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					                                          PORSCHE CLUB OF AMERICA
                                   Rally Sport Region – Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
                                                 Tuesday January 5, 2010

Jim Christopher called the meeting to order at 7:26 PM at Carlyle Grill in Ann Arbor.

Board Members Present:
Jim Christopher: President                                          Present
Owen Balduf                                                         Present
Jack Dunlap                                                         Absent
Dave Finch                                                          Present
Dan Gaulin: Track Registrar                                         Absent
Christian Maloof: Track Chairman                                    Absent
Rick Mammel: Vice President                                         Present
Leonard Murz: Advertising                                           Present
Mike O’Rear: Editor                                                 Present

Members & Visitor Present:
Amanda Balduf, Liz Christopher – First Lady, Stewart Free – Events Committee, Matt Huber, Dianne and Michael
Kimber, Tom Krueger, Burghard Linn – Treasurer, Lynda Mammel, Kathy O’Rear, Arnie Spieker – Charity Committee
Karl and Nancy Schulz, Claudia Trapp and Glenn Trapp – Membership Chair.

Meeting Minutes: November minutes were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer's report: Burghard Linn reviewed the November and December financial reports. He also reviewed the
2008 vs. 2009 Income and Expense report. All reports approved.

REMINDER: The Treasurer’s Report is available to any RSR Club member. E-Mail your request to Burghard Linn

Insurance: No events planned that require insurance.

Goody Store Report: Jim Christopher has digital images for Valerie. Waiting to here back from her. We have an
on demand system, which will allow for lower inventory.

Advertising Report: Leonard Murz reported that he is in the process of contacting all the existing advertisers.
Working on a formatted RSR invoice.

Membership: Glenn Trapp reported we are steady at 220 members.

Track report: No track report.

Newsletter: Mike O'Rear reported that January 11 is the deadline for the newsletter. Material needed. More
members are opting for the web-based version of the newsletter. The post office now requires 3 tabs on the
newsletters to keep them closed, which greatly increases workload.
Motion: Expense $40/month to printer for the tab installation. Approved

Miscellaneous: Board meetings will be at Karl’s Cabin on Gotfredson, Plymouth, for the even months.

Web site: Lynda Mammel has volunteered to help but will need training. Jim will try to contact Valerie.   We would
need to buy the Dreamweaver software that Valerie is using for our website.

Events Committee: Stewart Free reviewed the next set of events. A tech session is planned for January. Also
planning an event at Cadieux Café for Feather Bowling in February. Dianne Kimber asked if the club would
participate in the Porsche Parade, which will be held west of Chicago.

Meeting adjourned: 8:42 pm. Minutes taken by: Mary Ann Kantrow

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