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									ADR Toolbox
About Clay Chastain
 Major: Communication
 Minor: Anthropology, Philosophy
 Background in web design, development,
  and implementation; marketing and public
  relations experience:
     2003-09 ViaMedia
     2006-09 deviantART Inc.
     2006-10 Freelancing (Vectortea Design)
About the Client
 The client is Don Philbin, an Alternative
  Dispute Resolution (ADR) lawyer located
  in San Antonio, Texas.
 ADR refers to any dispute resolution that
  takes place outside the judicial system
About the Project
 Client-based professional project
 The title will be ADR Toolbox and hosted
  at as per the client’s
Client Needs
   Wants to create a dynamic website to
    showcase his web applications (online
    mediation tools) and social media
     Twitter,   Facebook, Wordpress, Wiki, LinkedIn
   Project will encompass all design, some
    development, and some implementation
Project Significance
   Helpful in expanding my website design
     Integrates   new social media concepts (such
      as Twitter)
     Increases my ability to collaborate with clients
      and developers
   Increases my exposure in the design
Benefits for the Client
   End benefit will be increased revenue for the
    client, via the following:
     Increased   web presence from social aspects and web
     Client will be the first to introduce these social
      concepts into the market
     Potential need for these tools is high, meaning
      implementation will give the client a leading edge
Research Details
   Feedback and information provided by the
     InternetLegal Research Group list of top 250
      law firms, to be used as the primary design
      reference (style, content, use of technologies)
     Several supplied links to competing ADR
     Direct consultation with the client
Additional Academic Research
   Alby, F., & Zucchermaglio, C. (2007). Embodiment at the Interface:
    Materialization Practices in Web Design.
   Digital Style History: The Development of Graphic Design on the
    Internet. (2002).
   Espadas, J., Calero, C., & Piattini, M. (2008). Web Site Visibility
   Gevorgyan, G., & Porter, L. (2008). One Size Does Not Fit All: Culture
    and Perceived Importance of Web Design Features.
   Identifying Graphic Conventions for Genre Definition in Web Sites.
   Keeping up: Web Design Skill and the Reinvented Worker. (2002).
   A Model of Visual, Aesthetic Communication Focusing on Web
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   Park, J. Y. (2007). Empowering the User as the New Media
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   Zhang, P., & von Dran, G. M. (2000). Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers: A
    Two-Factor Model for Website Design and Evaluation.

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