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									  Gearing up for the holidays – Tobacco and Smoking Accessories Wholesale
Whether you own a shop or you are an online retailer of tobacco-related products, finding the
right supplier is important. While tobacco for a long time been one of the hot selling items for
retail and convenience stores, and selling their products to millions of consumers, the federal
government is still imposing restrictions both at the federal and state levels.

Many wholesale distributors have changed their course of action and have been supplying online
as well as in a physical location. Other hot items that are being sold are smoking accessories
wholesale, as well as cigarette supplies and accessories. Ordering online has become a new and
convenient way for retailers to buy their supplies from wholesalers. It has not only made it
simpler but, it also allows them to be organized, track their orders, and save time to attend other
business matters.

The other new trends in the tobacco world are roll-
your-own cigarettes or make-your-own cigarettes.
These two are often referred to as RYO or MYO.
Many ryo tobacco wholesale have geared their
products in such a way that retailers can buy
supplies for those consumers looking to make their
own cigarettes and choosing the tobacco they

Other very popular products among consumers are humidors, cigar cutters, cigarette cases, and
lighters. These are items that are not only fundamental for tobacco consumers, but they can also
personalize and are often popular precisely because of this reason.

Finding the right supplier with good pricing, service and easy-to-order website is extremely
important for any tobacco retailer. It can make the difference between buying the products that
consumer want and profits. Many of these products are available online and prices can be easily

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