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					IAG Aims



     Aims of the Service
     The information advice and guidance service has been developed to meet the needs
     of staff and volunteers in the voluntary and community sector and learners
     attending our programmes. The service aims to offer an impartial, one to one
     information, advice and guidance session in order to support individuals to identify
     and plan for their learning and professional development needs.

     What We Offer
     Our administration and associate staff provide a first point of contact (telephone,
     email, website or during courses) where individuals can find out about the service or
     make general enquiries. These discussions may lead to an individual accessing a more
     in depth guidance interview.

     Our information, advice and guidance staff are qualified and experienced
     professionals who are available on a one to one basis to provide an in-depth,
     impartial service.

     The service will use a range of information in printed and electronic formats.

     Other provision within ViSTA is also available to service users and this includes
     workforce development training and access to the ViSTA recruitment website.
     Details of other providers’ services are included in the information and sign-posting
     linked to this service (external supervision, mentoring, union representation etc).

     What You Can Expect From Us
     All staff delivering this service adhere to ViSTA’s policies and the codes of
     practice relevant to the Matrix Standards for the provision of Information, Advice
     and Guidance.

     We are committed to equal opportunities and human rights and have a policy of
     providing fully accessible services.

           Voluntary Sector Training Alliance Limited is a not for profit company limited by Guarantee, Company no: 5408332
                              Registered office: Pembroke House, 7 Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8PE
IAG Aims
      The Features Of The Service Are:
          delivered by staff who are appropriately trained and qualified,
          offered in a variety of formats – one to one meetings or alternatives such as
            a telephone or email service,
          confidential and flexible operating from venues around the County,
          available during the working day,
          free to any adult working or volunteering in Somerset’s Voluntary and
            Community Sector.

      How To Access This Service.
      Appointments can be booked                             through          Vista       01458        259       487        or   via

      Appointments can be arranged using the self-referral form given out at all ViSTA

      Details of alternative IAG providers are given to all learners attending ViSTA
      training. In addition further resources can be found on the ViSTAjobs website (link
      from ViSTA “individuals and job seekers resources”).

      It is necessary to keep certain records in relation to the provision of our
      Information, Advice and Guidance service. These records are kept in accordance
      with Data Protection codes of practice and our confidentiality policy. These
      records are only accessed by authorized staff and are destroyed safely once they
      are no longer required.

      A copy of the ViSTA Learners’ Charter is available in the induction pack setting out
      the standards of service you can expect from ViSTA.

      Our resources include:
      Information and research in relation to sector specific skills,
      Information about further and higher education,
      Information about volunteering and volunteer bureau,
      Employment issues such as Job Search and CV templates.

      Tell Us What You Think
      ViSTA welcomes your comments on this service and there are a variety of ways that
      you can tell us about your experience of using our service. The Information, Advice
      and Guidance Evaluation form will be given out at the start of your session, our
      complaints procedure is published within our Learner’s Charter.

         Voluntary Sector Training Alliance Limited is a not for profit company limited by Guarantee, Company no: 5408332
                            Registered office: Pembroke House, 7 Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8PE

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