Design a Pink Pig Sketchbook Cover Competition

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					Design a Pink Pig Sketchbook Cover Competition

       Quick an easy to create
       Fun and easy to incorporate into your Schemes of Work / Lesson Plans
       Win £300 for your school or department
       See your students design realised
       The more original and innovative the better!

At Pink Pig we would like to work with schools and colleges to give students the opportunity to
design an image for a rolling sketchbook competition (running every 2 months) in which they can
not only earn their school or college £300 but also see their winning image become a real cover

The competition could be linked to any number of qualifications, courses and aspects of the
National Curriculum, and may be particularly supportive of vocational qualifications which ask for
a brief and an appropriate outcome.

Our design brief:

   Design an image either freehand or digitally
   Create your design within the following dimensions – 460 x 336 mm. This can be either
    landscape or portrait. Please note that 20mm of your image all the way around will not be
    seen on the finished item as this is folded over the board when we make the cover.
   Upload your images via our software, available free from our website or ask us to send you a
    CD Rom of the software and remember to include your contact details.


       Give your brief a theme - such as Sport, Natural Form, Cultural Identity, Text,
        Architecture or Friendship.
       Use an artist, designer or craftsperson to inspire your outcome - such as mixed-media
        imagery inspired by Robert Rauchenburg, sketchy imagery inspired by Giacometti, or
        bright bold designs inspired by Hundertwasser or Patrick Caulfield.
       Remember we are looking for designs that would make good sketchbook covers with a
        wide appeal.

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