SGA Meeting minutes April by FeSlQa


									SGA Meeting minutes April 1, 2010

   1. March Minutes approved
   2. Jonquil Feldman, the Director of Library Services, reviewed the implementation of
      Library logins for Library computers. The computer login policy was shaky at first due
      to a lack of computers, but currently the situation has stabilized with the addition of more
      computers for student use.
   3. Student issues and concerns:
          a. International Travel for HSC-sanctioned trips by Cormac Sookram.
          b. James Fischer- Safety of Intramural fields
          c. James Fischer- Dental student lounge areas
          d. James Fischer- Student Health Insurance and Student Health Clinic
          e. Jessica Koller- Speed limits on campus- is it possible to get the 15mph speed limit
              raised to 20mph?
          f. Jen Pearcy- There are concerns with a lack of privacy discussing financial issues
              at the Bursar’s office, as well as some complaints about the civility of the
              employees in the Bursar’s office towards students.
          g. Martin Hechanova says “Do your Student Services Survey!”

   4. SGA Vote on Constitution Amendments- Amendments passed by majority vote.
   5. SGA Sub-Committees
        a. Appropriations Committee- Tricia Tynan reports no changes to the budget this
        b. Special Events Committee- Jessica Koller reports on date change for Burger Burn
           to Tuesday, April 13th.
        c. Community Service- Addie Embry reports that Relay for Life was a great success
           and raised $40,000. SGA was represented by a team. Coffee House dates are
           May 3rd and May 11th, starting at 7pm and ending at 10pm or when the coffee and
           cookies run out. Please sign up. The Texas State Science Fair is April 11th, and
           judges are needed. See email forwarded by Paulina. Link: Henry B. Gonzalez
              Convention Center. Please go to
        d. Student Awards Night- James Fischer, Kristina Carpenter, and Jen Pearcy report
            that the Awards night is confirmed for April 21st, and attendance by SGA
            members is required.
   6. Monthly Update
        a. Nursing-no report
        b. Medicine-no report
        c. Dental School- Free screenings by Dental school and Dental Hygeine- call 567-
            0067. They need participants!
        d. Graduate School- Annual GSA Mikiten Research Forum is on May 5th, all day, in
            the Parman Auditorium. Please come by and see what’s going on with research in
            the Graduate School!
        e. Health Professions-no report

   7. SGA Officer Elections for 2010-2011
        a. President-Cormac Sookram- unanimous
        b. Vice President-James Fischer-unanimous
        c. Secretary- Luke Whitmire-unanimous
        d. Treasurer-Elena Koshman and Addie Embry were nominated and Elena Koshman
           was elected by majority vote

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