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									                      Education at Colleges of Pharmacy and Health Science

Science has always been a boon to human race. Everything that we are surrounded with is a part of it.
From technology to healthcare, this field has acquired all the areas. One of the recent inventions that we
should really thank of science is modern pharmaceuticals. It is an area which is directly linked with the
health of human. It is said that modern pharmaceuticals can even increase your life span. One of the
healthcare setups in Delhi NCR region gives you a guarantee that if you visit them continually then you
can live more than 100 years. This is the kind of power modern pharmaceuticals have. Undoubtedly it is
one of the fastest growing sections of medical domain. Choosing this industry for career is really a good
option. There are various colleges of pharmacy and health sciences.

Pharmacy offers a strong career option to students. It is directly proportional to the number of
healthcare setups in the country. From past few years we can see that the healthcare setups are gaining
momentum which is ultimately increasing job opportunities to those who are in medicine domain. Due
to this, the career path in pharmacy is more stable and has good growth prospects in future. Different
states have different specification but National Certificate is something what every employer demands.
In order to enter this area of medicine one should appear for CET or AIEEE. Also students should have
secondary pass out certificate with chemistry and physics as compulsory subjects. Only after this a good
college of pharmacy and health science gives you admission.

Once you have pursued the course then the series of responsibility is assigned to you. A pharmacist is
given the responsibility to prescribe medicine and drugs legally to the patient. Additionally, they also
offer consultancy to patients, physicians, etc about selection of drug, dosage, side effects etc. Hence,
this domain requires more focus over the knowledge of an individual. College Pharmacy Technician and
Health Sciences offer unique learning process to students where they have the insight of the industry so
that they can serve better to it. Each and every section of the course is important because when it
comes to taking care of patients, good knowledge and better understanding of drugs and other things
involved is required.

While pursing the course from a College of Pharmacy Technician you will understand a lot more about
this sector than just academics. These colleges helps you to gain practical knowledge with theoretical
because this domain is more of practical implementation of knowledge.

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