brian Dunn
President                Sofie Marikis
Vice President           Allie McCann
Secretary                Dani Grimshaw
Treasurer                Katherine Murphy
Executive Justice        Miranda Brittos
Class Representative     Megan Reilly

Sophomores/Class of 2014     Advisor: Paul Huffman
President              Charles Mitchell
Vice President         Tim Chaney
Secretary              Chris Liss
Treasurer              Jackson St. Clair
Executive Justice      Shane Lembeck
Class Representative   Megan Ahrendt

Freshmen/Class of 2015        Advisor: Troy Hughes
Vice President

                                 BELL SCHEDULE

                    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

        1st Lunch                                   2nd Lunch
7:25                Warning Bell           7:25              Warning Bell
7:30 – 8:25         1st Period             7:30 – 8:25       1st Period
8:40 – 9:35         2nd Period             8:40 – 9:35       2nd Period
9:40 – 10:35        3rd Period             9:40 – 10:35      3rd Period
10:39 – 11:01       Lunch                  10:40 – 11:35     4th Period
11:05 – 12:00       4th Period             11:39 – 12:01     Lunch
12:05 – 1:00        5th Period             12:05 – 1:00      5th Period
1:05 – 2:00         6th Period             1:05 – 2:00       6th Period

                              Thursday Schedule
                Professional Learning from 6:45AM to 7:40 AM

          1st Lunch                                2nd Lunch
8:10 – 9:00       1st Period               8:10 – 9:00       1st Period
9:05 – 9:55       2nd Period               9:05 – 9:55       2nd Period
10:00 – 10:50     3rd Period               10:00 – 10:50     3rd Period
10:54 – 11:16     Lunch                    10:55 – 11:45     4th Period
11:20 – 12:10     4th Period               11:49 – 12:11     Lunch
12:15 – 1:05      5th Period               12:15 – 1:05      5th Period
1:10 - 2:00       6th Period               1:10 – 2:00       6th Period

                             Special Bell Schedules

                    TWO HOUR LATE START SCHEDULE

      1st Lunch                                  2nd Lunch
9:30 – 10:10        1st Period             9:30 – 10:10      1st Period
10:15 – 10:55       2nd Period             10:15 – 10:55     2nd Period
10:55 – 11:25       Lunch                  11:00 – 11:35     3rd Period
11:25 – 12:00       3rd Period             11:35 – 12:05     Lunch
12:05 – 12:40       4th Period             12:05 – 12:40     4th Period
12:45 – 1:20        5th Period             12:45 – 1:20      5th Period
1:25 – 2:00         6th Period             1:25 – 2:00       6th Period

                             AM ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE

            1st Lunch                                              2nd Lunch
7:30 – 8:20       1st Period                         7:30 – 8:20           1st Period
8:25 – 9:15       2nd Period                         8:25 – 9:15           2nd Period
9:20 – 10:10      3rd Period                         9:20 – 10:10          3rd Period
10:10 – 10:50     Assembly                           10:10 – 10:50         Assembly
10:50 – 11:20     Lunch                              10:55 – 11:45         4th Period
11:20 – 12:10     4th Period                         11:45 – 12:15         Lunch
12:15 – 1:05      5th Period                         12:15 – 1:05          5th Period
1:10 – 2:00       6th Period                         1:10 – 2:00           6th Period

                             PM ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE

            1st Lunch                                              2nd Lunch
7:30 – 8:20       1st Period                         7:30 – 8:20           1st Period
8:25 – 9:15       2nd Period                         8:25 – 9:15           2nd Period
9:20 – 10:10      3rd Period                         9:20 – 10:10          3rd Period
10:10 – 10:40     Lunch                              10:15 – 11:05         4th Period
10:40 – 11:30     4th Period                         11:05 – 11:35         Lunch
11:35 – 12:25     5th Period                         11:35 – 12:25         5th Period
12:30 – 1:20      6th Period                         12:30 – 1:20          6th Period
1:20 – 2:00       Assembly                           1:20 – 2:00           Assembly

                        FINAL EXAMINATION SCHEDULES

   Wednesday, January 25, 2012     Thursday, January 26, 2012      Friday, January 27, 2012
       Tuesday June 12, 2012       Wednesday, June 13, 2012        Thursday, June 14, 2012
   7:30 – 9:00     1st Period    7:30 – 9:00      3rd Period    7:30 – 9:00       5th Period
   9:05 – 10:35    2nd Period    9:05 – 10:35     4th Period    9:05 – 10:35      6th Period

TEACHER              RESPONSIBILITIES                   ROOM
Anderson, Barbara    Math                               9B
Blaser, Bruce        Art, Communication Technology      10
Cox, Ron             PE, Health                         Wt Room
Cruger, Tim          Industrial Technology, Health      20
Cummings, Alana      School Counselor                   Counseling Ctr
Dunn, Brian          Social Studies
Dunn, Joan           District Nurse                     Office
Fanion, Maureen      Culinary Arts, Family & Consumer 11
Field, Dean          Science                            2
Friedman, Scott      Asst Principal/NME Principal       Office
Huffman, Paul        Math                               5
Hughes, Troy         English
Hunsaker, Tim        Math and Science                   14
Kassa, Jill          College & Career Counselor         Library
Klein, Tim           Business Ed                        P2
Leslie, Nicole       Special Education                  16A
Mazurek, Levi        Band, Choir                        Music Room
McAdam, Mary         Theater, Lakeside Academy          P1
McBride, Tim         Social Studies and English         4
Nelson, Donn         Life Skills, ASL                   16B
Olson, Steve         Science                            13
Owens, Morris        English                            15
Phelps, Hannah       English                            7
Pietz, Jeff          Athletic/Activities Director, Math Office
Pratt, David         Business Education, World History 12B
Rice, Margo          CTE Director, Business Education   12A
Sardinia, Teri       Science                            9A
Schultz, Lisa        PE                                 Gym
Sconiers, Karla      Spanish                            6
Sing, Alecia         English                            7
Osborn, Brent        Principal                          Office
Sullivan, Matt       Social Studies and English         1
Teterud, Erin        Special Education                  16A
Watson, Laura        Math                               3

                          CLASSIFIED STAFF
Allison, Danita        Instructional Assistant/Special Education
Allum, Tony            IT/Network Administrator
Baumgarden, Teresa     Supervision, Housekeeper
Bendowsky, Jeff        Custodian
Colvin-Nealey, Patty   High School Secretary
Crane, Barbara         Instructional Assistant
King, Janice           Business Office Secretary
Maus, Colette          Counseling Secretary
Munro, Deborah         Instructional Assistant
O’Brien, Kelly         Grounds/Maintenance
Overdorff, Brenda      Instructional Assistant/Speech Therapist
Perkins, Joel          Computer Tech
Ross, Larry            Housekeeper
Stirn, Rachel          Attendance/Athletic Secretary
Traber, Eric           Grounds/Maintenance

Barcellos, Karla Transport – Middle School
Elkins, Kim      Food Services Director
Kern, Barb       Baker
Anderson, Julie  Server
Kofmehl, Linda   ala carte
Ohland, Terry    Transport – NME
Rutter, Dollie   Transport – Lake Spokane
Schilling, Joan  Cook
Brown, Sheli     Dishwasher

                             HEAD COACHES
         Brian Dunn-Football              Matt Sullivan-Baseball
                                            Chris Stubb-Track
        Chuck Moffatt-Softball        John Edwards-Boys Basketball
       Kara Moffatt-Volleyball
      Mike Reeder-Boys Soccer           Jeff Pietz-Girls Basketball
      Steve Olson-Cross Country       Mary McAdam-Boys/Girls Golf
       Deb Munro-Cheerleading            Troy Hughes-Wrestling
      Brooke Greer-Girls Soccer      Aimee Macosky-Boys/Girls Tennis

                            LAKESIDE HIGH SCHOOL
                             VISION STATEMENT

As a community of learners, Lakeside High School staff and students strive to create
an environment in which each person’s unique potential is challenged to fulfillment.

Three key goals guide our vision:

      Students cultivate strong academic skills, pursue learning for enrichment
       sake, build appropriate social skills, and ultimately develop as productive and
       contributing members of society.

      As partners in the learning process, staff advocates for kids by facilitating a
       safe, rigorous, student-centered learning environment, and by participating in
       ongoing curriculum evaluation, development, and modification to best meet
       the needs of students.

      Lakeside High School welcomes and encourages community involvement
       that mentors a successful transition from high school.

Common Core Beliefs

We believe that educating students to become responsible, contributing members of
society is our core mission.

We believe that students need strong academic preparation, application to real-world
contexts, and positive relationships with adults to effectively engage in their
learning. (Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships)

We believe research shows that inquiry-based methods will engage students in
effective learning better than methods based solely on traditional lecture-test
strategies. This allows a wide variety of effective strategies to be used for students
to efficiently learn content aligned with the state standards.

We believe students should leave Lakeside High School ready for post-secondary
education and training.

We believe that every student should have an adult advocate who helps set, monitor,
and meet academic and career goals.

We believe that learning is maximized when students, parents, and teachers are
actively involved in monitoring student progress. This requires a commitment from
students, families, and teachers.

We believe that staff should engage in effective professional learning to best
improve student learning. This professional development should be fob-embedded,
authentic, research-based, and continuous.

We believe that students learn best with quality facilities, equipment, and supplies.

We believe that participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities can
provide significant learning directly tied to our mission.

We believe high school should be a place for students to gain core skills and explore
potential interests and careers.

                        CONCERNS & COMPLAINTS
We are interested in making Lakeside High School the best it can be. We need to
know if you have concerns or complaints so that we can get better. The School
Board has established policy 4312 which creates a formal process whereby your
concerns will be addressed. If you do have a concern, please contact Mr. Brent
Osborn and he will help you understand this process. If you wish to receive a copy
of the policy and procedure, please see board policies on the district web site at


Please contact the office at 340-4200 or in person to report any change of addresses
or phone numbers immediately. This will help keep our emergency contact
information up to date.

Lakeside High School is a no harassment zone. Harassment is any unwelcome or
unwanted contact, comment, gesture, writing, drawing, or other behavior of a
sexual or harassing nature made directly to another individual or indirectly about
another individual.

The intentional writing, comment, or physical act may:
   Physically harm individuals or their property;
   Interfere with education or work;
   Intimidate or threaten the educational environment; or
   Disrupt the operation of our school.

Please report all occurrences of harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, or
intimidation to the counseling center or the office.

Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying are all
considered Extreme Misbehavior and subject to immediate suspension or
expulsion. See the Lakeside High School Discipline Procedures.

Nine Mile Falls School District Policy #3205: Unlawful Discrimination and
Harassment - It is the Nine Mile Falls School District policy that all students shall
be accommodated in a educational environment free from all forms of harassment.
The educational environment includes, but is not limited to, during the school day,
at any school-sponsored school activity/event or in any situation that is school-
related. All discrimination/ harassment is prohibited and shall be subject to
disciplinary action/civil criminal prosecution.
The Nine Mile Falls School district will continually educate the students as to what
constitutes discrimination and harassment. Any unwelcome, unwanted comment,
gesture, or other behavior will not be tolerated and will be addressed in a serious
manner. A student found or suspected or harassment may be suspended or expelled
from school. Law enforcement may also be contacted. An environment of respect
will be encouraged at all times. External resources, such as appropriate presenters,
mental health associates and human rights advocates will be utilized to ensure a
healthy learning environment.
Students involved in the complaint or resolution of any allegation of discrimination
or harassment shall not suffer restraint, interference, discrimination, coercion or
reprisal as a result of participation in the complaint procedure.

Any student who has been found, after appropriate investigation, to have
discriminated against or harassed another student, teacher or other person, shall be
subject to disciplinary action including expulsion; the student may also be subject to
civil or criminal prosecution.

Any student who retaliates against a complainant who reports alleged discrimination
or harassment, or any student who reports alleged discrimination or harassment, or
any student who retaliates against any person who testifies, assists or participates in
an investigation, proceeding or hearing will also be subject to disciplinary action
including expulsion. Retaliation includes but is not limited to any form of
intimidation, reprisal, harassment or discrimination. Encouraging others to retaliate
also is in violation of this policy.

Any student found to have made a false allegation of discrimination or harassment
will also be subject to disciplinary action from reprimand to short-term suspension
to expulsion.

Freedom of expression applies to student dress and appearance, provided they do
not cause disruption to the educational process or present health and safety
problems. In order to provide a positive learning environment, the following will
guide the Lakeside dress code:
  1. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
  2. Clothing that is offensive, suggestive, gang-related, or promotes illegal
      activities are prohibited.
  3. Clothing should appropriately cover the body and not reveal underwear. This
      means that tops should cover most of the shoulder. Tanks, spaghetti straps, or
      tops that expose the midriff are inappropriate for school. Shorts should be at
      least to the bottom of finger tips with arms placed at the side.

Students who are considered to be inappropriate in appearance will be required to
change. If students persist in wearing this type of clothing, parents will be contacted;
students will be placed on progressive discipline. The administration reserves the
right to make final determination on appropriateness.

                               STUDENT CONDUCT
                       PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION
Lakeside High School will maintain an appropriate learning environment in order
to maximize student learning. While high schools are social in nature, student
learning is the core of our school. Therefore, the behavior of our students must
reflect the high expectations we have for their learning and maintain a positive
environment for student achievement.

While we understand that many students at LHS will be dating and developing
relationships, we expect students to follow the guidelines below to maximize the
learning environment of our school.

1. Public displays of affection will be limited to holding hands and a light kiss on
   the cheek. Any further displays are inappropriate for a school setting.

2. This means that the following activities are not allowed while at school, on
   school grounds, or at any school-sponsored activity: kissing (other than a
   quick, light kiss on the cheek), lengthy embracing, and sitting on laps. It also
   means that students should not be touching each other, except for holding

3. Obviously, any behavior sexual in nature is completely inappropriate at
   Lakeside High School.

4. It is understood that students will occasionally give quick hugs to each other.
   This is acceptable and understandable for a warm and friendly school like
   Lakeside High School.

5. This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of “do’s and don’ts.” It is
   intended to serve as a guideline for understanding the expectations for student

6. As with any school rule, administration discretion will guide the response to
   students who violate these guidelines. Formal discipline is an option.

                        EMERGENCY PROCEDURES
There may be times when students will be directed by staff to quickly vacate the
building due to an emergency. Please exit, under staff direction, quickly and
orderly, and move away from the building to pre-determined areas. Specific
emergency procedures are posted in each classroom.

                            PERMANENT RECORDS
A permanent record will be kept on all students who attend school. The goal of
record keeping is to place in the file of each student, data and information, which is
as objective as possible. This record will consist of identifying information,
attendance records, and documents pertinent to the school situation. All information
maintained in student files will be reviewed periodically to assure relevancy and

appropriateness. All dissemination, inspection and review of the student records
will be in accordance with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act of 1974.

                       DIRECTORY INFORMATION
Federal law permits a school district to identify certain information as "directory
information" which may be publicly released without permission of the parents.

Directory information includes student's name, telephone number, date and place of
birth, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, dates of attendance,
awards and honors earned, as well as other pertinent school information.

The above information may be released to outside agencies without prior approval
from the parent of the student involved. As a parent, you have the right to refuse to
permit the designation of any or all of the categories of personal identifiable
information concerning your son or daughter as "directory information".

If you do not want this information released, please complete the appropriate
form enclosed in the first day packet and return it to the school office within
ten (10) school days. If we do not receive the form back within that time, we will
assume that you have no objection to the release of such information.

                           TO STUDENT RECORDS
Each year parents and students need to be reminded of the student records policy of
the Nine Mile Falls School District. Parents of students or 18 year old students who
wish to review any or all of the school records pertaining to the student should
contact the building principal for an appointment. The records will be reviewed
with school personnel, and parents may have copies of the records for the cost of

If parents or adult students believe something in the record is inaccurate or
misleading, they may request that it be corrected or they may have comments added
to the record. If the principal and the parent or adult student cannot agree, the latter
may contact the superintendent for a hearing.

Record information will not be released to most persons or agencies without the
written consent of parents. The one exception to this is that the school district will

release information to other school officials, including teachers who have a
legitimate educational interest.

                              PROGRESS REPORTS
The best way to track grades and attendance is to use our on-line information system
at the district website: . Teachers will be providing updated
academic information on each student on a weekly basis. Contact the Counseling
Center for directions and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The staff of
Lakeside High School feels it is important to keep open lines of communication
with parents regarding student grades. In addition to the regular semester grades,
progress reports will be available to students at the quarter. All school grades and
progress reports are on-line. If a parent or guardian would like a hard copy of a
report card, please contact the Counseling Center. The school staff will do all it can
to notify parents and guardians when a student is failing. Parent and guardian
assistance is requested. Meetings can be held at any time.

                            GRADING PROCEDURES
Final grades are issued at the end of each semester. Teachers will identify in their
individual policies the criteria used for determining grades. Tardiness and
attendance can and will have an effect on student grades and credit for classes.
Participation in the day-to-day lessons or a classroom can be used to determine
grades in part or in whole for each course. Grading policies for each course will be
made available to students and parents.

At the conclusion of each semester should there be a reason to appeal a grade the
following process will be used:
    1. File a written appeal with the teacher within five school days of having
       received the report card. The written appeal will include all information
       pertinent to the situation: class attendance records, etc.
    2. If not satisfied, with the teacher’s decision, a student may conference with the
       teacher and the principal or his/her designee. The conference is to be
       scheduled within three class days of the request, will consist of a review of
       the written appeal plus comments from all concerned. The principal will
       determine whether or not the student’s appeal will be upheld or denied.
    3. If a denial is issued from the above action and the student is still not satisfied,
       the student may contact the superintendent within three school days.
    4. Failure to conform to written appeals timeline constitutes a waiver of student
       and parent/guardian right of appeal.

                                   HONOR ROLL
Honor Roll will be figured at the end of each semester. To be placed on the honor
roll, students must have a 3.5 G.P.A. High honors will be awarded to students with a
3.8 G.P.A. or better. A student’s class rank and academic honors will be based on
those grades finalized after the end of the semester.

Academic Letter: All students earning a 3.8 G.P.A. or better for two consecutive
semesters while at Lakeside High School will be eligible to receive an academic


Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, students earning a credit in an Advanced
Placement course at Lakeside High School will earn an additional .5 grade point for
the course applied toward their accumulative grade point average. For example,
students normally will earn 4.0 grade points for an A in a course. Students in an
Advanced Placement course will earn 4.5 grade points for an A, 3.5 grade points for
a B, and so on. This calculation will be used to determine Valedictorian/Salutatorian

For the purpose of determining valedictorians and salutatorians for the Class of
2012, Advanced Placement courses will use the normal grade point scale. Students’
actual transcripts, however, will show the new elevated grade point system for
Advanced Placement courses.

For students in the Class of 2013 and beyond, the new elevated grade point system
for Advanced Placement courses will be used on transcripts and to determine
valedictorians and salutatorians.

For the Class of 2012, the following items will direct the selection of Valedictorian
and Salutatorian at Lakeside High School:
  1. Valedictorian will be the student(s) that has the highest cumulative grade point
      average at the end of the seventh semester, providing that student has a
      minimum of 24 credits.
  2. Salutatorian will be the student(s) that has the second highest cumulative
      grade point average at the end of the seventh semester.
  3. In case of ties for either position multiple honors will be awarded. The
      administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes a tie. Any
      student that transfers into LHS after the start of their Junior year will not be

     considered for Valedictorian or Salutatorian honors. However they will be
     eligible for other honor awards.
  4. Any student who has documented evidence of criminal or exceptional
     misconduct during their high school career will not be considered for either
  5. In order to be selected as Valedictorian/Salutatorian five of the following
     classes need to be successfully passed: College-Prep English, Chemistry, AP
     Calculus, College Prep Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Physics,
     Entrepreneurship, Accounting II, Calculus, Spanish III, Honors English or any
     other AP classes offered at Lakeside High School.
  6. Grades received from re-take coursework may not be used to calculate GPA
     for Valedictorian or Salutatorian Honors.

For the Class of 2013 and beyond, the following procedure will be used to select
the Valedictorian(s) and Salutatorian(s) at Lakeside High School:

   1. The cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all seniors will be calculated
      after the seventh semester of their high school career. Students retaking any
      course will only have the original course grade used to calculate cumulative
      GPAs for this purpose. A class ranking list will be produced using these
      grade point averages.
   2. The valedictorian will be the student(s) with the highest GPA according to
      the class ranking that meets all the other conditions of this procedure.
   3. The salutatorian will be the student(s) with the second highest GPA
      according to the class ranking that meets all the other conditions of this
   4. To be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian, students must enroll at
      Lakeside High School before or during the first semester of their junior year
      and be continuously enrolled through their senior year at Lakeside High
   5. To be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian, students must have a record
      free from criminal activity and exceptional misconduct during their high
      school career.
   6. The administration will make final decisions for all valedictorian and
      salutatorian honors.

Assemblies are a regularly part of the curriculum, and as such are designated to be
educational as well as entertaining experiences. They provide one of the few

opportunities in school to learn formal audience behavior. All students are
expected to attend each assembly. Non attendance will result in a truancy
absence and related consequences.

The Senior Class, their elected officers and appointed advisors will propose Senior
activities to the Athletic Director/Activities Coordinator. Activities, upon approval,
will be scheduled. Only seniors who are to graduate from LHS or Phoenix High
School will be permitted to participate. All school rules and policies apply to these
activities and will be chaperoned.

According to state law, all graduating seniors must satisfactorily complete the
requirements of the Senior Celebration, our culminating project. Students choosing
not to complete the Senior Celebration, or not satisfactorily completing the Senior
Celebration will not be eligible to graduate, participate in senior activities, or in the
graduation ceremonies.

                        SCHOOL MIXERS AND DANCES
1. Admission
       a. Only students of Lakeside High School shall be admitted to mixers. No
          guests are allowed at these informal events.
       b. Only students of Lakeside High School and their high-school-age guests
          shall be admitted to formal or semi-formal dances. Non-high school
          guests must be at least in 9th grade and under the age of 21 in order to
          attend, and must request permission from the administration. Guests
          must have approval following submittal of appropriate forms to the
          administration two days prior to the dance.
2. Hours
   a. Mixers will be no longer than three hours in length and shall end by
      midnight per district policy. Formal dances like Prom and Homecoming,
      will be from 8-11pm.
   b. Admission to the dance shall be closed one hour after the dance begins.
   c. Once people have left the dance, they will not be readmitted unless they have
      prior permission from the dance supervisor.

3. Conduct
   a. Students and guests will be required to use Breath Alcohol Testers before
      entering any dance. See below for more details.

   b. Students and guests who do not conduct themselves in a satisfactory manner
      shall be requested to leave the dance.
   c. Students who bring approved guests to social functions of Lakeside High
      School shall be held accountable for the actions of their guests.
   d. Any student who is asked to leave or is barred from a dance is likely to be
      barred from all further dances and may face disciplinary action.
4. Dress
   Dress for all dances and social functions shall be appropriate for school or that
   which is appropriate to the occasion and consistent with school policies. Prom,
   in particular, is a formal affair, and student dress should be appropriate for a
   formal occasion. Dance supervisors and administrators reserve the right to
   make the final determination on what is appropriate dress.
5. Sponsoring Organizations
   It shall be the responsibility of groups sponsoring dances and mixers to:
   a. Obtain permission in advance to hold the dance by completing the dance
      form obtained from the activity coordinator one month from dance date and
      gain ASB approval.
   b. Organize and advertise the scheduled dance.
   c. Provide the necessary student and school personnel to conduct the dance and
      cleanup in the proper manner.
6. Advisors and Chaperones
   a. At least two staff members shall attend all social functions.
   b. The staff advisors shall attend all social functions sponsored by the group
      over which they have responsibility.
   c. At least six chaperones shall be provided for all dances and mixers by
      sponsoring organization. All chaperones must be approved by the
      administration two days in advance.

                       PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES
Personal electronics are not recommended at school due to potential disruptions and
the risk of theft. Student use of electronic devices during class is at the discretion of
the classroom staff member. A violation of the electronic device policy may lead to
the confiscation of the device until after school hours. For your safety, these items
are not recommended to be in the building at any time. The school will not be
responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

                         BREATH ALCOHOL TESTERS
The safety of our students and staff is a primary concern at Lakeside High School.
 Students, parents, and staff have regularly voiced their desire for school to be a
safe place, including a drug-free and alcohol-free environment.

Lakeside High School has therefore purchased professional Breath Alcohol
Testers for use at school events and during the school day.

Associated Student Body school events are a privilege for students at Lakeside
High School. These extra-curricular events are important to enhance the cultural,
athletic, recreational, and social needs of our students.

Dances and Mixers
Dances and mixers are one of these extra events sponsored by the Associated
Student Body as a privilege for our students. At school-sponsored dances or
mixers, the following procedures will be followed:
   1. All students wanting to enter will need to blow air at the breath alcohol
      tester. The tester will determine the presence of alcohol. This is a passive
      breath alcohol test that will also be administered to any open container.
   2. Those students registering a negative response will move to the line to enter
      the venue.
   3. Those students registering a positive response will be administered an active
      breath alcohol test requiring blowing into the tester through a disposable air
      tube. The tester will return a very accurate measurement of blood alcohol
      content (BAC) by percentage.
   4. If the presence of alcohol is confirmed by the second test, the student will
      not be allowed to enter the venue. Police authorities will be notified. Many
      times, deputies are on site at our dances. Parents will also be notified to
      pick up their child. Every reasonable attempt will be made to prevent the
      student from driving.
   5. The student will not be allowed to return to school or any school events
      until discipline procedures have been completed.
   6. If a student refuses to take the active breath alcohol test after testing
      positive on the passive test, he or she will be subject to suspension for the
      rest of the school year for gross insubordination.

During the School Day
Lakeside High School will protect the rights of students to learn in a safe
   1. If reasonable suspicion has been established, school personnel may search
      personal possessions for the presence of alcohol. This includes backpacks,
      purses, clothing, and vehicles parked on campus.
   2. Students will be asked to take the passive breath alcohol test to determine
      the presence of alcohol. Containers containing liquids will also be tested.
   3. If the passive test returns a positive response, the student will be asked to
      take the active breath alcohol test to determine BAC, if any.
   4. If alcohol is confirmed with a second test, police authorities and parents will
      be notified. Every reasonable attempt will be made to prevent the student
      from driving.
   5. The student will not be allowed to return to school or any school event until
      discipline procedures have been completed.
   6. If a student refuses to allow the tests for alcohol after reasonable suspicion
      has been established, he or she will be subject to suspension for the rest of
      the school year for gross insubordination.

Other School Events
  1. Please note that open containers of liquids may be tested at any school-
     sponsored event. This includes adults and students. Reasonable suspicion
     is not necessary to test containers at these extra events that are considered a
     privilege to attend.
  2. If reasonable suspicion has been established, students will be subject to the
     breath alcohol test to determine the presence of alcohol. This is true even if
     a container of liquid is not present.
  3. Students found with alcohol or under the influence of alcohol on campus or
     at school-sponsored events will be subject to the same procedures as noted
     above. Police authorities and parents will be notified. Every reasonable
     attempt will be made to prevent the student from driving. The student will
     not be allowed on campus or at any school event until disciplinary
     procedures have been completed.
  4. Adults found with alcohol or under the influence of alcohol on campus or at
     school events will be asked to leave immediately. Police authorities will be
     notified. Every reasonable attempt will be made to keep the person from
     driving. The school reserves the right to prohibit adults violating this
     procedure from attending future school events.

                                    CELL PHONES
Cell phones should be off during class time. Phones are available in the office
and classrooms for emergencies, sickness, or cancelled school events. If cell phones
are being used during class the following occurs:
1. Staff member confiscates the phone. When it is convenient for the staff member,
   the student calls the parent/guardian to let them know the phone was confiscated.
    Staff explains to parent/guardian why the phone was taken and consequences of
   next offense. The phone is returned at the end of the class period.
2. Staff member confiscates the phone and turns it into the office when convenient.
    Parent/guardian must pick up the phone. It is the student’s responsibility to
   notify their parent/guardian.
3. Staff member confiscates the phone and turns it into the office when convenient.
   A discipline referral is filled out at this time.

Every accident in the school building, on the school grounds, at practice sessions or
at any co-curricular event sponsored by the school must be reported immediately to
the person in charge and to the school office. The appropriate accident report form
must be completed and turned in to the office. Students must report all accidents to
a teacher, coach or supervisor.

                          CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES
Students on suspension or who are absent from school for more than one half day,
and who are involved in an extra-curricular activity in which they are scheduled to
take part, will not be allowed to participate in that activity or practice for that
activity. Exceptions will be made for verified doctor or dental appointments or
other cases pre-arranged through a building administrator.

This policy affects all co-curricular activities and students involved in them, i.e.,
sports, FCCLA, music, DECA, cheerleading, etc. Any activity involving in-school
time or out-of-school time requires school attendance that day.

Students involved in extra-curricular activities must become a member of the ASB
by purchasing an ASB card. For additional information refer to Lakeside High
School Activity Code or see the Activities/Athletic Coordinator.

Students are responsible for making arrangements for getting their work ahead of
time from teachers when they will be absent or leaving early from classes for a
school activity.

                            ELIGIBILITY STANDARDS
The board recognizes the importance of students having broad opportunities for
participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, including athletics. The
board considers participation in these activities important in the development of
well-rounded students. Of paramount importance to a student’s future success is
academic success; therefore students shall be required to meet the following
academic standards in order for them to participate in extra-curricular and co-
curricular activities.

Students shall be required to maintain: (Board Policy 2154)
 A.Good attendance. Students may not have received in the prior semester, or
    currently be receiving a no grade (NG) due to excessive absences, and;
 B. A cumulative grade-point-average of 1.75 (“C-“ average) with no “F’s” in the
    preceding grading period, or:
 C. A 1.75 GPA with no “F’s” in the preceding grading period or mid-term grade
Grades will be checked every four and one-half weeks throughout the school year.
In order to participate students much have no “F’s” and a 1.75 GPA at these periodic
grade checks. Students shall remain ineligible to compete, perform, or travel until
they raise their “F” grade(s) to passing and/or their GPA to a 1.75 or above.

Students ineligible for competition, performances, or travel wishing to practice or
meet may only do so after the implementation of an academic improvement plan by
the student, counselor, administrator, and parent. This plan must be signed by the
student, parent, coach/advisor, administrator, and by the school counselor.

Lockers may be requested once school begins each year. The Attendance Secretary
will provide students with the locker number and combination upon request. Book
bags may not be left unattended in the hallways. Book bags and other belongings
also need to be kept out of the aisles in the classroom. Book bags and other carry
bags may not be allowed in some classrooms.

It is entirely your responsibility to keep your locker combination secret and your
belongings and valuables secured. To avoid the potential for loss of property, only
lockers assigned by office personnel are to be used. All lockers are to be cleaned
and empty at the conclusion of the last day of school. The school will not be
responsible for those items abandoned in lockers at the end of the year. Report
any locker problems to the office immediately. Lockers remain the property of the
school district and may be checked or searched at any time without prior

                             LOST AND FOUND
Students are urged to turn in all items found to the main office. Any clothing
unclaimed by Christmas Vacation or the time school is out in June is given to a
charitable organization.

Students are cautioned not to bring large amounts of money, cameras or electronic
devices to school; and, if they wear glasses or watches, to keep track of them at all
times. Students, not the school, are responsible for their personal property.

Theft of personal property is a serious and growing concern. A large percentage of
thefts occur in the hall and locker rooms. To discourage these thefts, please take the
following steps:
    1. Don’t leave property unsecured or unattended.
    2. Don't disclose your locker combination to anyone.
    3. Double check your locker (hall and P.E.) every time you use it to be sure it is
    4. Don't bring valuable articles of clothing, other valuables or large sums of
       money to school.
    5. Report theft or loss of property to the office immediately.

                              SCHOOL FIELD TRIPS
Teachers and advisors may schedule an off campus field trip to enhance learning.
All field trips must follow school district policy 2320, and specific building
expectations. All field trips must be approved two weeks prior to the trip. Signed
parent permission forms must be completed prior to the trip and taken by the
supervisor on all trips. Field trips will be prohibited the last two weeks of each
semester unless given permission by administration.

To insure safety in our school and preserve order, visitors are not allowed at
Lakeside High School during school hours. Visitors may be permitted for
educational purposes and only with prior approval from the administration. All
visitors must be pre-arranged by the school administration at least one day prior to
the visit and must check in to the main office upon their arrival. All affected
teachers and the office must sign a visitor request. Visitor badges shall be issued
and worn during school hours.

The school is not an appropriate place for babies and small children. Therefore,
permission to bring small children to school will not be given, and anyone bringing
a small child will be asked to take the child home immediately.

Please note the rules for Running Start.

                                    HALL PASS
All students who are not in a class must display a hall pass issued by the classroom
teacher. When students leave a class they must also sign out on the classroom
check-out sheet, stating a time and their destination. Students must also record
the time of their return. This information is necessary for accountability reasons
in time of an emergency or crisis.

                                STUDENT DRIVERS
Parking in the student parking lot is a privilege, not a right, and space is limited.
 Parking is only permitted in designated parking spaces or in the gravel area at the
   far end of the parking lot.
 Cars may not be parked in the roadway, in handicap areas or near fire hydrants.
   There must be a minimum of 24 feet for a fire lane around the parking lot.
   Violators may be towed and/or issued a citation.
 Students are not allowed to park in the staff parking lot during school hours
   without specific permission from an administrator.
 Reckless driving will not be tolerated and can result in students being prohibited
   from further use of parking facilities on campus, and authorities may be notified.
    Disciplinary action may also result.
 Parking violations will usually result in a warning for a first offense. Further
   violations will result in detentions, discipline and towing at owner’s expense.

 Students are not allowed to be in the parking lot or at their vehicles during the
  school day without a written note from the office. Other students may not
  accompany a student with a note.
 Students in the parking lot without proper permission may be considered truant.

Handicapped parking is available for those with a valid state issued handicapped
permit. Anyone parking in those designated areas is subject to a ticket to be issued
by Stevens County Sheriff Department.

Students who abuse the parking lot are also subject to losing their parking
privileges and disciplinary action.

A well-planned class provides a learning opportunity for the students every day. If a
student is absent, he is the one who is losing the educational benefits. Many times it
is impossible to make up the "missed" experience -- at least in its entirety -- and to
gain from this learning experience to the same degree that students would through
the group involvement in the regular class.

Board Policy 2420
Regular attendance is essential to learning. Students are required to maintain
regular attendance to qualify for high school credit. At the high school level,
students will be allowed 12 absences per class (excused or unexcused) in a
semester. The student will lose credit for the class on the 13 th absence (after the
12th) in the semester. The board directs the superintendent to establish an appeal
process to allow consideration of exceptions to this policy.

Board Policy2420 P
A student will be allowed 12 absences per class (excused or unexcused) in a
semester. The student will lose credit for the class on the 13th absence (after the
12th) in the semester. Absences for school activities, suspensions, and certain
verified non-school activities that are pre-approved by the principal or
designee*, DO NOT count toward the 13 allowed during the semester. Arriving
to class unexcused and more than 15 minutes late is considered an absence.

After the 3rd and the 6th absence
  Parents/guardians will be notified by telephone, personal contact, or letter
    informing them of the absence problem.
  Reminder of the next step and the consequences of continued absences.

After the 9th absence
  The attendance office will verify the absence as being the 9th absence.
  A referral will be made to the counselor who will setup an attendance contract
    with the student .
  Parents/guardians are not mandated to be present at this meeting but are
    encouraged to be present for this meeting.
  Reminder of the next step and the consequences of continued absences.
On the 13th absence
  The student’s parents/guardians will be notified that the student will receive
    no grade/credit (NG) for the class.
  Students who have lost credit due to absences will remain in the class to
    continue their educational experience. By remaining in the class and
    continuing to do the assigned work, the student avoids receiving an “F” grade,
    which would have an adverse effect on overall grade point average. (NG does
    not affect GPA.)
  The student may not be disruptive in class and must continue to abide by all
    class and school rules, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken and an “F”
    grade will be recorded.
  Any further absence will result in an “F” grade being posted to the student’s
The counseling office will receive information regarding student attendance
so they might follow up with students.

                                  APPEAL PROCESS
Students who feel the circumstances surrounding their absences are such that the
“no credit” policy should be waived may request a hearing before the Attendance
Review Committee (ARC). This written request for a hearing for reinstatement of
credit must be received by the principal within one week from the time the student
receives a 13th absence. Included in this request should be an explanation for the
absences and any special circumstances. Verifying documentation, such as notes
from doctors, dentists, or court officers, should be presented at this time. No
appeals will be scheduled after the 10th school day of the following semester. If an
appeal cannot be initiated prior to school ending, it will carry over to the next
school year. Seniors with an appeal pending will not be allowed to participate in

the graduation ceremony. The school staff will provide every opportunity possible
to expedite a timely hearing.

A hearing with the ARC (attendance officer and two teachers) will be scheduled
within one week of the receipt of a request for hearing. The counselor will attend
as a student advocate. Parents will be notified of the hearing and be provided the
opportunity to attend. The committee will review the submitted information, have
an opportunity to question the student, and make a determination whether credit
will be reinstated and, if reinstated, possible guidelines. If credit is reinstated,
guidelines and contracts may be required

An appeal of the ARC’s decision would be referred to the principal. This appeal
must be in writing from the parents/guardians within three days of the ARC
hearing. An appeal of the principal’s decision would go to the superintendent, and
it also must be in writing within three school days. Upon the exhaustion of all
appeal options, a final appeal may be made to the Board of Directors. It is
strongly recommended that parent/guardian attend any appeal.

All absences require notification from a parent or guardian. Absences will be
classified as EXCUSED, UNEXCUSED, or TRUANT.

                               EXCUSED ABSENCES
 A. Personal illness.
 B. Health appointments that cannot be made outside the regular school day.
 C. Recognized religious holidays.
 D. Emergency family situations.
 E. Planned absences which have been approved in advance and meet the prior
 F. Scheduled court appearances that are previously verified with the
 G. School related activities that are cleared by advisor in attendance office and
    placed on bulletin prior to absence.
For an absence to be excused a note must be given to the office within 24 hours
of the student’s return stating one of the reasons listed above. Only the above
absences will be excused unless prior arrangements have been made with

    An excused absence is still counted toward the thirteen absence policy.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES (RCW 28A.225.020) - Absences for personal reasons
with parent permission that do not meet criteria of excused absences will be marked
for the following reasons:
 A. Absences that do not meet the excused absence or pre-arrangement criteria
     required by school policy.
 B. Absences other than for medical reasons or illness which are not approved
     according to expectations of prior arrangement criteria.
 C. Habitual offenders will be referred to the administration.
 D. Arriving to class after 15 minutes without a valid excuse.

Make-up work: Teachers are not obligated to grade make-up work for unexcused

A student under the age of 18 who is absent without the knowledge and consent of
a parent or absent from school after once arriving on campus without the
knowledge and consent of the school is truant. Repeated truancy may be cause for
disciplinary action, suspension, or court referral. A student is truant, for example,
if he or she:
 A. Leaves school without signing out in the office.
 B. Leaves school at lunch without an authorized pass from administration.
 C. Is absent from school without prior permission of parents.
 D. Is absent from class without permission from parents or staff.
 E. Obtains a pass to go to a certain place and does not report there.
 F. Becomes ill and goes home or stays in the restroom instead of reporting to the
 G. Comes to school but does not attend class.
 H. Fails to attend a scheduled assembly.
 I. Falsification of parental notification/note.
 J. Failure to verify absence within one day upon return.
 K. Arriving to class after 15 minutes without parent or school knowledge.

                         ATTENDANCE PROCEDURE:
 1. It is expected that students will attend class on every school day. All teachers
    will take roll and keep a record of absences and tardiness.
 2. Make up work will be allowed for excused absences only. Teachers are not
    obligated to allow make up work for other absences.

 3. It is the responsibility of an absent student to provide notification to the school
    from parent/guardian for an absence verification within 1 school day of the
    absence. Notification must contain date(s) of absence, reason for absence, and
    parent signature.
 4. If a student has to leave school prior to the end of the day, he/she is to check
    out at the main office and get an early dismissal form. The student should
    provide notification stating the reason and signed by the parent or guardian.
    If the student does not have a note, personnel in the office will attempt to
    contact parents or guardian before the student will be released from school. If
    contact is impossible the school administration may release the student if it is
    in the best interest of the student to allow him/her to return home. Every
    precaution will be taken to see that he/she arrives home safely.
 5. Students who arrive to school late must report to the main office for an admit
 6. Students who are absent for more than one half day of their scheduled classes
    on the day of a co-curricular activity in which they are scheduled to take part
    shall not be allowed to participate in or practice for that co-curricular activity.
    Exceptions will be made for verified doctor or dental appointments and for
    other absences where prior approval is obtained through the office.

                                 MAKE-UP WORK
In keeping with our belief that the classroom situation itself and the interaction with
the teacher are important aspects of the educational setting of Lakeside High School,
the school reserves the right to require students to make up work and school time
lost through extended absence. The teacher or administrator working in conjunction
with the student will determine the decision as to what is required for make-up and
the time and place of make-up. Make-up policy will follow district policy.

Make-up work will be required for all excused absences. Absences by a student
must either result in extra time put forth by the student to make up the work missed
or lose the credit. It is the student's responsibility to check with the teacher and to
complete the required make up work within the allowable make-up period following
the student's return to school: (1 day absence = 2 days' make-up period; 2 days
absence = 4 days' make-up period, etc.) Make up work is normally done outside of
class time.

When a student is suspended for 3 or more days, it is expected that all work missed
will be obtained and completed during the suspension period and submitted
immediately upon return.

Make up tests will be taken either before or after school or by prior arrangement
with the teacher.

If a field trip requires that students miss additional class time, student must obtain
and complete a Pre-arranged Absence Form from their teacher/coach one week in
advance. Teacher and administrator discretion regarding attendance and academic
progress will determine if a student will attend a field trip. All field trips will follow
School Board Policy #2320.

                     ABSENCES - PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS
Lakeside High School strongly discourages students taking vacations during the
semester or leaving school prior to the normal closing date. Students missing
classes lose essential instruction and place increased demands on classroom teachers
in the areas of record keeping, administering make-up work, etc. During the
planning for an absence, parents and students should understand that teachers
cannot possibly, in all cases, pre-teach the lessons, nor provide make-up
assignments to cover all the material that will be missed. This is especially true in a
performance class or a class that requires lots of participation. Since a student
presumably needs to attend the full semester to earn full credit, it is reasonable to
expect that extended absences will usually result in a lower grade. However,
occasions arise where absences are necessary. When this is the case, the school will
make every reasonable attempt to reduce the damage to the student's educational
program. The intent is to help students maintain high academic standing. All pre-
arranged absences occurring the final week of the semester must have
administration approval.

In order that students and parents may not be misled and suffer possible
disappointment, it must be clearly understood that:
 1. A letter of request outlining the reasons for the absence, expected duration, and
    departure date must be written to the school.
 2. A Pre-arranged Absence Form will be issued from the office to be presented by
    the student to his/her teachers.
 3. Teachers will state in writing on Pre-arranged Absence Form student
    expectations and possible consequences that could result from the extended
    absence and alternatives that would help minimize the potential harm to the

    student's final grade. An indication of willingness on the part of the teacher to
    assist the student is not to be construed as a promise that the student will receive
    full credit. The responsibility for completion of all make-up requirements rests
    with the student. Make-up assignments are due upon returning to class.

Lakeside High School will promote punctuality. It is expected that students will be
to class on time. Habitual tardiness creates a disruption to the educational process in
the classroom.
Any students who arrive at school after the beginning of the school day must clear
themselves through the attendance office before going to class.
In the event a teacher holds a student after class, the teacher will issue a note to the
student to go to his/her next class.
The teacher/attendance personnel will keep all student tardy records.
Tardies will be handled on a classroom to classroom basis. Excessive unexcused
tardies (4 or more) may result in the student being assigned after-school detention.
All students assigned to after-school or Saturday detention must complete teacher
assigned work and gain teacher approval for completed work. Failure to
satisfactorily complete work assigned will result in additional consequences.
After school detention begins at five minutes after school is dismissed and lasts
one hour. Students who are not on time will not be admitted and could face further
a) Tardy: up to fifteen (15) minutes late for class (Unexcused)
b) Truant: missing fifteen (15) minutes or more of class time without parent or
   school knowledge at the time of the absence.

                          WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASS
Schedule changes will be honored the first three days of the first semester. The
deadline for the second semester is well before the beginning of class. After the
schedule change deadline, students cannot change classes unless approved by the
Counselor/Administrator. Students removed from a class due to disciplinary reasons
will receive a failing grade.

Students withdrawing after the first three days will receive a no grade (“N”) on their
transcript, which has the same effect as an “F” when computing GPA’s.

                          DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES
The goal of Lakeside’s Discipline Procedure is to reinforce positive behavior in
our learning community. In order for effective and meaningful learning to take
place, Lakeside High School must become a place where students feel connected
and safe. The discipline procedures outlined below will help remind students of
their responsibility to make Lakeside a positive place to learn and grow.

Administrators, teachers, and staff members will manage discipline procedures
with the philosophy of “Make It Right.” In other words, administrators or teachers
may ask the student to find ways to help correct the situation any inappropriate
behavior caused. In many cases, a student will be given a choice of corrective
actions that may include apologies, physical work, repairs, or other endeavors that
will help “Make It Right.” Students will be guided to help them understand the
consequences of their actions. Administration reserves the right to find creative
solutions and choices in all discipline matters. The procedures below will act as a
guideline to help reinforce positive student behaviors.

Consistent with RCW 28A.600.020, teachers will first attempt one or more
alternative forms of corrective action prior to excluding students from class. In
emergency situations the administration intervenes. Other than emergency
circumstances, it is expected that the teacher contact the parent to resolve the
discipline before a referral is made to administration. Once a teacher refers a student
following a parent notification, the administration will take the appropriate actions
to resolve the behavior.

Parents will be notified when administrative intervention occurs and are seriously
encouraged to participate in the process. School officials will enforce discipline
procedures at any school-sponsored event whether on campus or off campus.

Administration discretion shall guide all disciplinary processes.

                            DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR

   Disruptive Behavior includes but is not limited to inappropriate language,
   classroom disruptions, vulgarity, minor insubordination, inappropriate use of

school computers, inappropriate use of personal electronics, possession of
pornography, inappropriate physical contact, inappropriate displays of affection,
inappropriate dress, truancy, cheating, and disruptions to the educational

When a student is referred to administration for Disruptive Behavior, the
discipline enforced will follow a progressive format. The student will start at the
step determined by administration depending of the severity of the infraction.
Students failing to follow disciplinary actions commit flagrant insubordination
and will be subject to higher levels of discipline.

In general, the progressive steps for Disruptive Behavior include:
   A. After School Detention(s)
   B. Short-Term Suspension(s)
   C. Long-Term Suspension
   D. Expulsion

                        EXTREME MISBEHAVIOR
Extreme Misbehavior is a category that would require removal from school.
Extreme Misbehaviors include but are not limited to verbal assault, physical
assault, fighting, harassment, sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying, threats,
physical abuse, fighting, gang-related activities, food fights, lewd behavior,
serious or flagrant insubordination, vandalism, trespassing, breaking and
entering, theft, possession of stolen items, trafficking in stolen items, extortion,
possession or use or distribution of tobacco, or any extreme disruption to the
educational environment.

These infractions will result in a call to police authorities when laws have been
broken. Part of the discipline may include restitution where items have been
stolen or vandalized.

When a student is referred to administration for an Extreme Misbehavior, the
discipline enforced will follow a progressive format. The student will start at the
step determined by administration depending of the severity of the infraction.

In general, the progressive steps for Extreme Misbehavior include:
  A.      Short Term Suspension(s)
  B.      Long Term Suspension(s)
  C.      Expulsion

  Students accumulating numerous referrals for Disruptive Behavior or Extreme
  Misbehavior will be subject to removal from school for the rest of the semester
  or school year.

                            DRUGS AND ALCOHOL
  A. Distribution/Use or Possession of Illegal Drugs/Alcohol/Possession of Drug
     Emergency Expulsion from school: (10 days to appeal) WAC 180-40-275,
     WAC 180-40-280, WAC 180-40-285, WAC 180-40-295 and WAC 180-40-
     a. Parents and authorities will be contacted. During the period of time
        student is not in school and before they are considered for re-admittance:
        a. Student will participate in an alcohol/drug pre-assessment.
        b. Student will openly and instantaneously participate in an initial
            urinalysis before a return to school and at random times during their
            school attendance.
        c. Adhere to results and recommendations of the assessment.
        Upon possible return to school, the student will:
        a. Attend school daily under a behavior contract.
        b. Attend drug/alcohol classes or counseling if so directed by school
        c. Follow terms of assessment recommendations.
        d. Other stipulations may be imposed at the discretion of the school
        Violation of the behavior contract including the treatment
        recommendations can result in removal from Lakeside High School.
  B. Distribution/Use or Possession of Weapons/Explosives
     1. Emergency Expulsion
     2. Notify authorities
     State law mandates that a police officer having probable cause to believe that
     a person illegally possesses or illegally has possessed a firearm or other

     dangerous weapon on private or public elementary or secondary school
     premises shall have the authority to arrest the person. (RCW28A.600.010)
     Any violation of subsection (1) of this section by elementary or secondary
     school students constitutes grounds for expulsion from the state's public
     schools. An appropriate school authority shall promptly notify law
     enforcement and the student's parent or guardian regarding any allegation or
     indication of such violation.
     *See Nine Mile Falls School District Weapon Policy #3611
  C. Distribution or possession of instruments that “look like” weapons can also
      result in expulsion.
  D. Threats involving use of weapons/firearms will result in emergency

                             APPEAL PROCEDURES
1. Short-Term Suspension (Part of class period to 10 days) - If a grievance is not
   resolved at the building level, a parent/guardian has the right to an informal
   conference with the building principal (WAC 180.40.255).
2. Long-Term Suspension (beyond 10 days – 90 days) - A written request for a
   hearing must be received by the school district employee designated or by his or
   her office on or before the expiration of the third school business day after
   receipt of the notice of opportunity for a hearing. (WAC 180.40.265 Item 1)
3. Expulsion – This discipline results in permanent removal from school. A
   written request for a hearing must be received by the school district employee
   designated in his or her office on or before the expiration of the third school
   business day after receipt of the notice of opportunity for a hearing.

1. School Business Day -
   Shall mean any calendar day, upon which the office of the superintendent of the
   Nine Mile Falls School District is open to the public for the conduct of business.
    A school business day shall be concluded or terminated upon the closure of said
   office for the calendar day.
2. Suspension (WAC 180.40.205 Item 1)
   "Suspension" shall mean a denial of attendance (other than for the balance of the
   immediate class, subject, or activity period for "discipline" purposes) at any
   single subject or class, or at any full schedule of subjects or classes, or at any
   other type of activity conducted by or in behalf of a school district, and any
   combination of the foregoing, for a stated period of time. A suspension also

   may include a denial of admission to or entry upon real and personal property
   that is owned, leased, rented, or controlled by the school district.
3. Expulsion – (WAC 180.40.205 Item 1)"Expulsion" shall mean a denial of
   attendance at any single subject or class or at any full schedule of subjects or
   classes, a denial of attendance at any other type of activity conducted by or in
   behalf of a school district, and any combination of the foregoing, for an
   indefinite period of time. An expulsion also includes a denial of admission to or
   entry upon real and personal property that is owned, leased, rented or controlled
   by the school district.

    The complete policy pertaining to all procedural aspects in reference to the due
    process procedures regarding imposing suspension and expulsion is maintained
    in the principal's office of each building or can be obtained by calling the district


Students in these programs have rights and privileges as learners enrolled in our
district. Students in these programs may participate in extra-curricular activities as
long as they meet the minimum criteria for involvement. Students in these programs
also qualify for academic honors, honor roll, and an academic letter if they are full-
time students and meet the criteria for the honors. Seniors who have met all the
conditions to participate in graduation ceremonies are eligible to participate in
senior end-of-the-year activities and graduation exercises.

Since Lakeside High School is a closed campus by district policy, students taking
courses off-site are only allowed on campus during school hours if they have
school-related business, such as appointments with the Counseling Center, College
Counselor, Running Start Coordinator, or Business Office. Students must check in
at the office in order to verify who is in the building for safety reasons. Students
participating in after-school athletics and activities should be on campus only after
school is dismissed for the day.

Students who attend courses part-time at Lakeside High School and part-time off
site should leave campus when not attending classes. Students may be on campus
for school-related business as noted above.

Students failing to comply with these rules will be asked to leave campus and are
subject to losing all visitation privileges and/or other disciplinary action.

                                HEALTH ROOM
Students who feel they are unable to continue in class will be asked to call parents.
    The sickroom will be used by students waiting for transportation home. The
Health Room limit is 20 minutes. Students will then be asked to go home or back
 to class. Health information and Emergency Medical Forms are required of each

                          MEDICATION AT SCHOOL
The office does not supply medication of any kind. All medications must be
checked into the main office secretary. Students are not to be self-medicating unless
prior arrangements have been made. See the office secretary for more information
on self-medication. Failure to follow established procedures can result in discipline.

                                 CLOSED CAMPUS
Lakeside High School operates a closed campus policy. Students must stay on
school grounds from the time they arrive until dismissal. They will not be allowed
to return to the student parking area without permission during their school day.
Students are not to be in their cars during free time.
Students must bring a written parental request to the office to leave the campus for
any reason. If it is necessary to leave school for any reason, a permit must be
obtained, signed by the parent, doctor or dentist and submitted to the office upon
return. Failure to follow these procedures will result in a truancy and discipline.

                             FINE AND FEE POLICY
Fees required for specific classes may be refunded in full at any time during the first
three weeks of each new semester. After that time, class fees are non-refundable.
Any parent who has a financial hardship must contact the building principal to
arrange for a waiver.
Fines and fees must be paid in full before students will receive official transcripts
from Lakeside High School. This includes (but is not limited to) transcripts for
college admissions, scholarships, NCAA Clearinghouse, car insurance and
graduation. All fines and fees must also be paid prior to a student’s graduation.
Saul Haas funds are available on a limited basis for needy students. See the school
administration for more details.

                           BICYCLES/ROLLER SPORTS
Students are required to park and chain their bicycles to the bicycle rack provided.
Due to safety concerns, students are not to be on their bikes, skateboards,
rollerblades, scooters, or other roller sports during school hours.

                                   LAKESIDE HIGH SCHOOL
                                   2011/12 FEE SCHEDULE


Grades 9-12
Daily Lunch (includes Milk) $        2.75
Milk Only                     $       .60
Adults                        $      3.75*
* Adult price is without milk. Add $.60 for milk.

Reduced price for children who qualify according to state and federal guidelines shall be $.40
cents for lunch.
 A la Carte menu items will be priced according to the unit cost for the food and its preparation.

To apply for waived or reduced fees based on lunch status, a signed permission slip (part of free
& reduced lunch application) is necessary.

Grades 9-12                    $     80.00 1st Activity
                               $     60.00 Additional Activity
Reduced Lunch Price            $     60.00 1st Activity
                               $     45.00 Additional Activity
Free Lunch Price               $     35.00 1st Activity
                               $     25.00 Additional Activity

Transportation fees are charged for the initial and each additional activity which requires district-
funded transportation. This fee must be paid prior to the first competition of the respective
season. In order to qualify for either Reduced or Free status the student must have an approved
application on file with the food service department.

**For students in extra curricular activities (Pep band, FCCLA & DECA clubs) this fee is
required if attending state activities.

Inter. Art/Advanced Art        $     10.00*
Wood                           $     Price varies based on materials used.
Chemistry                      $     20.00*
Human Anatomy                  $     20.00 + **
Physics                        $     20.00*
Invest. Microbiology           $     20.00*
Band-Symphonic                 $     25.00***
Band-Jazz                      $     45.00***
Choir                          $     25.00***

Culinary Arts (Pro-Start)   $      25.00***

      * Students approved for free lunches may apply for wavier of these fees. Academic fees
       for students approved for reduced lunches will be 50% of full fee.
      ** This fee varies depending on supply cost (If student chooses a larger animal).
      *** This is an annual fee.

Online Courses                    $    200.00/Credit*
                                  $    120.00/Half Credit*
                                  $     25.00 Registration Fee Per Course-Summer Only
      *Minimum – Increases vary depending on provider.

High School Annual /with name       $      45.00 (8/17/11 – 9/23/11 & 11/28/11 – 12/9/11)
High School Annual after Dec. 9th $        50.00 (3/19/12 – 3/23/12 & 5/21/12 – till gone)
There will be windows of time to purchase Annuals. Check with school for dates.
All Annuals purchased before Dec. 9th will have names on them.

Advertising in Annual:
Business Card Size                  $       35.00
¼ page size                         $       70.00
½ page size                         $      125.00
Full Page                           $      195.00
Baby Picture Ads (Deadline 2/10/12) $       20.00

ASB Card                 $                  35.00
Replacement of ASB card  $                  10.00

Athletic Event Admission Fee:
Family Season Pass (Home Events)             $        90.00*
Couple Season Pass (Home Events)             $        70.00*
Singles Season Pass (Home Events)            $        60.00*
Senior Citizen Pass (Home Events-65 Yrs)     $        40.00*

* $5.00 discount if purchased by 9/10/10

Lakeside HS Students with ASB Cards                   FREE
Adults & HS Students w/o ASB Cards           $         6.00
Senior Citizens (65 plus)                    $         4.00
Visiting High School Students with
Presentation of ASB Card                     $         4.00
Jr. and Middle School Students with
Presentation of ASB Card                     $         4.00
All Elementary Students                      $         4.00

Ideas and Content
      *Theme or message is clear.
      *Focused topic is fresh and original.
      *Details are vivid and intriguing.
      *Writer uses experience and knowledge.
      *This paper shows more than tells.
      *This paper holds the reader’s attention.
Key Question: Does it have those “you had to be there” details that make it the
writer’s OWN?
      *Inviting introduction grabs the reader.
      *Logical, effective sequencing promotes the meaning.
      *Good pacing promotes an easy flow.
      *Strong transitions link ideas.
      *A strong conclusion leaves the reader thinking.
Key Question: Do the beginning and ending work in harmony--like bookends?
Sentence Fluency
      *Sentences are well built--they are correctly structured and make sense.
      *There are purposeful and varied sentence beginnings.
      *Sentences vary in length and structure.
      *Fragments, if used, add style and flair.
      *Dialogue, if used, sounds natural.
Key Question: Does this piece invite expressive oral reading?
Word Choice
      *Lively verbs create vivid images.
      *Precise nouns and modifiers promote meaning.
      *The language is natural.
      *Cliches’ and jargon are used sparingly.
      *Choose words creatively but avoid thesaurus overload.
Key Question: How many words or phrases linger in your mind.
      *You connect with the personality behind the writing.
      *Narratives are honest and from the heart
      *Expository Writing is lively, engaging, and full of conviction.
Key Question: Do you want to read this paper to someone?

      *There are few errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation,
      paragraphing, and grammar.
      *The paper is easy to read and appears proofread and edited.
      *The rader is not distracted by errors.
Key Question: How much editing would you have to do to get this paper ready to

1. Find a topic which interests you and pose a question worth researching or a
   thesis worth proving. Be sure your topic is narrow enough to be explored in the
   required length of your paper. For example:
   Question - Should the testimony of witnesses who have been hypnotized be
   admissible in a court of law?
   Thesis - The testimony of witnesses who have been hypnotized should be
   admissible in a court of law.
2. Develop a Working Bibliography by looking for books, articles in magazines and
   newspapers, reference materials, experts for interviews, videos, and sources such
   as the Internet or Infotrac, etc. Skim read to determine if your source will be
   relevant to your research. Once you decide to use a source, number it and copy
   down all bibliographic information. (See Quick Reference for Works Cited
3. Take Notes on note cards or use a color coding system as you read. Avoid
   plagiarism by documenting each direct quote and all paraphrased paragraphs.
   Use parenthetical documentation to cite your sources.
   Direct Quote Example: According to a recent study, “No animal has done more
   to renew interest in animal intelligence than a beguiling, bilingual bonobo named
   Kanzi, who has the grammatical abilities of a 2.5 year old child...” (Linden 57).
   Paraphrased Example: According to Eugene Linden, Kanzi, a bilingual chimp
   has the language skills of a 2.5 year old child. The research on this animal has
   renewed interest in the study of animal intelligence (57). See text, A Writer’s
   Reference (260-264), for more examples of direct quotes, paraphrases,
   summaries, and borrowing language.
4. Write an Outline based on the information you have gathered to organize your
   topic. This will be the text of your paper. Be sure to introduce your question or

   thesis in the beginning, answer the question or prove your thesis in the middle,
   and summarize your findings at the end.
5. Write the Text of Your Paper using your outline as a guide. First, prepare a
   rough draft. Work to revise your paper by using peer editing and/or adult
   readers. Ask them to tell you in their own words what they believe your purpose
   to be. If their belief matches your intent, then you are on the right track. If not,
   you need to reexamine your research and make sure each point you use furthers
   the purpose of your research. Also, ask them to use The Six Traits of Writing
   as a guide while they edit your work. Have at least three peer editors and one
   adult read your paper. Before you prepare your final copy, proofread your own
   work. You are your own best friend in this process. Prepare your final copy.
   Remember to use the MLA format for heading, margins, and pagination.
6. Compile Your Works Cited Page by alphabetizing your sources according to the
   author’s last name. (See Quick Reference for Works Cited handout)
7. Prepare a Cover Page and a Table of Contents if required. Do not put your paper
   in a folder or report cover unless you are directed to do so. Use one staple in the
   upper left hand corner to bind your work.

  A thesis paper is one in which a student offers a position or a proposition that
he/she will prove.

Paragraph 1          Introduction
   The basic format of the paper begins with one paragraph of introduction which
includes background material on the subject to be discussed. These statements are
general in nature to begin with but become more specific as they approach the thesis
statement. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph is the thesis sentence
which is a clear statement of what is to be proved. Sometimes the writer will use
two sentences for this purpose. If the thesis statement lacks clarity or precision, the
writer will struggle to compose a paper that proceeds logically, and the reader will
find him/herself constantly trying to figure out what the writer is attempting to

Paragraph 2, 3, 4 Body
   In a five paragraph thesis paper, the thesis statement should either have three parts
or require three examples for the body. Each example is then proven in a separate
body paragraph. Each body paragraph should include one direct or indirect
quotation to substantiate the thesis. In lieu of footnotes or endnotes, this less formal

paper will include internal documentation. The format for this style includes the
author’s last name and the page or pages on which the direct or indirect quotation
was taken. This information is contained in a parenthesis and is followed by a
period (DiBartolo 42).
  If the quotation is four or more typed lines, the student should indent ten spaces to
create a blocked form for the quote. This section may be single or double spaced
depending on the instructor. Although the parenthetical documentation is the same,
there are no quote marks for this format, and the punctuation is inserted before the
parenthesis. (DiBartolo 42-44)

Paragraph 5          Conclusion
  The last paragraph is the conclusion and should summarize the main points of the
body and indirectly restate the main thesis. This is not a place to explore a new idea,
so if the writer finds that he/she has brought up a topic that could itself become the
topic of a new thesis paper, he/she should edit immediately.

1.    Two adjectives
            Tall, handsome lifeguards flirt . . .
2.    An appositive
            Sam, the tall, handsome lifeguard, flirts . . .
3.    A parallel structure
            Tall and handsome, Sam flirts . . .
4.    A question
            Who could that tall, handsome lifeguard be?
5.    A prepositional phrase
            On the high tower the tall, handsome lifeguard lounges . . .
6.    An infinitive
            To sit all day in the high tower is the job of the lifeguard.
7.    A gerund
            Sitting all day in the high tower, watching the pretty girls,
            is the lifeguard’s duty.
8.    A perfect infinitive
            To have sat in the burning sun all day was a challenge for
            the guards.
9.    A perfect participle (past participle)
            Having sat all day in the tower, the lifeguard left to find a
            cold drink.

10.   A present participle
             Smiling at the happy crowds, the lifeguard keeps watch.
11.   A perfect gerund
             Having sat there all day was a challenge for the lifeguards.
12.   A predicate adjective
             The guard was tall and handsome.
13.   A predicate noun
             A tall, strong man was the guard.
14.   Parallel structure, more complex
             A tall man and a handsome one, my father loved the ocean.
15.   An adverbial clause
             While he swam in the ocean, the guard kept watching for
16.   An adjective clause
             Sam, who had the build of a wrestler, worked as a guard
             every summer.
17.   A noun clause
             That he could swim to Catalina has never been proven.
18.   An exclamation
             Wow! He certainly seems powerful.



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