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					Great steak Start With Excellent beef - USDA choice

What does USDA Prime mean?

The USDA created a various animal meat rating scale to classify various animal meat by the excellent of
flavor, juiciness, and pain. There are 8 different qualities that can be allocated to a item of various
animal meat. The most common qualities that consumers may see are USDA Prime, the greatest
excellent, USDA Choice, the second maximum excellent, and its Select, the third maximum excellent.
Other qualities of various animal meat are usually used for pizza and other processed animal meat. They
are rarely sold as beef or roasts. Primary various animal meat is recognized by abundant marbling which
leads to a very tender, hot and tasty item of various animal meat. Beef rating examinations are done
solely for the purpose of determining the overall excellent of the various animal meat. Another
examination is done completely individually of the rating examination to determine if the various animal
meat is food worthy.

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Chicago’s tradition of Delivering the World’s Finest Beef started in 1864 - with the birth of the Chicago
Union Stockyards. Some of America’s largest beef companies such as Swift, Morris, and Hammond at the
turn of the century produced 82% of the meat consumed in the United States. In 1882 Gustavus Swift
created the first refrigerated car making it possible to ship the best cuts of steak coast to coast. Today,
Chicago Steak Company is the premier provider of gourmet steaks, seafood and desserts. We are proud
to continue the long and rich tradition of Delivering Mid-Western Corn-Fed USDA Prime, Black Angus,
and Premium USDA Choice steaks to homes and businesses across America.

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Description: Slowly wet aged for a buttery tenderness that you can cut with a fork, our USDA Prime Complete Trim Filet Mignons are "Simply the Best". These Filet Mignons are lean and trimmed of all exterior fat, yet marbled enough to deliver an amazing flavor.