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									                                           University of Liverpool
                                        Geography Alumni Association

                                            MEMBERSHIP FORM

All graduates from the Liverpool Geography department are eligible for membership of the department’s Geography
Alumni Association (GAA).

The GAA’s primary aim is to help Geography graduates to stay in touch with each other in the years ahead. The GAA
will also help you to keep up-to-date with the latest news and gossip from the Geography department.

Membership of the GAA is free. If you join you will be given access to a password protected friends-reunited style
website dedicated to graduates from the Department of Geography. Members will be able to post information and up-
to-date contact information about themselves and find out the latest news and contact details for other members.

To join, post a completed and signed hardcopy of this form to The GAA, Department of Geography, University
of Liverpool, L69 3ZT. Please note that we are unable to accept electronic submission due to the Data Protection Act.
Confirmation of membership, including the Alumni website password, will be sent to you once your application form
has been received.

Name:                          ______________________________________________

Address:                       ______________________________________________
Required - for posting of      _______________________________________________________
your membership details        _______________________________________________________
and annual GAA newsletter      _______________________________________________________
                                                           Postcode _________________________

Year of Graduation:           _______________________________________________

Email (non-University):        ______________________________________________
[Please write clearly]

Mobile phone no.:              ______________________________________________

Current plans:               ________________________________________________
(e.g. job/year out/other)    ________________________________________________
Optional                     ________________________________________________

I would like to join the Geography Alumni Association. I understand that none of the information I
supply to the GAA will be forwarded to any third-party.

I give permission for the following items of information to be posted on the Association’s
password-protected website (please tick as appropriate):

Name               Email           Mobile           Current plans               Address

Signature                                           Date                    .

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