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    Live Webinar         on
     Moving to Incentive and Performance Based Pay System

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     Wednesday, October 24, 2012        10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
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     Duration: 60 Minutes               Instructor: Teri Morning

     Location: Online                   Price : $145.00   (for one participant)

                                                                                      Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                    Teri Morning
    This webinar will cover the components of a variable pay system that                         President and Chief
    pays for itself. The webinar will also cover the necessary elements to                      Everything Officer, Teri
    have in a performance measurement system.                                                    Morning Enterprises

    The webinar will explain how to connect the compensation changes                  Teri Morning, MBA, MS, SPHR,
    to the performance measurement system. Including what changes                     SPHR-CA is the President of her own
    that may need to be made in the performance measurement system.                   HR Consulting firm. She has over 15
                                                                                      years human resource and training
    Because without an effective measurement system in place to
                                                                                      experience in a variety of
    measure performance a company can't know what to reward. A
                                                                                      professional fields, including retail,
    performance based and certainly an inventive based system when                    distribution, architectural,
    structured incorrectly not only rewards the wrong things but often                engineering, consulting,
    costs a company more than the ROI they expected.                                  manufacturing (union), public sector
    Worst, if a reward system in not structured properly, the company                 and both profit and non-profit
    ends up actually rewarding employees to pursue the wrong goals.                   company structures. She has
    So transitioning generally requires great changes to existing                     consulted with employers on their
                                                                                      problems and trained managers and
    performance review processes, and the measurement of
                                                                                      employees for over 10 years,
                                                                                      enjoying traveling the country
                                                                                      extensively, meeting and working
                                                                                      with employees from all types of
    Areas Covered in the Session:                                                     businesses. ...more

       l   Defining variable pay and its part in your Total Rewards
           package.                                                         Suggest a Topic    More Webinars
       l   Deciphering and taking the mystery out of the components of
           performance based and incentive pay systems.                       Your Necessity is our Priority

               ¡ The difference between performance pay and incentives.
       l   How to decide if your company is ready for changing its reward
           system to valuing performance and incentives vs. length of
       l   Crucial systems to have in place before you transition.
       l   Communicating the transition.
       l   What you must have in a measurement system.
       l   What you must require of your supervisors and leadership.
       l   12 common costly mistakes in transitioning pay systems.
       l   When not to move into a performance and incentive pay
       l   What to do with jobs that can't truly be incentivized in many
           companies and how to apply performance pay principles to
           those jobs.
       l   Dealing with your "Deal Blockers" - those who can't or won't
           get on board with change.

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    Who Will Benefit:

       l   Small business owners
       l   CEOs of mid-sized companies
       l   CFOs
       l   HR Managers
       l   HR Generalists
       l   Managers with HR functions

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